The Crucible: E. Michael Jones vs. Jared Taylor Recap

The Crucible: E. Michael Jones vs. Jared Tayl...

E. Michael Jones on UNWASHED: The Falling Empire

Dr. E. Michael Jones joins Nick on UNWASHED to discuss the falling American Empire, Covid, white Identitarianism and much more!! Original video: ____________ Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic writer, lecturer, journalist, ...  Show more

Porn as Cultural Warfare: Dr. E Michael Jones

What is cultural warfare? And how is porn weaponized in it? 00:00 What are the culture wars? And how did Dr Jones become involved in them? 04:59 How did critical race theory develop? 07:36 How does porn work as weapon of cultural warfare? 13:49 Is the sexual revolution at the hea ...  Show more

E. Michael Jones: Degenerate Moderns

A wide ranging discussion about Dr. Jones' book, 'Degenerate Moderns'. Dr. Jones argues that leaders of modern thought (such as Margaret Mead, Picasso and Freud) have rationalized their own immoral behavior and projected it onto a universal canvas. We discuss Mead's flawed anthro ...  Show more

Americanism: A forgotten heresy

n 1899 Pope Leo XIII wrote to Baltimore’s Cardinal James Gibbons a Letter, known as Testem Benevolentiae. In this letter the Pontiff addressed the heresy of Americanism. What is Americanism, how has it changed the Church and the world, and what are its lasting effects? Find out W ...  Show more

The Traditional Latin Mass in Croatia

Recorded Aug 13 2021. In this video, EMJ and Toni discuss the Traditional Latin Mass and it's history in Croatia as well as a variety of other topics. Follow Dr. E. Michael Jones: Gab: Facebook: Telegram Channel: https:// ...  Show more

EMJ on PressTV: US Sanctions Uniting Nations Against Washington

Dr. E. Michael Jones gives his input on the political repercussions of constant sanctions. Original Video: _____ Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic writer, lecturer, journalist, and Editor of Culture Wars Magazine who seeks to defe ...  Show more

The Great Debate | E. Michael Jones vs. Jared Taylor: Is Race an Important Reality or a Fiction?

Finally! This is the moment we have all been waiting for since early 2020. The debate between Jared Taylor and E. Michael Jones, Is race real or fiction? Timestamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:10:00 Opening statement, Jared Taylor 00:30:40 Opening statement, E. Michael Jones 00:47: ...  Show more

EMJ on PressTV: The Afghan Catastrophe

In this interview with PressTV, Dr. E. Michael Jones gives his input on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. The graveyard of empires for over 2,000 years, anyone with knowledge of history would know invasion is a death wish. The British poet Rudyard Kipling put it best: "When y ...  Show more

Hegel and Beethoven

In this video, Dr. Jones gives a classroom lecture on 19th century figures philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Both these men were born in the same year, and experienced similar events, yet spent there lives expressing themselves in seemin ...  Show more

The Pope's Visit to Slovenia

Dr. jones meets with Aleš Ernecl to discuss recent topics, Vatican, vaccines, the motu proprium, and much more. Support Aleš Ernecl: Original Video: ...  Show more

FFWN Keeps on Rockin’ in the Free World (with E. Michael Jones)

On this Saturday July 24th, 2021 episode of FFWN, Kevin Barrett and E. Michael Jones discuss censorship, France, Election fraud, Ben & Jerry's, the papacy, and much more. Original video: Support FFWN: ...  Show more

E. Michael Jones on Traditionis Custodes

In this episode of Citizens for Community Media, Peter Helland sits down with Dr. Jones to hear his explanation to the controversial issue of Pope Frances recent motu proprio. The Latin Mass has become very popular In the past 10 years in America, and for various reasons Pope Fra ...  Show more

E. Michael Jones on PressTV: U.S. Afghanistan withdrawal

Russia says the US decision to withdraw forces from Afghanistan was because of the mission's failure. E. Michael Jones gives his input on the situation. Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic writer, lecturer, journalist, and Editor of Culture Wars Ma ...  Show more

E. Michael Jones Q&A

E. Michael Jones joins "We are the 99%" for an interview and questionnaire about a verity of topics. NEW: Jewish Revolutionary Spirit 2nd ed. BUY NOW----> Buy Dr. Jones books: Subscribe to Culture Wars M ...  Show more

Christopher's Knowledge Discovery: Dr. E Michael Jones and the History of Horror

Dr. E Michael Jones discusses the origins of horror, its relationship to society and history. Monsters from the ID, the Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film: Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic writer, lecture ...  Show more

EMJ on FFWN: Every Day in Post-9/11 America Is “A Sad Day for Media Freedom”

E. Michael Jones joins Kevin Barrett on False Flag Weekly News once again. This weeks topics include vaccinations, Florida demolition, terrorism, war on free speech, Iran, McAfee "suicide" and much more. Original video: Support ...  Show more

The Trad Forum: E. Michael Jones

Hosted by Saints Edward Media, The Trad Forum's goal is to explore ways to navigate our current political climate as Traditionalist Christians, and to prepare. About the Event For far too long the “Conservative” movement has compromised and capitulated to the left. We have slid d ...  Show more

Michael Jones on the Moral Collapse of Our Culture

E. Michael Jones discusses the history of the moral collapse of empires, the schism of Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and the importance of Greek philosophy in the western world. Original video: Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catho ...  Show more

Guillermo Vásquez Interviews E. Michael Jones: What Is Identity?

What is the truth of identity, Is it ethnic? national? racial? E. Michael Jones dives deep with host Guillermo Escobar Vásquez on the real nature of identity. Original video: ...  Show more