163. Creating Financial Sovereignty & Healing Your Relationship With Money w/ Natalia Benson

163. Creating Financial Sovereignty & Healing...

169. Releasing Anxiety and Perfectionism {Soul Client Journey w/ Paige}

On this episode, we talked about: (3:51) Reaching out for support (6:30) Having unfamiliar feelings (12:04) Having a spiral of anxiety (13:04) Bring awareness to your feelings (16:04) Connecting with myself spiritually (18:49) Having a perfectionist mindset (22:14) Connecting wit ...  Show more

168. A Naturopathic Approach to Women's Health & Healthy Menstrual Cycle w/ Cassandra Wilder

On this episode, we talked about: (2:00) Seeking support for yourself (4:40) Giving stress to our system (6:36) Disconnecting from our bodies (8:57) What is a menstrual cup and its benefits (11:59) Making empowered choices  (14:58) Listening to your body and what it needs (19:42) ...  Show more

167. My Divorce Story {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (3:34) Amy's backstory (6:50) Craving connection (12:30) Making things complicated (15:36) When your lifestyle is out of alignment (18:40) Who would I be? (22:17) Asking for signs (24:45) Grieving (27:30) Attracting and manifesting "It just felt ...  Show more

166. Discovering Your Boundaries + Business Expansion w/ Livia Marati {Soul Client Interview}

On this episode, we talked about: (3:55) Not having boundaries on business (6:10) Believing and investing in myself (9:10) Using experience with clients (14:48) Looking at my decisions (18:19) Getting clarity on messaging (20:26) Making wellness successful (24:57) Getting space f ...  Show more

165. Releasing Guilt & The Happiness Formula w/ Becky Morrison

On this episode, we talked about: (2:48) Figuring out what I need (5:40) Building things for myself (7:00) Reaching maximum happiness (10:15) Getting in touch with yourself (14:36) Defining priorities and living them (17:12) Honoring our authentic truth (21:09) Focusing on the fa ...  Show more

164. Finding Balance Between Structure + Flow {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (1:48) Being comfortable in the flow (2:44) Knowing how the mind works (3:42) Balance through contrast (4:29) Inner masculine and feminine (6:53) Tunning into desire (9:40) Nourishing yourself daily (12:22) Paying attention to your energy "Someti ...  Show more

162. Cultivating True Intimacy Through Masculine & Feminine Polarity w/ Chris Bale

On this episode, we talked about: (2:39) Energies of masculine and feminine (5:32) Coming to the same place internally (8:42) Afraid of being too much (11:26) Operating more in feminine (15:58) Letting the body  take the way (18:06) Understanding how men work (21:43) Being afraid ...  Show more

161. Shifting Out Of Your Masculine Energy In Relationships + Business {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (3:28) Holding space for others (5:45) Shifting to feminine energy (8:34) Being intentional with your energy (10:27) Inviting more feminine energy to your life (12:48) Incorporating more spaciousness (15:59) Inviting more feminine flow (17:28) Ch ...  Show more

160. Cyclical Living & Feeling Empowered With Your Emotions w/ Marie Barker

On this episode, we talked about: (3:39) Sitting with your emotions (5:03) Listening to my body (7:30) Coming home to your feminine (10:24) Embodying your own body (15:15) Learning the patterns of your body (18:15) The feminine is cyclical (23:39) Tunning into your cycle (29:19) ...  Show more

159. Conflict Resolution In Relationships & Empowered Communication w/ Annie Lalla

On this episode, we talked about: (3:47) Building a new relationship (6:17) Forgetting our priorities (8:33) Conflict isn't something to avoid (13:07) Practice for the one (16:04) All relationships have suffering (20:22) Looking at negative energies (25:11) Being afraid of speaki ...  Show more

158. Disolving Shame for Transformation and Connection {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (3:03) Empowering women in their transformation journey (7:50) Recognizing your voice of shame (10:08) Shaming around grief (13:07) Becoming a victim to your shame (14:20) Healing and dissolving shame (17:02) Unlocking the shame (19:49) Practice ...  Show more

157. How To Manifest Your Desires w/ Christy Whitman

On this episode, we talked about: (3:29) First-person channel (5:31) Desire and manifesting (6:07) We are just receivers of desire (10:36) Having yourself permission to have the desire (15:20) Celebrating my success (19:40) We are physical and unphysical (22:00) Understand where ...  Show more

156. Feminine Entrepreneurship, Spirit Strategy & Boundaries With Self w/ Sigrid Tasies

On this episode, we talked about: (2:02) Living a life by default (4:36) Getting lost in the old paradigm (6:46) Competition over collaboration (10:45) Accumulating beliefs around entrepreneurship (14:00) Unpacking old beliefs (17:35) Everything comes through asking (20:16) Allow ...  Show more

155. What is Embodiment?! {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (1:09) Embodiment is connecting to your body (5:00) Changing our life through life (7:40) Unlocking new parts of yourself (13:06) Changing and benefits in my life (15:14) Allowing yourself to experience pleasure (18:00) Letting your body guide yo ...  Show more

154. Motherhood Initiation, Soul-Powered Work & Creating A Lifestyle Business w/ Amber Sears

On this episode, we talked about: (4:30) Creating transformation for people (8:14) Sitting in the uncomfortable feelings (12:39) Everything starts to change (16:29) Mother instinct it's primal (18:39) Allowing yourself to be supported  (21:53) Learning to communicate what we want ...  Show more

153. Healing Through Sisterhood, Feminine Leadership & Deprogramming Patriarchal Trauma w/ Lauren Elizabeth Walsh

On this episode, we talked about: (4:46) Healing of the feminine (8:26) Processing patriarchal drama (11:48) Evolving into something (12:53) We are all connected and equal (15:18) Honoring your intuition (16:59) Encounter your power (19:00) Reclamation of the divine feminine (20: ...  Show more

152. Taking Big Leaps, Trusting In The Unknown {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (3:13) Being afraid of the unknown (5:47) Learning to navigate anxiety (9:08) We don't have control over a lot of things (11:21) Okay to be alone (12:06) Trusted the universe to take the leap (15:34) I was following my truth (20:17) Trusting in t ...  Show more

151. Living Life On Your Own Terms & Re-defining Success w/Tiffany Paul

On this episode, we talked about: 8:56) Tifanny's story (13:30) What to do after you fail (15:56) The slow death of your soul (19:30) What do you want to do? (23:36) The entrepreneurial life (28:00) Money (33:00) The golden handcuffs (35:50) What does "living in your own terms" m ...  Show more

150. Intuition vs. Fear {Intuitive Flow w/ Amy Natalie}

On this episode, we talked about: (1:12) Leaning into spiritual practices (2:30) Fear or intuition speaking (4:11) Intuition is the voice of your soul (6:21) Having a greater connection with yourself (8:12) Deep survival mechanism (9:50) Difference between mind and soul (10:47) A ...  Show more