Processed Foods Fight Back

Processed Foods Fight Back

The Secret History of Home Economics

Author Danielle Dreilinger tells us the surprising history of home economics. We hear about its origins as a scientific movement that wanted to change the world and find out how it brought us Betty Crocker, astronaut food and the Rice Krispies treat. Plus, listeners share their H ...  Show more

Maneet Chauhan Loves Indian Street Food!

We ride the railroads of India with Maneet Chauhan to sample chaat: snacks like warm carrot pudding and chili-fried potatoes served at street stalls and train stations. Plus, Shannon Mustipher gives us a taste of tiki cocktails and culture; Bianca Bosker explains the appeal of ul ...  Show more

Jailhouse Sous Vide: Cooking Behind Bars

Writer Daniel Genis tells us how he learned to cook in prison with limited tools and ingredients, from fried fish and dumplings to pasta cooked on a rewired hot pot. Plus, spirits expert Yolanda Shoshana reveals how cognac became a part of Black history, Dr. Aaron Carroll tells u ...  Show more

Desperately Seeking France’s Secret Steak Sauce!

Journalist Rebecca Rosman tells us about the feuds and lawsuits surrounding France’s top-secret steak sauce. Plus, we chat with Saturated Ice Cream founder Lokelani Alabanza, who invents new ice cream flavors, from peanuts and coke to Nashville hot chicken; we make Mexican Sweet ...  Show more

Sidewalk Salad: Foraging with Alexis Nikole Nelson

This week, we chat with TikTok star and expert forager Alexis Nikole Nelson about the most delicious weeds in your backyard, the joys of mushroom jerky and her cross-country journey to make seaweed panna cotta. Plus, Kevin Fortey takes us inside the competitive world of giant veg ...  Show more

Machete Makes Tacos: Actor Danny Trejo on Prison, Hollywood and Carnitas

This week, Hollywood star and restaurateur Danny Trejo shares his culinary inspirations and tips for amazing tacos. Plus, Gena Renaud of Yume Confections teaches us about the art of wagashi, Alex Aïnouz dives into the world of meatballs, and we roast a chicken the Nigella Lawson ...  Show more

Nadiya Hussain Baked for the Queen of England

On this week's dessert-themed show, we chat with Nadiya Hussain about her quest for the perfect brownie, a hack for bread pudding and how she almost faked her death to avoid going on “The Great British Bake Off.” Plus, chef Ana Sortun brings us the story of Turkey’s greatest bakl ...  Show more

Culinary Tour of Colombia: Sweet Corn Arepas and Brisket Dust

This week, we explore the cooking of Colombia with Mariana Velásquez, from homemade arepas to the influence of Middle Eastern ingredients like sesame and labneh. Plus, we explore the secret world of creating food emojis with artist Yiying Lu, Adam Gopnik ponders the elements of d ...  Show more

Al Roker Cooks Up a Storm!

Al Roker cooks for Daniel Boulud, talks about on-set disasters at the “Today” show, explains why sandwiches are his go-to conversation starter and wonders why Goofy wears pants but Pluto doesn’t. Plus, we dive into the world of pies and baking competitions with Chris Taylor and P ...  Show more

High on the Hog: Black Cooks and the Making of American Cuisine

We chat with Dr. Jessica B. Harris about her seminal book "High on the Hog,'' which offers a diverse and complex history of African American cuisine—from the escape of George Washington’s enslaved master chef to the birth of the catering industry. Plus, we investigate Korean tele ...  Show more

Is Junk Food Addictive? The Science of Food Cravings

We talk with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Moss about why foods such as Cheetos and Oreos can be more addictive than cigarettes. Plus we explore the history of West African cookbooks, J. Kenji López-Alt teaches us different ways to use alcohol in the kitchen, and we l ...  Show more

Maine Summer Cook-Off! Clambakes, Grilling, Oysters and More

We chat with Mike Wiley of Eventide in Portland, Maine, who tells us how to shuck an oyster, the rules for the perfect clambake and his favorite often-ignored fish. Plus, we talk with chef and poet Omar Tate, who explores Black American culture and literature through food; Dan Pa ...  Show more

Inside the Experimental Kitchen with Shola Olunloyo

We chat with research chef Shola Olunloyo about the cutting-edge culinary projects he undertakes at his experimental food laboratory, Studiokitchen. He tells us about mashing up tortellini and soup dumplings, how to make bread that tastes like a malted milkshake and why he looks ...  Show more

From Asia with Love: Guangdong Meets Sydney

This week, cookbook author Hetty McKinnon tells us about her Chinese-Australian upbringing, Vegemite brownies, and why her mother calls to FaceTime her wok. Plus, we talk to the Trappist monk running the only Trappist Brewery in the U.S., learn to make the original Fettuccine Alf ...  Show more

The Science of Food: Steaks, Bugs and Expiration Dates

We chat with flavor chemist Dr. Arielle Johnson about how to eat a tree, how insects use flavor molecules to communicate and the science of taste and smell. Plus, Meathead Goldwyn teaches us how to grill perfect steaks; J. Kenji López-Alt investigates food expiration dates; and w ...  Show more

Nigella Lawson Is Not a Domestic Goddess

This week, we chat with Nigella Lawson about recipe writing as literature, the sublime art of eating chocolate in bed and how the simplest meals can become the basis for our most cherished memories. Plus, we get a barbecue lesson from pitmaster Rodney Scott, Dan Pashman orders ta ...  Show more

Cooking Over Fire: Lessons From the Levant

This week, the husband-and-wife team behind London’s Honey & Co. tell us about chasing the smell of smoke through the alleyways of Jordan and the markets of Egypt in search of the secrets of grilled food in the Middle East. Plus, pizza consultant Anthony Falco shares tips for mak ...  Show more

Heat, Meat, Rice and Veg: Welcome to Hmong Cuisine!

We learn the elements of Hmong cooking from chef Yia Vang. He tells us about traditional dishes such as stuffed chicken legs and braised mustard greens, how to make 60 gallons of hot sauce and how his father escaped through the jungle at the end of the Vietnam War. Plus, we find ...  Show more

Zen and the Art of Cooking Vegetables

Chef Eric Ripert teaches us how to make vegetables the star of the plate. Plus, we take a deep dive into the food and cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean, Adam Gopnik reveals his five food heresies, and we learn how to make Japanese Milk Bread.  See for privacy ...  Show more