Bonus: Simu Liu

Bonus: Simu Liu

Maz Jobrani

A conversation with comedian and actor Maz Jobrani about centering his Iranian American identity in his standup, toeing the line with stereotypes onstage, and immigrating to California as a child when his family fled the Iranian Revolution. Guest photo by Storm Santos.  

Leyna Bloom

A conversation with model, actor and dancer Leyna Bloom about making history as the first trans cover model for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, embracing her Black and Filipina identity, and reconnecting with her mother — who was deported more than 20 years ago. Guest photo ...  Show more

Hari Kondabolu

A conversation with comedian and filmmaker Hari Kondabolu about taking on "The Simpsons" with his documentary “The Problem With Apu,” where he draws the line between activism and comedy, and why he’s cool with white people walking out of his shows. Guest photo by Rob Holysz. 

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

A conversation with Maitreyi Ramakrishnan of the Netflix comedy series “Never Have I Ever” about her Tamil Canadian identity, having Mindy Kaling as a boss and breaking ground by playing a flawed Asian American lead on TV. Guest photo by Yasara Gunawardena / Netflix. 

Lucy Liu

A conversation with Emmy-nominated actor Lucy Liu about fame, art, motherhood and standing up for herself on the set of "Charlie’s Angels." Guest photo by Sophy Holland. 

Jenny Yang

A conversation with comedian and writer Jenny Yang about giving ourselves permission to create, her past life as a labor organizer and how growing up among other Asian Americans taught her she could do it all. 

Sohla El-Waylly

A conversation with chef and food media personality Sohla El-Waylly about cooking Bangladeshi food with her mom, appropriation vs appreciation and microaggressions in food media. Guest photo by Jingyu Lin.  

John Cho

A conversation with actor John Cho about fatherhood, the complexities of fame and unpacking the stories our parents tell us. 

Nicole Chung

A conversation with writer Nicole Chung about challenging the narrative of her adoption story in her memoir “All You Can Ever Know,” processing grief and why it’s so hard to talk about racism. Guest photo by Erica Tappis. 

Angela Yee

A conversation with media personality and entrepreneur Angela Yee about the future of “The Breakfast Club," her Black and Chinese upbringing, gaining success as a woman in a male-dominated industry and how to talk to people you don’t agree with. 

Thenmozhi Soundararajan

A conversation with musician and Dalit rights activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan about "coming out" as an "untouchable," using art for social progress and the movement for caste liberation in the U.S.More reading:Even in the U.S. he couldn't escape the label 'untouchable' 

Anthony Ocampo

A conversation with sociologist and writer Anthony Ocampo about creating spaces for gay men from immigrant families, honoring Filipino nurses and expanding our definition of “Asian American." 


A conversation with drag queen Jujubee about finding freedom through drag, fighting the patriarchy in queer spaces, and repping Laotian culture on 'Drag Race.’ 

Min Jin Lee

A conversation with “Pachinko” and “Free Food for Millionaires” author Min Jin Lee on quitting a legal career to write novels, how history has failed us and being “extra Asian” in the face of racism. Guest photo by Elena Seibert. 

Ruby Ibarra

A conversation with rapper Ruby Ibarra about writing the Filipina American experience into her lyrics, finding her (multilingual) voice in hip-hop, and her day job as a scientist fighting COVID-19. Guest photo by Donna Ibarra. 

Sandra Oh

A conversation with award-winning “Killing Eve” actor Sandra Oh about speaking out against anti-Asian hate, engaging identity in her film and TV roles and why it’s an honor just to be Asian. Guest photo by James White. 

Introducing Asian Enough, Season 2

In the first season of our podcast hosted by reporters from the L.A. Times, we spoke to Vice President Kamala Harris, actor John Cho and director Lulu Wang, among others. In our second season we'll bring you more intimate, hard-hitting conversations exploring the vast spectrum of ...  Show more

Weijia Jiang

A conversation with CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang about what it's like in the White House briefing room, covering anti-Asian racism during the pandemic and how standing up to bullies as a child prepared her for a career in journalism. 

Mark Takano

A conversation with Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) about the massive protests around the country demanding racial justice, the homophobia he faced running for office as a gay Asian man in the 1990s, and the conversations he had with his parents before entering the political arena ...  Show more

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