225 | Sleepless in Insomnia

225 | Sleepless in Insomnia

228 | Psychology's Checkered Bible

Did you know the first attempt to catalog mental health diversity occurred as part of the US Census? Although people had been imprisoning people for "mental health" issues for a century beforehand, the first attempts to categorize neuro-diverse individuals did not begin until the ...  Show more

227 | Guardians

Conservatorship didn't begin with Britney Spears. Shane and Abraham discuss her case and the general principle behind conservatorship. This is meant to be a good thing, and often is a good thing, but there is the potential for abuse. We discuss some considerations for this. Links ...  Show more

226 | Jet Lag

The ability to travel far enough fast enough to feel the effects of a dramatically different day/night cycle is very new to the human experience. Only in the last century or century and a half has the concept of time zones even come to exist, let alone the idea that crossing them ...  Show more

224 | Speed Reading: Read Anything in Normal Minutes

It is not hard to find websites and gurus offering the promise of reading at extreme speeds while maintaining high comprehension. So, what doesn't everyone do this? Because there are physical limits to what humans can do. Speed reading is an empty promise without evidence. Links ...  Show more

223 | What is the Point of Music Videos?

From “Thriller” to “Gangnam Style,” and everything in between, music videos have captured our hearts for several decades. This episode explores the early iterations that existed before the advent of MTV brought music videos into the mainstream and revolutionized it as an art form ...  Show more

222 | Kleptomania

Kleptomania is an accepted mental condition listed under a category of disorders related to impulse control. It involves an individual’s ability to resist “urges” that arise under unique circumstance that vary across each person, and often involve stealing small meaningless items ...  Show more

221 | Impulsivity and the Marshmallow

There are several quintessential psychology experiments whose notoriety transcend beyond college Intro Psych Courses. Walter Mischel’s “Marshmallow Test,” as it became popularized as, was no exception. The seminal study gave kids a chance to wait for preferred items or demonstrat ...  Show more

220 | Gross Sounds

Shane and Abraham (Shanebraham) explore the not-a-disorder, but still very real experience that many people have. Misophonia (not the sound of musical miso, although that's what the name seems like it should imply) is a relatively common experience of an extreme aversion to certa ...  Show more

219 | ABA Pt. 9: Reflections

If the last episode was the end, consider this the epilogue. The making-of, if you will. We recount our experiences with anxiety, ethics, planning, and all of the wonderful feedback we received. This is our postmortem for the process. Links for Today: https://childmind.org/articl ...  Show more

218 | ABA Pt. 8: The Finale

The end. Fin. The culmination of the miniseries on the controversy around Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as harmful. This final discussion is what we have been working toward over this entire series: the comparison of ABA to conversion therapy. The argument focuses on stereotypi ...  Show more

217 | ABA Pt. 7: Feelings

The argument is that Behavior Analysts don't consider a child's emotional well-being and ignore their feelings. Specifically, this is in regard to blocking or preventing self-soothing behaviors such as self-stimulatory "stereotypic" behaviors. Discussions of feelings are essentia ...  Show more

216 | ABA Pt. 6: Dependency

Teaching, managing, supervising, etc. requires some amount of scaffolding to train new skills. For example, providing explicit instruction, demonstrating the performance, immediate feedback, and even physical guidance are all used to help learn a new skill. However, if not faded ...  Show more

215 | ABA Pt. 5: Obedience

Over compliance can arise in coercive situations inside of many contexts including workplaces, relationships, and in ABA. It can also arise under multiple circumstances such as a highly reinforcing, or a highly coercive environment. Either way, we want people to think for themsel ...  Show more

214 | ABA Pt. 4: Applying It

One of the most substantial hurdles is ensuring that what we do can be applied to real-life situations. Generalization is one of the stated goals of the field of ABA and much has been done to increase the likelihood that kids can generalize their skills. Nevertheless, it is one o ...  Show more

213 | ABA Pt. 3: Little Robots

One of the challenging aspects of teaching new behaviors is to teach them in such a way that they are meaningful to the individual, their social community, and to their family. Doing so can result in behaviors and speech that sound repetitive to the point of appearing robotic. It ...  Show more

212 | ABA Pt. 2: A History of Punishment

This discussion follows us into the past as we talk about the use of punishment as an intervention for changing behavior. This practice stood alongside a host of horrific treatments from a range of different fields for neuro-diverse individuals. But the use of punishment is all b ...  Show more

211 | Applied Behavior Analysis Part 1

Recent increases in the controversial accusations that Applied Behavior Analysis is harmful, abusive, and similar to conversion therapy, have lead to a vitriolic feud online. Although the message isn't very clear, we did our best to listen and distill the most common arguments in ...  Show more

210 | Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex Work (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

Sex work is one of the oldest professions. In places where it is legal (or at least decriminalized), sex work is safe, healthy, and protects the workers. In places where it is blocked and criminalized, sex workers are raped, brutalized, exploited, and suffer mental health issues. ...  Show more

209 | Appliance, Silk, Blue: Anniversary Traditions

There are certain gifts expected for specific anniversary traditions. What may have started out as genuine support eventually blossomed into a practice guide and capitalist boondoggle. Plus, we found some bizarre and fascinating trends along the way. Four more years, four more ye ...  Show more