Big Ep. 226

Big Ep. 226

All The Right Moves Ep. 227

This week, the Mikes on Mics look at the Final episode of NXT before the rebranding. Then look back at a super eventfully ALL OUT PPV and a decent follow up episode of AEW Dynamite. Looks like Mike J is finally coming to the party! --- This episode is spon ...  Show more

Anger Management Ep. 225

This week, The Mikes on Mics toss the format out the window. They talk Punks debut, Summer Slam, NXT Takeover, Gladiator Kross, and the Hottest free agent in Wrestling Bay Bay! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. h ...  Show more

High Hopes Ep 224

This Week is a Big One! Summer Slam is upon us, and its the eve of CM Rampage (as of the time of this recording). The Mikes on Mics talk all about the debut episode of AEW Rampage. Why an hour is perfect. Should Omega have lost? NXT goes home towards Takeover 36 and the guys give ...  Show more

Thunderstruck Ep. 223

This week, one Mike edits the pod during a thunderstorm, while the other mike most likely walks into a work shit storm...but hey wrestling. NXT has had a lot of interesting talk around it and Mike J is tired from it. Keith Lee breaks is silence about his absence and at the same t ...  Show more

Bruce Almighty Ep. 222

Got a Banger this week. The Mikes on mics toss shade at NXT on SYFY and the companies outlook on them (all before the Friday night releases...creepy). NXT was a decent get through the channel switch show, and AEW featured a battle between good and evil. Cody was good because his ...  Show more

Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place Ep. 221

Well, after some technical difficulties, the Mikes on Mics, talk a little NXT, a little more AEW, and a bit about pizza cutters and light tubes. 2021 is such a crazy year in wrestling. twitter: @drivebypod --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The eas ...  Show more

Return of The King Ep. 220

This week, the Mikes on Mics jump into a HUGE week of Wrestling. NXT, AEW, MITB, RAW debuts, HUGE returns and MAJOR Rumors!!! 2021 is shaping up to be a hell of a year in Wrestling. facebook.comdrivebypod twitter @drivebypod --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...  Show more

All About The Benjamins Ep. 219

This week, the Mikes on Mic glide through NXT and touch on AEW's wild live crowed filled Fyter Fest Night 1. Then, like back in the day, they jump into this weekends Money in the Bank PPV and makes some interesting predictions. Twitter:@drivebypod --- Thi ...  Show more

Black Mass Ep. 218

This week, the Mikes on Mics jump into NXT Great American Bash, and AEW Road Rager! Both show delivered and one and a BLACK MASSIVE suprise! Speaking of Tommy End...wait until you hear Vince McMahon's reaction to Alister Black new theme he was going to use before his release! fac ...  Show more

aTypical Wednesday Ep. 217

This week, the Mike’s on Mics are back to form. Reviewing both Tuesday Night NXT & Wednesday Night Dynamite. NXT continues to be strong with Samoa Joe getting comfortable in his new role. AEW is back to their normal time slot and deliver a much better show then what they have bee ...  Show more

Men At Work ep. 216

This week, one mike met the other mikes cousin at a wrestling show...hilarity ensued. The Mike’s talk about a fantastic episode of NXT. They speculated on who by be in the releases (news of Black Friday broke as recording) and Tony Kahn supports AEW...who knew? ...  Show more

Picture Perfect Ep. 215

This podcast may be the opposite of the wrestling show they are actually talking about. While NXT In Your House was great. NXT its self was fantastic wrestling TV....this weeks pod...well it is off the rails in some of the best ways. Buckle Up! twitter: @d ...  Show more

Daddy's Home

This week, the Mikes on Mics GO HOME! It's time to recap the final episode of NXT before IN YOUR HOUSE 2021! Also, Mike J may have pissed in some cheerios, and so did Triple H...or did he? twitter:@drivebypod --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The ...  Show more

The Happening Ep. 213

So this is the third time I've typed is GREAT! NXT was the focus and Adam Cole shined.....and WWE released more people. Listen to the show and get the details. Twitter: @drivebypod --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest wa ...  Show more

Judgment Day ep. 212

This week, the Mikes on mics get to focus 100% on NXT! That right, it's JUDGMENT DAY! Find out just how much of a shill Mike J may be or how good NXT really is. Also, the guys quickly run down the DON card and throw shade at the Orton/Omega/Ross situation. ...  Show more

Army of the Dead Ep. 211

This week, the Mikes start the conversation with WWE Backlash....and ZOMBIES! Yep, Zombies! During Mid week Wrestling talk, Mike and Mike talk about how to make every episode of AEW Dynamite better. Also, WWE handed out some more releases...and some may have been very deserved.  ...  Show more

Easy A Ep. 210

This week, The Mikes on Mics start off by discussing the possible bias of Mike J. They then jump into his favorite Brand, NXT. AEW had a NJPW legend in the house, and Blond Rusev is a mid card Champ once again. Zelina may be back and Chris Jericho needs to take some Fosamax! face ...  Show more

The Producers ep. 209

This week, the Mikes on Mics briefly talk about a great night of NXT, but save the majority of time to examine AEW Blood and Guts. Was it the worst War Games match ever? How does a bump that looks like that get approved? Anyway, the Mikes then talk about Who MAY be the best Pro W ...  Show more

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Ep. 208

This week, The Mike's on Mics dive into what was 2 very solids nights of mid week wrestling. NXT is continuing to build character and tell story's. AEW, while confusing at times, is trying its best to still be entertaining, and it working more often then not. Also, a recently rel ...  Show more

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