The Harry Styles Outfit Draft!

The Harry Styles Outfit Draft!

Love on Tour Week 1: Vegas, Denver & San Antonio

In episode 18, Key (he/they), Gray (he/him), and their surveyed listeners take on the first week of Love on Tour!! After a brief introduction that includes blaming Harry Styles for their recent sleepless nights they get into a discussion of the first three stops of Harry’s tour: ...  Show more

Harry Styles in iCarly and One Direction: This is Us

In episode 16, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) are joined by a very special guest and their friend Ava (she/her) in semi-seriously analyzing the first two entries in Harry Styles’ film oeuvre - the iCarly episode iGo One Direction and the documentary One Direction: This is ...  Show more


In episode 15, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) celebrate pride by analyzing Harry’s unreleased song, Medicine! They briefly touch on the postponed Don’t Worry Darling release (1:20), the My Policeman Venice shoot and wrap (4:40), and participate in WILD speculation about Ha ...  Show more

Harry at the Brits, My Policeman set pics, and Top 5 Hélène Pambrun photos of Harry!

In episode 14, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) cover the various Harry Styles-related news stories from the past month, as well as breaking down their top 5 photos Hélène Pambrun has taken of Harry (inspired by her recent interview on the podcast “Straight Up”) They begin b ...  Show more

Introducing the Love on Tour Setlist Draft

In episode 13, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) make potential Love on Tour setlists, but with a twist! After giving a rundown of recent Harry-related news - including the amazing mermaidrry pictures (5:10) and the Gucci Beloved campaign (8:33), they get into a discussion of ...  Show more

LIGHTS UP MUSIC VIDEO (+ song analysis). OUT NOW.

In episode 12, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) try and get to the bottom of why Lights Up means so much to them through an analysis of the music video and song- something they’ve both been wanting to do since the podcast began. After explaining why analyzing Lights Up is so ...  Show more

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

In episode 11, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) break down all things Harry at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards!! After giving a rundown on their Grammys night experiences and a brief discussion on the show overall (8:36), they dive into Harry’s opening performance (12:22), fro ...  Show more

Grammy Awards Predictions

In episode 10, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) give their predictions and react to listener predictions in the run-up to the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards! After briefly touching on the casting of David Dawson in My Policeman (2:44), Key and Gray discuss the overall plans for t ...  Show more

Harry's Birthday, Don't Worry Darling Wrap, My Policeman Casting & more!

In episode 9, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) cover the various Harry Styles-related news stories from the past month! They begin by getting a little sappy about the international holiday that is Harry’s Birthday (5:12), followed by a breakdown of the various My Policeman u ...  Show more

One Direction Spectacular

In episode 8, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) attempt to accomplish a difficult task: a full exploration of Harry’s time in a little band called One Direction. Listeners may want to grab some snacks and settle in, because there’s a lot to cover! First, Key and Gray start ou ...  Show more

Fun and Games

In episode 7, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) break down a few of the Harry-related news articles from this week (3:29), including an interview with Jeff Azoff about Harry’s producer Kid Harpoon and interviews with the directors and choreographer of the TPWK music video (wi ...  Show more

Behind the Fine Line Cover Shoot

In episode 6, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) break down every detail of the Fine Line cover shoot, paying particular attention to the work of photographer Tim Walker and set designer Shona Heath. After briefly discussing this week’s news (1:00) including some mandatory clo ...  Show more


In the first episode of 2021, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) briefly go over some news from the past week and then get right into the thing we have all been waiting for: the music video for Treat People With Kindness! First, Gray breaks down the timeline of the release (4: ...  Show more

2020 Year in Review

In the last episode of 2020 (thank god), hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) go over the only significant news from the past week: the Treat People With Kindness leaked clip!!! (2:30). After clowning about that glorious moment, they get into the main topic of the episode: a rev ...  Show more

Styling Harry Styles (Fashion in the Fine Line Era)

In episode 3 Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) go over all the news from this past week, including all that happened on the anniversary of Fine Line (2:29), the postponing of Love on Tour Europe, some Kid Harpoon talk featuring the very interesting quote from his interview in News ...  Show more

Fine Line Retrospective

On the one year anniversary of Harry Styles’ sophomore album Fine Line, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) look back at what their initial thoughts on the album were, and reflect on how those thoughts have changed over time. After discussing the news from the past week ranging ...  Show more

Harry in Variety, Golden BTS and more!

 In the first official episode of We Blame Harry Styles, hosts Key (he/they) and Gray (he/him) break down all the news that happened the week of December 2nd, from Don’t Worry Darling set photos to this year’s Spotify Wrapped, the Golden Behind the Scenes video (8:30), and Harry ...  Show more