SoCal Shows with Jake Cornell

SoCal Shows with Jake Cornell

Celebrity Kooks LIVE with Sammy Kang & Kim Marie McCrann

Our Gen Z correspondents Sammy Kang and Kim Marie McCrann return to the classroom to teach Caitlin and Lauren about the youth. Caitlin goes off the deep end discussing #Gillovny (Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s) birthday, Lauren is concerned about Tori Spelling’s affection ...  Show more

Movies Based on Merchandise with Mary Dorn

Mary Dorn (More Banana’s The Bapcast) joins the classroom to discuss the bizarre phenomenon of movies based on previously existing merchandise. One of Caitlin’s favorite movies is Clue, but she’s never played the game, Lauren laments what went wrong with the recent Jem & The Holo ...  Show more

TikTok with Nathan Pearson

Nathan Pearson (Secure The Gag) joins the classroom to discuss TikTok! Lauren confesses her confusing love for Jason Ritter, Caitlin oddly thinks TikTok is a return to a childlike creativity and Nathan plays "FoMo or Whoa No." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit ...  Show more

Lesbian Break-Ups and Make-Ups with Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller (Dirty Laundry) joins the classroom to discuss the celebrity women who we love to watch love and leave each other. Caitlin’s obsession with Rosie O’Donnell’s personal life is explored, Lauren is still traumatized by Willow and Tara’s break-up and Morgan reveals mayb ...  Show more

Cries For Help LIVE at The Squirrel with Johnathan Fernandez

Caitlin and Lauren hit the live stage at The Squirrel in New York City. Jonathan Fernandez (Gossip Girl) joins the live classroom to give us advice from a dad on TV, we play Beanie Baby Divorce Court, Caitlin admits she’s been trying to get attention Shahs of Sunsets’ Reza and La ...  Show more

Period Pieces with Sean Persaud and Sinead Persaud

Sean Persaud and Sinead Persaud (Shipwrecked Comedy) join the classroom to discuss period pieces, growing up in Salem, MA and their dream adaptation. Caitlin goes on an unhinged rant about Downton Abbey, Lauren pitches a wild update of Jane Eyre and we play “Boston or Austen,” po ...  Show more

Figure Skating with Ann Marie Yoo

Ann Marie Yoo (Alma Baya) joins the classroom to discuss figure skating in media! Caitlin thinks the IOC got exactly one thing right in 1986 and it changed the skating movie industry, Lauren laments the lack of skating on TV and Ann Marie pitches a Nathan Chen TV show (google him ...  Show more

Buddy Comedies with Andrew Barlow & Steve Jeanty

Andrew Barlow & Steve Jeanty (Chuckleheads Podcast) join the classroom to discuss buddy comedies! Lauren tricks our friends into confirming they’re allies, Caitlin screams about Bette Midler (and plays a wild clip from Oprah) and Andrew and Steve pitch their own buddy comedy.  Le ...  Show more

Movies That Rock with Matt Rubano

IRL rock star Matt Rubano (Angels & Airwaves) too time out of rehearsing for Lollapalooza to join the classroom to discuss movies that rock including Caitlin’s defense of Patrick Swayze’s choice to sing on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Lauren’s wild theory that Jackson Maine, the ...  Show more

People Named Patty with Rodney Brazil

Rodney Brazil joins the classroom to discuss people named Patty, Patti and even Patricia. Caitlin thinks Patti LuPone needs to get over not getting Norma Desmond on Broadway, Lauren stans Peppermint Patty, Rodney tells us about drag personality Debbi Patti and they all agree Patt ...  Show more

Grey’s Anatomy Wellness Check

Pat Regan (Seek Treatment, Hacks), Maritza Montañez (The Squirrel) and Christina Chen (A Fine Line) join the classroom for our first ever Grey’s Wellness Check where we allow devoted Grey’s fans to air their grievances, share their emotional journeys and try to figure out what’s ...  Show more

Audulting with Rasheda Crockett

Rasheda Crockett (Bigger) joins the classroom to discuss audulting, a central theme on her show Bigger! Lauren says Ally McBeal made audulting look fun, Caitlin thanks Hillary Banks for everything and Rasheda reveals why she can’t with RHONY! Learn more about your ad choices. Vis ...  Show more

Rock Musicals with Zach Raffio

Zach Raffio (Broadway Beat) joins the classroom to talk rock musicals. We play “Name That Rock Flop,” Caitlin thinks we process trauma through rock musicals, Lauren stans the Linda Lindas and should there be a Jack Antonoff rock musical?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit m ...  Show more

Psychics on TV with Mike Kelton

Mike Kelton (Beyond, Logo) joins the classroom to to discuss Psychic son TV and proves through game #1 that he himself is psychic (listen, it’s weird.) Caitlin believes psychics are the best Real Housewives producers and Lauren thinks Medium never go its due. Mike brings his trad ...  Show more

Emotional Wrecks with Laura Canty-Samuel

Laura Canty-Samuel (Sesame Street) joins the classroom to emotionally wreck us talking about Emotional Wreck Films. Viola Davis to Mandy Moore to Alfre Woodard to vague memories of movies on cable in the 90s, we hit every tearjerker known to humankind. Do they cry in this episode ...  Show more

The One With The Friends Panel

Lauren Adams (Kimmy Schmidt, Special), Brett White (Decider) and Chris Lewis (fan of the podcast + Meryl Streep/Mariah Carey/Beyonce enthusiast) join the classroom to discuss Friends and their excitement over the upcoming HBOMax reunion. We challenge our guests’ knowledge of clas ...  Show more

Songs of The Summer

Caitlin and Lauren go on a rare guest-less journey down memory lane through the songs of the summer from Pharrell to NKTOB to -- record scratch -- Vanessa Carlton. Caitlin and Lauren challenge each other to the games they usually make their guests endure and turns out? They’re re ...  Show more

Home On The Road

Emma Ramos (New Amsterdam, Marisol) joins the classroom to talk about the evolving nature of home: is it a house? A city? Where the heart is? Caitlin terrorizes the group with the clips from the 1980s musical sitcom Rags To Riches and Lauren believes home is defined as “Diane Lan ...  Show more

Hair In Pop Culture!

Amanda Hunt (Growing Out The Pod) joins the classroom to discuss hair in pop culture from Real Housewives All-Stars makeovers, the emergence of the celebrity Long Hair Son, pitching the next big reality hair show and processing the trauma of the media’s reaction to the big Felici ...  Show more

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