Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown


Brian and Cargill take to the vaudeville stage to crack some wise and break the fourth wall with Hellzapoppin (1941)! Enjoy, cads! 

Roll Bounce

Strap on your skates and prepare to boogie down as Brian and Cargill get funky with Roll Bounce! 

Shogun Assassin

Brian and Cargill walk the road to hell with the Shogun Assassin! Draw your swords and join us! 

Blind Fury

Brian and Cargill sling swords and...pints of Guinness (?) as they take on Rutger Hauer, mullets, and terrible crime bosses in Blind Fury! Unsheathe your podcast device to listen and subscribe! 

Zero Effect

Brian and Cargill wrap up Cargill's house by investigating Zero Effect, Bagel Bites, the downfall of Tab cola...and more?Enjoy! 

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

As Cargill's House moves...outside, get ready to press start on an episode filled with adventure, excitement, and rage against the IMDB! Listen and subscribe before it's game over! 

Smokin' Aces

Two weeks into their Cargill's House series, and things go balls-to-the-wall insane at Junkfood Cinema as Brian and Cargill try to survive Smokin' Aces!How do all these story elements gel so well? What's with Ben's accent? Is Lex Luthor a furry? Lock, load, and then subscribe and ...  Show more

August Rush

Welcome to Cargill's House, a month-long miniseries curated by our own smoky-throated miscreant! First up, a movie that beautifully combines Cargill's love of coming-of-age films and movies about musicians: August Rush! Download and share now! Don't forget your...rumble pack? 

The Long Goodbye

In fulfilling the very last Patron request, Brian & Cargill hunt killers and cat food with Elliott Gould in The Long Goodbye.You say this is Brian's all-time favorite movie? That's ok with me. Don't take too long to download and share! 

Furious 7 with Professor Jeff

Brian and Cargill are joined by RageSelect's Professor Jeff to discuss possibly the most successful seventh franchise installment of all time: Furious 7!Don't worry, they all cry at the end. Race to your devices to listen and subscribe! 

Fast 6 with Drew McWeeny

As One Furious Summer races on, Drew McWeeny (80s All Over) joins Brian and Cargill to get totally tanked on Fast 6! Is it a movie or a Saturday morning cartoon? Does it matter at all? How do you say "I love you" in car? Which cast member is selling hot dogs at the airport? All t ...  Show more

Fast Five Revisited with Windy Bowlsby & Melissa Kaercher

The ladies from the Xanadu Cinema Pleasuredome podcast stop by to discuss the Fast & Furious entry so nice we've now covered it twice: Fast Five! Grab your bananas and get ready! 

Fast & Furious (2009) with Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas

One Furious Summer is really starting to get FAST & FURIOUS as Brian is joined by the Double Toasted ride-or-die crew of Korey Coleman & Martin Thomas to discuss the fourth film in this expeditious, angry franchise! 

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift with Joe Lynch

One Furious Summer spins out of control as Brian is joined by director Joe Lynch (Mayhem, Creepshow Season 2) to get shifty with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.Joe tells stories of actively participating in Tokyo street races, being chased by police, and having dinner with ...  Show more

2 Fast 2 Furious with Todd Gilchrist

As One Furious Summer races on, Brian is joined by his friend Todd Gilchrist (Fangoria, Variety) to celebrate the unfairly maligned second entry in the franchise. The guys discuss the Miami vibe, the music, and why trailer god Tyrese is the hero this franchise needs, even if he's ...  Show more

The Fast and the Furious with Heather Wixson

Kicking off their series One Furious Summer, Brian and Cargill are joined by Heather Wixson (Daily Dead) to rev up The Fast and the Furious! Join us, fam! Download, listen, and subscribe! 

The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Saddle up and ride with Brian and Cargill as they sling some thoughts about one of the greatest remakes of all time! The guys discuss the timeless story, the dizzying cast, and fantasy cast the unproduced Walter Hill 80s remake! They also draft a contemporary Magnificent Seven th ...  Show more


Raiding the vault for the last of the Patron requests, Brian and Cargill heist a chunk of your time sharing their love for Heat.The perfect intersection of art and commerce. The most technically accurate heist film ever made. The most off-the-rails Pacino. All true, all discussed ...  Show more

Slap Shot

Brian and Cargill skate through the last of the Patron requests as they take to the ice with Slap Shot! The guys discuss the legacy, lunacy, and lingering problems with this immortal sports satire. They also argue for more organ music in sports and action movies on ice! Don’t be ...  Show more

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