Sasheer’s Dream Car Is a Toyota Rav4

Sasheer’s Dream Car Is a Toyota Rav4

Sasheer Would Look For Hot Dogs Late At Night… Alone

Farm Rio - if you are listening… Please sponsor us! Nicole describes her “balloon jeans” from madewell, their upcoming travel plans, Sasheer’s hot dog habits, Nicole’s trip to Mumford & Sons Nashville, a surprise drop-in from John and Clyde, and chartering chattering children. Th ...  Show more

Nicole Wouldn't Mind Being a Reverse Mermaid

We at Best Friends think you should have whatever pleases you! We discuss high-school retainers, having a cold during the pandemic, appropriate ways to use the flag, do some “would you rathers” including “would you rather be a reverse centaur or reverse mermaid?”, if wedgies actu ...  Show more

Nicole Likes Them Quiet In The Sheets And Loud In The Streets

Update - Sasheer is recording from her dining room this week! We discuss different cleaning styles, internal monologues, what’s on the way to Vegas, break down the movie Soul and why Sasheer didn’t like it, PMS, Bananas in Pajamas, Nicole’s next hairdo, all the purples Nicole kno ...  Show more

Sasheer Will Live Anywhere That Isn’t Haunted

Hello - is it me you’re looking for? This week we discuss Lionel Ritchie’s magnetic performance energy, who they would want to wrestle, accidentally drinking vodka at the gym, where all the Lyft pink mustaches have gone, if Nicole remembered to close the top of her Jeep, and how ...  Show more

Nicole Hates Hotel Dresser Drawers: Re-Release

This week we are re-releasing a fan favorite episode - the chicken/egg conversation! Nicole shares a story of a recent Tarot card reading and opening herself up for love, and Sasheer encourages her to explore her spiritual side. They discuss what they learned from a documentary o ...  Show more

Nicole Said Bird Too Many Times

Nicole is going cabaret! Will she win a Tony? Maybe! They discuss Sasheer’s Lilith Fair-style, say bird a lot, explain how flea market patrons are also pirates, check in on Master P, and research if anyone can get CTE. They take a quiz where they choose favorite foods to see what ...  Show more

Sasheer’s Bees Are Finally Gone!

We get to hear the finale of the bee saga! We wish Sasheer’s bees all the best for their new lives in San Diego. Next segment, too many birds at Nicole’s house? We discuss how Nicole is DEFINITELY not a bug person (and neither is Sasheer), cover Nicole’s desire for a BBL, share s ...  Show more

Nicole Loves Big Spoons

What’s a girl gotta do to get a good bagel out here? This week Nicole & Sasheer discuss being tipsy from brunch, Nicole’s passion for big spoons, what they are watching and how they wish it was a new season of 13 Reasons Why, the tour de force that is Zaila Avant-garde, if the py ...  Show more

Sasheer Was Fully Screaming And No One Came To Help

Nicole is too supple for a hysterectomy! Nicole and Sasheer talk BBLs, that song that goes “doof doof doof doof”” (Touch It by Busta Rhymes), Sasheer’ future wedding look, and how much they love Megan Thee Stallion. They take a quiz to learn what kind of best friend they are and ...  Show more

Nicole Won’t Fly on Kid Air

This week we dive right in with learning the difference between juice and smoothie! Nicole shares a new fave Slut Vegan, we cover hotel workers giving out toilet paper, Nicole’s discussed her bounty from the earth, and we receive what is HOPEFULLY our final bee update! Stuff star ...  Show more

Sasheer Wants Food Bones!

Nicole starts the show by reading Sasheer’s tarot cards, and the results are INTENSE! But also promising! Sasheer then reads Nicole’s - which were mainly upside down and all about career. She wants to know about love! The share times the cards have been meaningful to them, discus ...  Show more

Nicole Would Dress Her Child In a White Tuxedo

Nicole and Sasheer are very excited about Lindsay Lohan’s return to acting. They criticize late night televisions’ treatment of women, consider which bosses they would have sex with (a la’ Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton), and discuss the work Nicole would do to get a dang job. ...  Show more

Sasheer Is Still Having Bee Trouble

After breaking up with her second bee-remover, Sasheer is befriending TikTok star Erika Thompson to solve her continuing bee trouble. Nicole shares about her unfortunate run-ins with the local wildlife, and they discuss silverfish and how gross they are, their upcoming trip to th ...  Show more

Nicole Would Like Zero Changes

Nicole got used to the new-normal, and doesn’t want another change. They then discuss the difference between Young Sheldon and The Good Doctor, explore bad memories from elementary school, wonder why you can’t eat in the grocery store, question the announcement that some airlines ...  Show more

Sasheer Says That Dinosaurs Are Chickens. She's Right!

Sasheer found a hair in her food and wants her man to never order from that spot again. Nicole has dinosaurs on the brain after discovering we don't know exactly what they look like while Sasheer shares the fascinating link between birds and dinosaurs. Nicole shares her love of S ...  Show more

Nicole Lost Her Phone Again

Nicole lost her phone again, and she and Sasheer spend time remembering all the other times Nicole has lost her phone. Nicole talks about her never-ending love of crocs, they discuss the need for wage increase, and Nicole tells a creepy story from her past babysitting days. Sashe ...  Show more

Sasheer Would Be A Chair On The Masked Singer

When does spring start again? This week Nicole & Sasheer discuss Sasheer’s closet frustrations, Kim Kardashian’s insane fridge, their favorite Masked Singer performance, thirteen different kinds of melon, and why The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was NOT true. Then, they answ ...  Show more

Nicole & Sasheer Do "The One Hundredth"

That's right! This is the 100th episode of Best Friends with Nicole Byer & Sasheer Zamata - your favorite FRIENDS recap podcast. This week Nicole & Sasheer recap episode three in the fifth season of Friends: The One Hundredth. In this episode, Phoebe gives birth to the triplets, ...  Show more

Nicole Is Looking For A Laminate Waterfall Coffee Table (If You Happen To Have One)

This week, we get an update on Sasheer’s bee situation, and Nicole gets scared by John’s gentle offer for “more coffee.” We discuss the best kinds of ice to eat, bad tattoo experiences, and deep dive into Dhar Mann. Nicole suggests a way to solve racism, and they answer listener ...  Show more