117. Summoners War Invades NY! or If You Earned It You Should Get It!

117. Summoners War Invades NY! or If You Earn...

119. Transcendent Five Star Stuff!! or The Dragon of Farrentis!!

In this five star episode of MRGTSW we chat about the new events which will give you a chance at your very own Five Star Unit. We also check out No Man's Sky's huge new update!! We give big GZ's to our discord member Farrentis for his new toy! 

118. Two Geeks Vs. Two Other Geeks!! or Aztec Removes all His Runes!!

Lightstar helps Aztec rune His Teams. Masters of the Universe. Thoughts on 2V2 battles.  

116. Two Geeks talk to NellytheGod, Part 3!!

NellytheGOD is back to discuss new units, rune efficiency and TOA teams. Then we summon some new monsters. 

115. How to Choose the Best Runes! or Dragons and Dungeons!

In this Rune-tastic episode we chat about rune efficiency. Also, we size up Aztec's new Dragon's team courtesy of NellytheGod. We even do some Rune Box opening during our summon session. 

114. Domo Arigato Mr ROBOTO!! or the Wu Pang Clan!!

In this ROBOtic episode of MRGTSW we chat about the new Sky Surfer and ROBO units. Also we advise Lightstar on what he should six star next. Pang is in our monster spotlight. Then we impact your ears with some Genshin talk. Who's the best DPS? Ayaka or Ganyu! 

113. Solo Raids and Summer Outfits or When the going gets Truff...

In the MRGTSW version of Hot Ones we chat about the Hot Summer transmogs! Our Hot Sauce Expert Lightstar777 introduces us to TRUFF. Also, We talk Solo raid and have a lightning inducing summon session!! 

112. I'll Shizzy your Whale or If your Guild is like this Guild then you might want to change Guilds!

In this guild-tastic episode we talk cleave teams, 2nd turn teams and SWC 2021. We also give a anniversary shout out to The Guild, one of the original web series about gaming culture. Then Aztec rants about Black Widow!   SW Arena Website: https://swarena.gg/ SWC America's Cup Ma ...  Show more

111. Mecha Gargoyle is the new Meta?! or New SW Collab?!

In this rumor packed episode we chat about Dragonball collab speculation, Why Lightstar despises Dragonspine in Genshin, and the new Summoners war comic issues!! Big shout out to Nerd City Collectables for providing the new issues!!  https://www.nerdcitycollectables.com/ 

110. Opening Friendship Scrolls with Friends! or I Know a Penguin, Dona Was her Name!

In this four star episode. we pick our units for the four star summon event. We summon our friendship Scrolls. Someone might gets a Nat Five!! 

109. Aztec fixes his Lushen (sort of)! or Summon Stones Never Work (kinda)!

In this episode we Chat about Marvel's Loki, New Events, and the slick new Transmogs. One of us gets a Unit they've been waiting for!! 

108. Patch Notes Plus You =Fun or The Discord of Discord

In this episode we discuss, buffs, nerfs and Patch Notes. Who has better stats? A max level five star or a Level 1 six star? FInd out? 

107. When you Rune the Wrong Lushen!! or How to Impact your Leakers!!

In this particular episode we talk building slimes, take a trip down memory lane, and Lightstar attempts to predict the next second awakened units. Also we chat about a genshin leaker that got impacted with some heavy fines. Then the usual goodwill battles and summoning. It's gon ...  Show more

106. Six Star for What! or Happy Dad Day!

Do you wait until you have the right runes to six star your units? Do you farm all of dungeons or just one specifically? Why are so many influencers leaving Genshin Impact? How many Epikon priests does Lightstar have? Where exactly is Griffin Corner? All of these questions will b ...  Show more

105. Bonus Fries with Chibkage!! or Hacking your Hacker?!

 You know when you get fries and then you look in the bag and there's more fries. That's what bonus fries are. That's what this episode is. We talk to Chibikage about Rune sets, Team comps and what to do when your account gets hacked. It's not even Saturday and you get some MRGTS ...  Show more

104. The Discorderlies!! or Dongbaek is Bae!!

In this sword swinging episode we chat about a decent Hall of Heroes, answer some of our Discorderlies questions. Then we react to one of Bagel's videos. Which one? This one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vro1Jrs_3w   

103. Lightstar's New RTA Team!! or Chopper's Replacement?!

In this episode we talk Runes from the Blacksmith event and Lightstar's new toys in RTA. We also summon stuff and try to beat each other in the Sky Arena. All in good fun. Tuesday June the 7th is MRGTSW's B Day. Check out our Bonus episode Youtube episode: https://www.youtube.com ...  Show more

102. When a Friend Needs Help, You Help Them!

We had topics. Then one of our twitch buddies needed help with their account. So we checked it out and gave advice. We also did some goodwill battles with our disorderly discordites. Then some summoning happened.  youtube episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg8V8BnEFjw 

101. Woosa Clan ain't Nothing to Summon With!! or Hall of Zeros?!

In this lightning inducing episode we talk about all of our new toys from last weeks epic summon session! Lightstar states his opinions about the Seven Year Hall of Heroes.  We also check out the awesome entries of the 7 Year anniversary art contest!! The MRGTSW crew reacts to Se ...  Show more

100. Happy Birthday AztecOlmec! or Transcendence Scroll Session!!

In this birthday powered episode we have a massive summon session for Aztec.  Lightstar has been saving up his scrolls in order to have our biggest session yet!!! We chat about some celebrities who share Aztec's birthday and Shren, the Light High Elemental. Listen in to find out ...  Show more