Kasper Timm Hansen from the Rails Core Team

Kasper Timm Hansen from the Rails Core Team

Once you get it working, it works!

[00:03:52] Jason fills us in on how he’s building a pretty heavy JavaScript tool, using Vite, and a problem he had.  [00:11:04] We learn about some PR’s Jason around Webpacker on the GoRails discord  that had a solution for Jason’s problem. [00:13:50] Chris talks about “esbuild f ...  Show more

Moving From Consulting To Products With Andrew Sabetta

[00:03:15] Andrew introduces himself, what he does, and more about the businesses that he started.[00:09:48] Chris asks Andrew what took him from PHP to Ruby.[00:12:22] Find out about the project Andrew did with Rails.[00:14:28] The conversation turns to talking about going from ...  Show more

Code Metrics with Kevin Murphy

[00:03:15] We start with Andrew telling us he’s not a fan of code coverage metric and talks about a gem everyone uses called SimpleCov and what it does. Kevin dives into code coverage and why he doesn’t believe it’s a holistic measure and how code coverage can lie to you.   [00:0 ...  Show more

Pay V3 & Coding without Resposibilities

[00:02:51] Chris tells us about taking on the task of refactoring Pay.  [00:03:48] Find out about the first open source project Chris did in programming called “Keryx,” and how this refactoring he’s doing brought him back those days of reminding him how he needs to go make these ...  Show more

MEGA Crossover Episode (The Bike Shed x Rails with Jason x Remote Ruby x Ruby on Rails Podcast)

[00:01:02] Chris, Jason, and Andrew tell us the story behind Remote Ruby and how it started.  [00:03:42] Jason Swett tells us the origin of where Rails with Jason came from. [00:04:42] Chris Toomey and Stephanie share the story behind The Bike Shed. [00:07:10] Brittany tells us h ...  Show more

Now We're A Webpacker Podcast

[00:01:42] Last week the guys discussed using Inertia, and Jason tell us he’s been doing more Inertia and messing with forms, “axios” is explained, and using validation.  [00:10:18] Jason talks about showing  some people what he’s been doing with Inertia and someone asked him how ...  Show more

Learning in Public | Alpine & Inertia

[00:00:42] Andrew gives us an update if he finished his JavaScript framework he was working on, and he tells us why he chooses to use Alpine over Stimulus.  [00:03:45] Find out about a method that Bridgetown has called jsonify and what it does. [00:04:55] Jason tells us since he’ ...  Show more

Collin Jilbert: Bootcamps, Ruby Radar, and finding a job as a Junior Rails Developer

[00:01:46] Collin gives us his background and getting into the programming world.  [00:03:24] Collin fills us in on why he decided to do a part-time Bootcamp instead of a full-time one, and Chris wonders if the slower pace helped him retain knowledge.[00:06:28] Find out about the ...  Show more

How Chris and Andrew Became 10X Black Hats

[00:00:51] Chris gives a shout-out to Adam McCrea, the Developer behind the RailsAutoscale for Heroku, and how he grew the product over the course of three years andhad $300,000 in annual revenue. He was recently talking about it on an episode of“Startups For the Rest of Us.”[00: ...  Show more

Read the Logs & Version Your Gems

[00:00:15] Since Jason’s been gone a few weeks, the guys have a chat to catch up.   Jason tells us how it’s been going at home since the arrival of his baby daughter, Chris gives us an update of what’s going on with his new house, and Andrew tells us he’s been busy with his websi ...  Show more

Rails Jobs: How to Win Friends and Influence People

[00:02:00] Chris and Andrew reminisce about Wii Fit, Dungeons & Dragons, and card games, which we learn Andrew became a cheater in card games.  [00:04:57] Andrew gives two shout-outs, Jason Swett had his hundredth podcast of “Rails with Jason” this week, and Brittany Martin moved ...  Show more

Kubernetes, JSX for Ruby, and more with Cameron Dutro

[00:03:38] Cameron fills us in on a project he’s working on called Kuby, and how he got started on it.  [00:10:07] Cameron walks us through setting Kuby up for the first time.[00:13:33] Chris wonders how Kuby works with databases. Cameron tells us about another really cool projec ...  Show more

Jason Joins Team HAML?

[00:00:58] We start off by Andrew telling us he’s working in a weird area of the internet doing stuff with Adobe and the guys catch up on what’s going on in their lives. [00:07:59] It’s not a joke! Jason wants to talk about Haml, and how interested and excited he is to see they’r ...  Show more

Rails' new Request.js library, Ruby Radar, and CSS for Email

[00:00:50] Andrew fills us in on the Ruby Radar stuff and if anyone is interested in being a part of it or helping out you can reach out to him!  [00:03:25] Andrew tells us about using elink which is like a bookmarking tool.[00:05:03] Chris tells us about doing email work for the ...  Show more

Announcing RubyRadar, new Rails 7 features, and Turbo Native Registration

[00:00:49] Andrew tells us Brittany Martin released a great podcast episode with Evan Phoenix and Marty Haught, about behind the scenes of Railsconf, and a story about how a man’s submarine was running Ruby. [00:04:56] We hear about Andrew’s move and the crazy things that happene ...  Show more

Joined by CJ Avilla from Stripe

[00:03:26] CJ tells us about himself and what he does at Stripe.[00:07:18] We learn about two different paths and what Stripe does beyond card payments.[00:09:21] Chris wonders since CJ knows Ruby, if he ends up doing every language and every front-end framework too. Chris talks ...  Show more

Joined by Jason Swett

[00:05:33] Jason introduces himself and tells us what he does. [00:06:48] Jason defines what a service object is and how he views them, and then asks the guys if they use service objects and what comes to mind when they hear the term service objects. [00:11:45] We find out about ...  Show more

Joined by Andrea Fomera, Tony Hawk, and starting a Rails Hackathon!

[00:00:49] What an interesting week for Andrew! Find out exactly what happened to him and all about his “concerns” he had at work. [00:07:41] Chris was on Twitter this week talking about maybe bringing back “Rails Rumble” and he would love to make it happen but would need help. [ ...  Show more

Building iOS apps using Hotwire / Turbo.js with Joe Masilotti

[00:01:59] Jason tells us about WNB.rb, which is a new virtual community for women and non-binary Rubyists to get involved in. [00:03:23] Joe tells us all about himself and what he does. [00:05:08] We learn how it was in the early days when Joe was just using the Turbolinks versi ...  Show more

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