How to Brand Yourself Like a Pro- A crash course in marketing yourself with Danielle Davis

How to Brand Yourself Like a Pro- A crash cou...

Social Catch Up- Met Gala Wins and Misses, Britney has a Fiancé, Passing of Norm McDonald

We are coming down from a news week high.  Lots going on this week in our pop culture world.  We couldn't wait to dive in: Britney Spears is engaged!  We are so happy for our favorite pop princess but does she have to shut down her IG? These new life transitions has Britney fans ...  Show more

”If you resist, it persists” talking all things privacy and secrecy with our resident therapist- Megan B. Bartley, MAMFT

Megan is BACK!  We are so excited to welcome Megan B. Bartley back to the pod and help us dissect the inner workings of parenting and privacy.  We live in a digital age where most interactions happen at our fingertips and that is a heavy burden for an adolescent. How do you keep ...  Show more

Social Catch Up- Hollywood is Knocked Up, Britney is Almost Free, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac Give us all the Feels

You would think with a short week the news would be a little slow. Not in our pop culture world! The headlines were hot this week.  Here is ur line up: Tons of stars announced they were expecting this week and the list kinda shocked us. Oh baby baby!  Britney is almost free! The ...  Show more

Social Catch Up- Nirvana Cover Art Legal Battle,Scott Disick Dm Slide, Addison Rae is a Star?, MLM doc sneak peek

Let's Catch Up on the week of headlines! The famous naked baby in the Nirvana album cover is suing multiple people from the Nirvana camp with charging child pornography   Can Scott Disick slid into his Ex's DMs? We weigh in. TikTok Star Addison Rae takes over Netflix in the 2000' ...  Show more

Social Catch Up- Jesus Lizards, Kylie Preggo, JLo Gets Petty

We are live and in person folks! Social Catch up is being brought to you on a bedroom floor somewhere in Boca Raton.  Today, we talk about all of the things: Brittany's weird Florida critters. Kylie is preggo again and the world is freaking out. Jlo deletes A Rod from her IG.  Is ...  Show more

Can We Be Friends? Discussing friendship after 35- Shannon Kessler & Brittany Swan

When you're in your twenties you feel like you walk out of your door and trip over 5 people that want to your friend.  But, after committed relationships, careers, and possibly kids, how do you maintain friendships (or cultivate new ones) with all of that going on?  Well, help is ...  Show more

Social Catch Up- Lizzo Deals with Trolls, Celebrities that don't bathe, Bama Rush Tiktok Takeover

So much to discuss this week.  We jump right into it! After Lizzo's latest release, the trolls came out hard for her and it was personal. Lizzo takes to YouTube is an emotional video, that has now been deleted, to shred some light on what she deals with behind the scenes.   Ashto ...  Show more

"If you Don't See it, I Can't Help You"- Social Catch Up- Brittany Swan & Shannon Kessler

We have all of the opinions today when it comes to the back to school process and carpool. Why does carpool suck so bad? From our heated thoughts about carpool to a round of applause for the amazing women olympic athletes who took home a shocking number of metals and record from ...  Show more

Tipping Controversy, Kelly Clarkson's Messy Divorce, Matt Damon Doesn't Say the F-slur Anymore

The topics are strong today!  We start out by addressing a weird tipping encounter Shannon experienced a few nights ago. This event lead us to ask some tough questions about tipping and the correct protocol.  Kelly Clarkson's divorce is getting a little messy.  This songstress is ...  Show more

Ep.156 Social Catch Up - Simone Biles makes a Stand, Bennifer Update, and Britney Spears coming in HOT with a New Lawyer

Catching Up this week with the decision heard around the world by Simon Biles. Jennifer Lopez turns 52 on a Yacht in St. Tropez and almost breaks the internet. Britney Spears picks her own lawyer and comes at Jamie Lynn with some passive-aggressive Instagram comments and it's jus ...  Show more

Ep#154 Life Check In - Catching up on the Big Move

Brittany is in town and catching us up on all moving adventures! We also chat about the latest in the Britney Spears conservatorship and the dirty deeds of Jamie Spears. We briefly touch on the NIL and how the NCAA now allows athletes to make money off of their identity.  

CZL Favorite Things: Brittany Swan & Shannon Kessler

Today we share all of our current favorite things that we cannot live without.  From beauty tips to our favorite show recommendation, we cover it all!  Enjoy! Ice roller: ...  Show more

Lilibet Diana has arrived and Chris Harrison is out; Jay Cutler wants more; The Food Network has some juicy secrets

Lots to cover this week and not a lot of time.    ✨We jump right into the headlines with Prince Harry & Meghan Markle welcoming their new baby girl to the world, Lilibet Diana. It didn’t take long for controversy to swarm around this new bundle of joy.    ✨Chris Harrison has left ...  Show more

THIS IS A BIG ONE! Talking Transitions and Cicadas- Brittany Swan & Shannon Kessler

We have been teasing our zen community for too long but here it is, our big reveal episode!  This episode is a longtime coming and we address how we are taking on certain transitions in our lives as well as what is in store for CZL.  Oh! And we couldn't miss the opportunity to ch ...  Show more

Ep #150 Social Catch Up - "Friends" Reunion; Naomi Osaka; Cruella for life!

On this week's Social Catch Up we round up our favorite parts of the "Friends" Reunion, discuss the groundbreaking decision Naomi Osaka made, and get real about our favorite villain Cruella Devil. We also giggle about the cutest Peloton instructor that is setting the internet on ...  Show more

Should we cancel flip flops and Chrissy Teigen? Photoshopped Yearbook Photos and a Viral Kickback- Shannon Kessler & Brittany Swan

We are back people and we are ready to share all of the stories that were on our radar from the past week. We come in hot with a controversial story about a high school in Florida that decided to photoshop all cleavage out of 80 teenage girls yearbook photos. Why is this even acc ...  Show more

Ep #148 Social Catch Up; Beep Beep Becky, Update on Bennifer, and Ellen calling it quits.

Today we talk about the insane panic creating a gas shortage, why JLo and Ben make us giddy, and our thoughts on Ellen's final season. Press play and enjoy!   Pipeline info: ...  Show more

Ep. #147 Social Catch Up: Bennifer, is that you? Billie Eilish serving the people, Will Smith breaking the internet

On today's Social Catch Up we take a trip down 2000 memory lane with a recent siting of J.Lo and Ben Affleck; Billie Eilish graces the cover of British Vogue and we are HERE for it; Britney Spears masters the art of the tiny sandwich; and Will Smith out there breaking the interne ...  Show more

Social Catch Up: Derek Chauvin Verdict, Colton Underwood Comes Out, Rachel Hollis Needs to Go Away!- Brittany Swan& Shannon Kessler

We are back on a fabulous Friday to bring you all of the latest headlines from the week.   A historical verdict was given to Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd on Tuesday. Is this justice or accountability? Colton Underwood comes out and Bachelor Nation reacts to his ne ...  Show more

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