126. 666 New Texas Laws Going Into Effect

126. 666 New Texas Laws Going Into Effect

130. Karen Civil is a Fraud?

Shorty is outta thereeeee. These allegations against her are sad and unfortunate. She doesn't seem to be genuinely apologizing to the people whose lives she has affected. Karen, where is your dignity? Your brand and your character is on the line. Her bread may save her though... ...  Show more

129. How to Create a Podcast

A quick, step by step tutorial on how you can create your own podcast! Go ahead and do it. It is enough room in the game for all of us. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX ghialogic.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support ...  Show more

128. Owning a Goldendoodle!

These dogs are much more than a pretty face. For sure one of the hottest dogs out. From their hair to their black noses, find out why these dogs are so high in demand. Then make sure you follow GhiaLogic's very own GoldenDoodle on Instagram @KobeHTXDoodle Instagram: @GhiaLogicX g ...  Show more

127. 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

This episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic is a reminder that while the 9/11 attacks may have happened in a pocket of the US, they touched the entire world. It is encouraged in this episode to reflect on how your life has changed since the biggest terrorist attack on American soil ha ...  Show more

125. D O N D A

Kanye West's 10th studio album just released on Sunday 8/29. It features tens of artists. Definitely gives a gospel vibe. GhiaLogic personally enjoys the album. It has a majestic vibe to it. Definitely run it through a few times before you judge. Hope he gets all the extra shit c ...  Show more

124. 2021 Meme Calendar - To Be Continued

The #CrateChallenge for sure has us in bondage right now. The Riot at the Capitol was shameful. & shorty off of Joseline's Cabaret surely did not think before she spoke talking about, "Damn, double homicide". Tune in to episode 124 of Experiencing GhiaLogic to find out what month ...  Show more

123. Hood Olympics, My Grandma Was a Prostitute, & COVID is getting REAL

Kanye & Drake both taking shots but not releasing albums! #CrateChallenge is taking over the country. GhiaLogic is here for it. Looks like pure and genuine fun. It has only been a select few gold medalist contenders so it's a Hood Olympics for sure. Now something that is not cool ...  Show more

122. The Power of the Mind

It is always mind over matter! Our minds are way more powerful than we think. The brain is literally limitless. That is why it is so easy to get lost in our heads. But make sure you are thinking positive and reassuring thoughts. Be cognizant of what goes into your mind, how you f ...  Show more

121. Brittany Renner and PJ Washington

Dude c'mon. Due the research. Likeeeee you’re telling me you had no one in your circle that said, "Shorty is a red flag". "Don't wife that" or "Don't make a child with that." Where is the logic sir. Pj, you might have set yourself up for failure with this one. She is a runner, sh ...  Show more

120. World News #PrayForHaiti #PrayForAfghanistan

Gonna do a part 2 on this on Friday. Tap in!!! Too much going on in the world. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX ghialogic.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ghialogic/support 

119. Baby Bust

When GhiaLogic scrolls down her TL & Newsfeed, she normally sees maternity photos or newborns. But according to the 2020 Census... that is not the case. The birth rate has decreased in the United States. And we aren't the only country around the world that had less kids than usua ...  Show more

118. The Era of Accountability

Hold yourself liable. Hold your self responsible. Hold yourself accountable! Governor Cuomo, dude, you were wilding for far too long apparently.  Dr. Dre, you are a billionaire and that is your DAUGHTER. The mother of your GRANDCHILDREN.  People catching the Covid Delta Variant t ...  Show more


On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, she sits down with her friend Paige and TK! Follow them on Instagram @TKDashh & @PaigeSaysTo @TheFrontPaiges !!! We spoke about all things Kanye West, the culture, and even ranked him amongst other Hip Hop legends. @TKDashh is hosting th ...  Show more

116. Budgeting!

GhiaLogic the Finance Guru?! Sheesh, maybe... A lot of gems were dropped on this episode. Get right or get left. Literally. Not by GhiaLogic though but by financial institutions! Don't be afraid of your finances, embrace them! Know what's going in and going out. You say you wanna ...  Show more

115. Is It Easier for Men or Women to Get Married?

Ran a poll on both @GhiaLogicX and @GhiaLogic Instagram pages asking this question. The general consensus believed that it was easier for a man to get married. GhiaLogic agrees with this as well. Tap in to hear her reasonings! Also talked about on this episode was the photo that ...  Show more

114. Why Is This Generation So Weird?

Yes we are independent, tech-competent, ambitious, and entrepreneurial! But to the contrary, we lack social skills, we don't value friendships/family, and we are big cappers LOL.  GhiaLogic thinks we should focus on building up our character just as much as we focus on the brand ...  Show more

113. You Got What You Have Been Praying For... Now What?

Remember all the days and months you used to pray for the life, body, job, relationship, or current position you are in currently? Like it really all used to be just a dream or prayer. But now God has blessed you with it. Some may think wellllll, what's to come next? Others may t ...  Show more

112. Snoh Aalegra

On this episode of GhiaLogic, praise is given to the R&B artist Snoh Aalegra. She released her 3rd album Friday July 9th! And it has been playing in GhiaLogic's ears ever since. GhiaLogic compares all three of her albums and ranks "TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES" amongst the ...  Show more

111. N****s in Paris

Lil Baby and James Harden have been under the microscope ever since they landed in Paris for Fashion Week. In recent news, Paris police picked up Lil Baby on a drug charge. Allegedly he was in possession of 20 grams of marijuana and is facing one year behind bars. We pray the Str ...  Show more