‘The Other Two’ creators Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly on the return of their pop culture send-up

‘The Other Two’ creators Sarah Schneider and ...

IATSE behind-the-camera workers make movies and TV shows happen. They may soon authorize a strike

For the first time in decades, the crew members who make movies and TV shows are threatening to strike. Members of IATSE — the union that covers cinematographers, editors, costumers and many more behind-the-camera jobs — say they’ve had enough of low wages and long hours without ...  Show more

‘Plan B’ and ‘Language Lessons’: Natalie Morales on making her directorial debut with 2 films

Natalie Morales built up a bunch of acting credits on shows including “Parks and Recreation” and “The Grinder.” But what she really wanted to do was direct. When her agents didn’t get on board, she dropped them and got new ones. Now she’s made not one but two features. Morales te ...  Show more

Sterlin Harjo on creating FX’s ‘Reservation Dogs’ with an Indigenous cast and crew

Before he co-created the FX comedy series “Reservation Dogs,” Sterlin Harjo directed three micro-budget films in his home state of Oklahoma. He had knocked on Hollywood's door, but somehow he never could find financing. No one wanted Native films, and Harjo almost left the indust ...  Show more

‘Hacks’ creators Jen Statsky and Paul W. Downs on their Emmy-nominated comedy series

Jen Statsky and Paul W. Downs are two of the three creators of the Emmy-nominated comedy series “Hacks.” The HBO Max show features Jean Smart as a veteran comedian fighting to hold onto her long-running Las Vegas gig. In real life, Smart also wanted the show to go on — even when ...  Show more

‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’: How voice actor Jeff Bergman brings Bugs Bunny and Sylvester to life

Jeff Bergman’s name may not ring a bell, but he has some very recognizable alter egos: Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat and Yogi Bear, to name a few. Bergman is the voice of many of the cartoon stars of “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” His repertoire includes nearly 200 voices, including ...  Show more

Director Shawn Levy on the ups and downs of making ‘Free Guy’

Director and producer Shawn Levy’s new movie “Free Guy” — a big-budget original starring Ryan Reynolds as a video game character — had its release date pushed three times because of the pandemic. The film is finally opening exclusively in theaters. But heading into opening weeken ...  Show more

Producer Jason Blum on the battle around compensation in Hollywood: ‘I hope there will be a lot of lawsuits’

Producer Jason Blum thinks stars and filmmakers deserve a piece of the profit from their work. So naturally he opposes a push from studios to pay Netflix-style flat fees instead. But that didn’t stop him from taking a big flat fee to make three new “Exorcist” films. Blum weighs i ...  Show more

Media mogul Barry Diller defends Scott Rudin, decries cancel culture

For nearly the past decade, media mogul Barry Diller has backed award-winning movies and Broadway shows from now embattled mega-producer Scott Rudin. Asked about allegations that Rudin engaged in a decades-long pattern of abusive behavior, Diller pushes back. In part two of KCRW’ ...  Show more

Barry Diller on the rise of streaming and why Hollywood ‘does not exist anymore’

Barry Diller, who made his name as a powerful studio boss, recently told NPR that “the movie business is over.” Expanding on those views, the legendary mogul and former chairman of Paramount and Fox tells KCRW why, with the pandemic and rise of streaming, Hollywood will never go ...  Show more

Making sense of the 2021 Emmy nominations and revisiting ‘Catch and Kill’

The new HBO series “Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes” includes a 2019 interview between Kim Masters and Ronan Farrow for his podcast “Catch and Kill,” which explores the fall of Harvey Weinstein. The Business airs a portion of that interview in which Masters elaborated on her in ...  Show more

Daveed Diggs on ‘Blindspotting’ and creative ventures after ‘Hamilton’

Multi-hyphenate Daveed Diggs has a lot going on, including writing and producing his new series on Starz, “Blindspotting.” The broadway hit “Hamilton” launched his career, but at this point, he’s moved beyond the version of himself that won a Tony and a Grammy. “That Daveed Diggs ...  Show more

Journalist and ‘Sasquatch’ producer David Holthouse devotes his life to unmasking monsters

Investigative reporter and documentary producer David Holthouse was sexually assaulted as a child. He says that trauma led him to devote his life to unmasking monsters, both real and imagined. His newest project took him to a dangerous part of Northern California — the supposed h ...  Show more

Edgar Wright on ‘The Sparks Brothers’ and embracing originality

Filmmaker Edgar Wright's new music documentary “The Sparks Brothers” celebrates two musicians whose work he loves. Ron and Russell Mael are brothers who make up the band Sparks, and they’re a pair of complete originals. Wright is an original, too. His hit movie “Baby Driver” and ...  Show more

Nida Manzoor created an all-female Muslim punk band for ‘We Are Lady Parts’

Writer Nida Manzoor wanted “We Are Lady Parts,” her series about an all-female Muslim punk band, to be funny. But as a Muslim woman writing about very underrepresented characters, she also felt some heavy responsibility. Manzoor shares her process for writing comedy while also br ...  Show more

Instability at WarnerMedia, revisiting ‘Disclosure’ with Laverne Cox and Sam Feder

Kim Masters and Matt Belloni offer a fresh banter about the current awkwardness at WarnerMedia. The company is set to spin off from AT&T and merge with Discovery, but the deal will be delayed while undergoing federal review. And The Business replays a conversation with director S ...  Show more

Hugh Grant on Murdoch phone hacking scandal and embracing the bad guy role

Earlier in his career, Hugh Grant played the charming lead in romantic comedies. But lately, Grant has relished performing the role of the bad guy, including in the HBO series “The Undoing.”  He talks about embracing his dark side on screen and reflects on his decade of work as a ...  Show more

‘Queen of the South’ producer David Friendly ponders his place in a changing industry

Veteran producer David Friendly’s many film credits include three “Big Momma’s House” movies. But as Hollywood became less friendly towards his type of mid-budget pictures, he pivoted to television. Now with his USA TV series “Queen of the South” wrapping up after five seasons, h ...  Show more

‘Girls5eva’ creator Meredith Scardino on Peacock’s new musical comedy series

When Meredith Scardino pitched her musical comedy series “Girls5eva,” about an all-but-forgotten late 1990s girl group that reunites in their forties, she made a fake CD case, complete with track listing, cellophane wrapper and discount stickers. That fake album generated real in ...  Show more

NBC drops the Globes, Disney subscriber numbers disappoint, and Ellen says so long

It’s a mid-May mega banter! NBC bounces the 2022 Golden Globes, Disney subscriber numbers disappoint, the stars of “A Quiet Place 2” make some noise over the movie’s theatrical run, and Ellen DeGeneres calls it quits. Kim Masters tackles it all with banter buddy Matt Belloni and ...  Show more