Mike Musto (Hemmings)

Mike Musto (Hemmings)

Crew Show (Caffeine & Carbs show, fun with decaf, MASSIVE Q&A session)

Matt is back from the east coast where he drove the Jaguar and attended the Caffeine & Carburetors car show, which did not disappoint in the slightest. We talk about the incredible turnout, the cars, Glickenhaus' sales, Tesla heading to Germany, what the best "luxury rally car" i ...  Show more

John Temerian (Curated, Exotic Car Dealer)

John Temerian is the CEO of a vintage exotic car dealership has the life story to back it up. He runs Curated, a Miami-based dealership that buys and sells investment quality “blue chip” cars. Think classic exotics like Countach, Miura, CLK GTR, XJ220, Bugatti EB110s, etc. John h ...  Show more

Robin Grove (CEO of CARS: high-end auto shipping co)

Robin Grove is the CEO of CARS (Classic Automotive Relocation Services), which transports multimillion-dollar cars around the world. She also has an impressive collection of her own. We talk about what it takes to ship an 8-figure car around the world, which countries are more di ...  Show more

Larry Kosilla (AMMONYC)

Larry Kosilla is one of the world’s best detailers and the founder of AMMO NYC detailing products. On this episode we talk paint protection, car care for lazy people, his new product (and EPA headache), washing cars in the winter, supply chains, shipping costs, his new EV, his in ...  Show more


We’ve been making this podcast for 10 years thanks to listeners like you. Since the beginning, many people have asked us to get rid of the ads, or leave the live streams up a little longer, or get more content. Well now we have a solution for you! (Don't worry, the show will stil ...  Show more

Crew Show (Evos, presence, Honda trucks, Q&A) - TST Podcast #656

On this crew show we talk about being more present, 2-door off-roaders, the new Honda Ridgeline, things Raptors are bad at, which car we would turn into a monster truck,  Lancer Evos, answer MANY questions, and give some watch advice.You get all the cars, one search. Check out ht ...  Show more

Crew Show (Ford Bronco review, Subaru, Q&A!)

Off-roading the Ford Bronco Outer Banks, what the Subaru Outback Wilderness can (and can't) do, the Tesla robot, Anthony Bourdain, and answer a strange question about the Corvette Z06.  Upgrade to Orbi WiFi 6 and save 10% today. Visit NETGEAR.com/bestWiFi and use code SMOKINGTIRE ...  Show more

Jonny Lieberman (Motor Trend)

Jonny Lieberman is the Senior Features Editor at Motor Trend and a talking head on Spike’s Car Radio. We talk about his time at Pebble Beach, driving single-seater Ferraris, why you should never touch a Fiesta ST, the Lucid Air, what the Wrangler has that Bronco doesn't, and answ ...  Show more

Hannah Elliott (Bloomberg Autos)

What a show! Hannah Elliott covers automobiles and motorcycles for Bloomberg. In this conversation we cover her experience at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2021 (and how it's changing), driving the new  and extremely rare Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, what's happening in the world ...  Show more

Crew Show! (New Toyota 86!!)

Matt is back from driving the all new, highly-anticipated Toyota 86! He also talks about quitting caffeine and marijuana, and clarifies some Instagram posts. Plus, Zack talks about meeting his hero and driving the Ferrari 575M.   Get your Decked Drawer System at Decked.com/SMOKIN ...  Show more

Steve Dinan!

Put on you learning caps: Steve Dinan is in the house. Steve is a legend. His fast BMWs and quality parts helped him cross over from tuner to nearly-household name. He has raced cars, managed race teams, and now he's back to doing what he does best: building really fast German ca ...  Show more

Car Brokers Steve Serio & Cam Ingram

These guys have their ear to the collecting car grindstone AND have sage advice to help you buy, no matter what your budget is. Steve Serio is a car broker that finds, buys, and sell high-dollar collector cars. Cam Ingram is the CEO of Road Scholars, which restores, sells, and se ...  Show more

Tory Belleci (Motor Mythbusters, Mythbusters)

Tory Belleci is a host of Motor Trend's new show, "Motor Mythbusters". On the show, Tory -along with Faye Hadley and Bisi Ezrioha - will investigate, debunk, or prove all the automotive myths, legends, hearsay, and stunts, using real science. He was also a host on the original "M ...  Show more

Crew Show! (Gridlife, Ducati Monster, driving a Cup Car)

Matt Farah and Zack Klapman talk about their drive in the $500,000 Guntherwerks 911, Zack’s crazy weekend at Gridlife, scaring Hoonigans, Matt's ride on the Duacti Monster, and we give a lot of car buying advice. Go to HelloFresh.com/smokingtire14 and use code smokingtire14 for u ...  Show more

Mary "Missy" Cummings - Prof., Autonomy Lab and Duke Robotics

Who better to talk to about autonomous cars than a professor of the subject? Missy Cummings is currently a Professor in the Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences, and is the director of the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory and Duke Roboti ...  Show more

Kristen Lee (TheDrive)

Kristen Lee is the Deputy Editor of TheDrive.com. Previously she was the automotive writer at Business Insider, and a celebrated staff writer at Jalopnik.   https://www.thedrive.com/  Listeners of The Smoking Tire Podcast receive 30% off Keeper Unlimited and Family plans by using p ...  Show more

Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop Podcast)

Gareth Reynolds is a standup comedian, actor, and podcaster most known as the co-host of The Dollop; an incredible, hilarious American History podcast that Matt and Zack absolutely love. https://allthingscomedy.com/podcast/the-dollop  Go to HelloFresh.com/smokingtire14 and use code ...  Show more

Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker is one of the biggest personalities in the automotive space. He’s been in countless videos, partnered with companies like Hot Wheels and Nike, collected many fast and interesting automobiles. Now, he’s the host of “Next Big Thing” on Hagerty, a show all about findin ...  Show more

Crew Show! (Ferrari factory, SF90 on track, C8 Convertible, Urus, Q&A)

Zack returns from touring the Ferrari facility and driving cars in Italy, Matt has been driving the C8 Corvette convertible, the Lamborghini Urus arrives, GT3 Touring, and lots of Q&A! Policygenius has saved customers an average of $1,250 per year over what they were paying for h ...  Show more

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