Episode 80: SOMM TV Podcast: Hugh Johnson

Episode 80: SOMM TV Podcast: Hugh Johnson

Episode 83: SOMM TV Podcast: The Inventor

Wine innovations sometimes start with what’s in the glass or what’s on the vine, but as you’ll hear in this podcast, sometimes they start in the medical world. Jason Wise talks with Greg Lambrecht, founder of Coravin, how the device came about and the oldest bottles he’s tasted. 

Episode 82: SOMM TV Podcast: George Walker III

Jason and George Walker III discuss his journey from culinary school into the wine world and working at Dwyane Wade Cellars to being a major part of SOMM TV and the upcoming show Sparklers. 

Episode 81: SOMM TV Podcast: Spices Part 2

We had such a great response to our first episode on spices that author Sarah Thomas is back to explore more about the history of spices with cumin, turmeric, and chili peppers. Don't miss this great episode!*To find out more about Sarah's new book, Kalamata's Kitchen, please vis ...  Show more

Episode 79: SOMM TV Podcast: She Left the NFL for Wine. Also, What is Celebrity Tequila?

While negotiating player contracts for the Denver Broncos, Meghan Zobeck made the crazy decision to leave it behind and become a winemaker, but with no degree in viticulture or training, how in the world would she pull that off? Spoiler alert: she did. We also talk the strange an ...  Show more

Episode 78: SOMM TV Podcast: Urban Vines

Prior to Prohibition, Los Angeles was the heart of winemaking in California. Jason Wise speaks with Matthew Kaner about the history of wine in Los Angeles and then talks with Mark Blatty, a Los Angeles winemaker and a leader in the Los Angeles wine movement. 

Episode 77: SOMM TV Podcast: The Wine Scam

Jason Wise and Matthew Kaner discuss Rudy Kurniawan, who was convicted of wine fraud and the subject of the movie Sour Grapes. Don't miss this episode where they dive into the subject of counterfeiting wine and share their personal experiences with Rudy. 

Episode 76: SOMM TV Podcast: Cooking with Wine

Jason Wise and Chef Kate Hill talk about Kate’s journey into the culinary world, cruising along the canals of France, and the top things people get wrong about French cooking. Kate’s new show, Cooking with Wine, a cinematic cooking show that transports viewers to regions of Franc ...  Show more

Episode 75: SOMM TV Podcast: Santa Barbara

Jason Wise and Matt Kettmann, Senior Editor at The Santa Barbara Independent, explore the history of the Santa Barbara wine region from the start of wineries in the area to the continued effect of the movie Sideways. Matt also recommends some wineries to visit. 

Episode 74: SOMM TV Podcast: Wine Investment

Jason Wise and Anthony Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of Vinovest, discuss saving and investing in wine, the wines that will appreciate most, and what people are drinking and investing in these days. 

Episode 73: SOMM TV Podcast: A Taste of History

Jason Wise and Matthew Kaner talk about how vines spread across the Americas and share a preview of Matthew’s new podcast, History of Wine, which premieres on July 20th. 

Episode 72: SOMM TV Podcast: Spices

Jason Wise and Sarah Thomas, sommelier, SOMM 3 cast member, and author of Kalamata's Kitchen, explore the world of spices from the way they grow to their storied histories in cultivation and trade. From black pepper to nutmeg, this is one you won't want to miss.To find out more a ...  Show more

Episode 71: SOMM TV Podcast: The BS in Wine

Jason Wise and winemaker Steve Matthiasson share their top 5 BS things in wine. A real and honest conversation you won't want to miss about the bullsh*t in wine.*To learn more about Elden Selections, a fantastic importer of Burgundy wine, as well as their great wine club, visit: ...  Show more

Episode 70: SOMM TV Podcast: The Loire Valley

Jason and Pascaline Lepeltier discuss the climate, wines, and culture of Loire Valley in celebration of the new film on SOMM TV, The 4 Seasons of a Winemaker. 

Episode 69: SOMM TV Podcast: Most Dangerous Job in Food

In celebration of The Delicacy film on iTunes, we're re-airing this episode featuring Jason and Stephanie Mutz as they discuss diving, harvesting, and the rare and wonderful food, sea urchin.*new podcast episode coming June 7th 

Episode 68: SOMM TV Podcast: Returning to Napa

Jason Wise and food writer Jess Lander discuss wine country opening back up for tourists, the impact of COVID on the restaurant industry, and her new cookbook, The Essential Napa Valley Cookbook, which supports restaurant workers and Feed Napa Now. https://napavalleycookbook.com*T ...  Show more

Episode 67: SOMM TV Podcast: A Journey of Vines

Jason Wise and Jason Haas of Tablas Creek discuss the nearly extinct grapes of Southern Rhone, France and the wild process of importing them to the United States.*To learn more about Wine Access and $30 off your first $100 purchase, visit  http://wineaccess.com/sommtv   

Episode 66: SOMM TV Podcast: Cult Wine

Jason Wise and Vanessa Conlin, MW, dive into what makes a cult wine, the aspects of counterfeit wine, and the upcoming online auction WineaPAWlooza on June 19th.*To learn more about WineaPAWlooza, visit www.wineapawlooza.com 

Episode 65: SOMM TV Podcast: Tara Gomez

Jason Wise, Tara Gomez, and Elaine Chukan Brown discuss winemaking, and the season finale of Verticals featuring Tara. 

Episode 64: SOMM TV Podcast: Champagne

Jason Wise and Julia Coney, writer and Champagne aficionado, talk all about Champagne. A brand new episode of Verticals episode on Pierre Peters is live now on SOMM TV.*For details on the A Year in Burgundy Live Watch with wine from Elden Selections, visit www.sommtv.com/ayearinb ...  Show more