Getting Straight To The Money (Business Tax Structure) w/Dr Shireda Howard (Financial Series 3 of 4)

Getting Straight To The Money (Business Tax S...

The Truth About Obesity w/ Dr Jamy Ard

Obesity is not as simple as what you put in your mouth.  The reality is far more complicated than that and on todays episode Dr Jamy Ard, of Wake Forest, digs in deep and breaks down the realities behind this disease.  Obesity is physical, environmental, and even systematic.  If ...  Show more

Sex and Donuts 101 w/Cain The Coach

Don't be shamed y'all and don't turn you volume down to the point that you can barely hear it yourself....Today we talk about sex OUT LOUD!!!   On this episode, Cain The Coach takes us on a detailed sexual journey...starting with how we were socialized to sex as kids, up to how w ...  Show more

Planting Your Money Tree w/ Ensa and Ranauldo wright (Financial Series 4 of 4)

Listen up Family - the conclusion to our financial focus series is every bit as strong and needed as each episode before.  We have worked with you on building a budget, getting out of debt, understanding how tax law can help you save and build and now we are focused on investing. ...  Show more

Debt Aint Got Nothing On Me Me w/Ensa and Joycelyn (Financial Series 2 of 4)

Debt is something that so many of us find ourselves managing through and today we talk about the ways you can get out of it.  On this second installment in our financial literacy series Ensa is back and continues to lay the foundation for building a healthy financial position.  T ...  Show more

Budget What..Budget Who w/Ensa Huger (Financial Series 1 of 4)

Welcome to part one of our four part series on your dollars,  how you control them, and how you put them to work for you. On this episode meet Ensa Huger, a financial and accounting wizard in Atlanta GA.  Ensa is DEEP in this financial world and throughout this series she doubles ...  Show more

Flint and Environmental Racism w/LaTricea D. Adams

We have all heard of the water crisis in Flint Michigan but outside of the headlines how much do you really understand.  To drive the point home further, do you realize that Flint isn't an isolated event and environmental racism has long standing impact on you and the people you ...  Show more

This Thing Called Cryptocurrency (BITCOIN) w/Cryptocurrency Guru Najah Roberts

Are you investing?  Are you diversified? Do you understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?  Honestly, your answer doesn't matter, either way you need this episode! Buckle Up and Tune in NOW to hear Cryptocurrency Guru Najah Roberts, (Founder and CEO of Crypto BlockChain Plug) and cof ...  Show more

The Lone Ranger Was Black w/Ivan McClellan

The history of the cowboy is firmly and deeply rooted in enslaved America and some of the best and brightest cowboys were why is it that you know the names Roy Rogers, Clint Eastwood, & The Marlboro Man but don't know the many significant and impactful black cowboys. T ...  Show more

Reclaiming Our Stories w/ Martina Abrahams Ilunga

What's good While Black Family.  Stories have played such an important role in our history and culture from the beginning, but as our influencer and impact on "cool" continues to grow so does this country's desire to tell, sell, and capitalize off of our stories.  Well, if You Ha ...  Show more

I'm Poetic with This... w/Theresa Tha Songbird

BUCKLE UP!!!! If you have ever been at a loss for words as they pertain to the black experience then we have you covered on this episode.  Our guest today Theresa The Songbird has a word and a poem for whatever it is that you need to say but can't.   It doesn't matter if you're b ...  Show more

Health Care Owes Us Better w/Duane Reynolds (CEO Just Health Collective)

Health Care is one of the most important systems that we touch on a daily basis and the disparities we manage through have been here since we have.  As a matter of fact, we've been the subject of cruel and unusual punishment in the name of health advancement and then treated like ...  Show more

Self Care Is a Superpower w/Anana Harris Parris

Self Care is an act of revolution an act of social justice and a first step in creating radical change.  In this episode, our SUPER DOPE guest Anana Harris Parris dives into actionable information supporting your ability to practice real self-care.  This is hands down one of our ...  Show more

Dope + Black + Dad w/Fathers Incorporated (Kenneth Braswell & Dorsey Levens)

Listen!!!! - Don't let anyone tell you that black men are not amazing fathers - the data simply doesn't support that notion.  Kenneth Braswell (CEO of Fathers Incorporated) and Dorsey Levens (Retired NFL Baller) sit with While Black and set the record straight on black men.  Hint ...  Show more

End of Season Message

Hey Family, We are closing out the season and taking a well-deserved break.  Don't worry we will be back in a few weeks with more dope content for you and a few surprises. Stay Tuned Peace Vince 

When GOD Speaks - A Powerful Story of Loss, Life, and Love w/Lil Rod

No story you have heard today will move you, motivate you, and inspire you like today's episode of While Black.  Lil Rod, the founder of Fresh Outt Fitness, once considered himeself "the devil in the flesh" but now a vessel for GODS will.  Rod has been ordained by GOD to improve ...  Show more

Dating Out Loud w/ Relationship Expert Damona Hoffman

Relationship Expert Damona Hoffman of the LA Times, BET, The Drew Barrymore Show and the amazing Dates and Mates Podcast stands and delivers in this both hilarious and informative episode focused on dating and dating apps.  This is the episode for anyone who has a question about ...  Show more

Uncle Nearest Whiskey - A Hell of A Story w/CEO Fawn Weaver

There are few stories as as perfectly fit for While Black as is this one.  Black people have long been significant contributors to American society and culture.  We've done it time and time again against the odds and often with little to no credit.  However, in this case, we cele ...  Show more

The Business of Bud w/Shanita Penny

Shanita Penny, the founder and CEO of Budding Solution, breaks down the business of bud...the inner working of the cannabis industry.   This is a can't miss episode for anyone interested in the plant or the business.  if you have any inkling that cannabis is the right industry fo ...  Show more

I'm With Her - Youth Activism w/ Kylie Rice

Our future is bright with the young leaders of the movement at the helm! They have a drive, a passion, and a dedication that that is unstoppable. Much like the great leaders from the civil rights movement, there is a power that resonates inside our youth, and we are better served ...  Show more