Emily Oster

Emily Oster

June Diane Raphael

Actor, author, podcast host June Diane Raphael (Grace & Frankie, How Did This Get Made?, The Deep Dive) joins the show to talk about paranormal smells, learning to feel at home in her body, hair, adolescence, allergies, her "inner shit-kicker," making time for female friendships, ...  Show more

Paul Rust's Travel Mugs, Michael Cassady's Dad's Photo, A Word Pronunciation Quiz

Paul Rust and Michael Cassady are back! Michael's broken into a new home with a different camera angle. Paul has some stuff to say about the Spice Girls. Also we break down how to work your way up from lowly passenger to pilot in one transatlantic flight. Tony didn't have to go t ...  Show more

Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Daniel's Texas Rant)

Daniel has some harsh words for Texas and he won't back down. He also has harsh words for Alison who can barely hack attending preschool for three hours in the sun with Owen. Has Alison become even more accustomed to inactivity? A caller moved from California to Texas and feels i ...  Show more

Ken Reid's Fancy Ear Piece, Robin Shorr's Picnic Chic, Canadian Desserts

Something is different about Tony and he wants us to guess. And guess we do! Ken Reid is here and he's stepped up his ear piece game. Robin Shorr makes her long awaited return from across the country where she's just crashed a wedding. I tell a really vague story and also once ag ...  Show more

Dave's Nevadatude, Wendy's Noisy Legs, An Animal Fart Quiz

Things take a spicy turn when David Huntsberger gets upset over Alison forgetting which way Nevada is pronounced. Wendy Molyneux is here and despite people constantly mispronouncing her last name, she's yet to "pull a Dave." Also, she has cellophane legs. I've been giggling over ...  Show more

Tony Thaxton

Producer/drummer/podcaster Tony Thaxton, AKA "The Bad Boy of Podcasting," is back on my show as the main event when the scheduled guest needs to reschedule. Tony has been going through some stuff and I'd been hoping he would want to discuss it on the show. We do a Tony Wellness C ...  Show more

Dameshek's Pint Glasses, Alison's Office Crushes, Betsy Sodaro's Anti-Fruit Stance

Does Dave Dameshek get paid to agree with Daniel instead of Alison? You would be forgiven for thinking so after this episode. Also, his wife won't add to his pint glass collection and he has questions. Meanwhile Alison and Daniel got in a fight over a flyswatter and more. Also, A ...  Show more

John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie (Big Bang Theory, Speechless, a million other things you've seen) joins the show to talk about his new podcast Household Faces with John Ross Bowie where he interviews fellow character actors. We also talk about whether he or Tony Thaxton is nicer, nearly getting ...  Show more

Caissie and Josh's Duckpin Bowling, Jeff's Salt Flats, Daniel's CVS Beef

Josh Gondelman has joined us from three hours in the future and he didn't even fall asleep while waiting for the show to start. Probably from all the cocaine he famously snorts. Caissie St. Onge is here as well and she would like to cede her time to Josh and this whole drug situa ...  Show more

LeeAnn Kreischer

Writer, mother and host of Wife of the Party, LeeAnn Kreischer has always struck me as very wise and self-actualized. Turns out she really is! We talk about her incredibly challenging childhood, her desire to be happy, growing up with a borderline mother, meeting her husband Bert ...  Show more

Jackie Johnson's Tomatoes, Helen Hong's Phone Call, Tony's Commando Toes

Helen Hong is here and she hates beans but loves her infant nephew despite his exhausting helplessness. Jackie Johnson is here and she needs advice on how to handle tomato theft. Daniel has a creative solution which leads to me wondering if Italian people really pronounce "sauce" ...  Show more

Dave Dameshek is Back!

It's been too long since football analyst, writer and radio personality Dave Dameshek (NFL Network, Extra Points Network, Daves of Thunder) has graced us with a visit! We talked about getting older, surgery, the Thaxman and Q Monster, how sports help pass time, going back to scho ...  Show more

Vince Mancini's Pool Boy, Matt Lieb's Scared Eating, Power Nerds

Vince Mancini (Uproxx, Pod Yourself a Gun) and Matt Lieb (Good Mythical Morning, Pod Yourself a Gun) joined Tony, Daniel and me for an impromptu lizard funeral, a potentially disturbing discussion of a violent Sopranos scene (I am trying to figure out why it unsettled me so much) ...  Show more

Jamie Loftus

Comic, writer, podcast host and artist Jamie Loftus (My Year in Mensa, Lolita Podcast, Aack Cast, Bechdel Cast) joins us to talk about how stunt journalism led to finding her niche as a podcaster, the decision to switch from writing about her experience as a "dumb slut" who infil ...  Show more

Caissie St. Onge's Viral Theory, Danny Jolles's Pizza, Alison Versus Tony

Caissie St. Onge and Danny Jolles are here to talk about old soups, false eyelashes, the way Tony is steamed at me and vice versa, my recent Covid scare, fading tattoos, non-food motivated dogs, and drinking water and the way too much of it can kill you. We also discuss Caissie's ...  Show more

Daniel and Alison (Rapid Tests, Kewl Beanz, Your Calls)

Daniel and I may have been exposed and I am freaking out a bit but Daniel is tempering my freakout. Still, I take a rapid test on air. Also we take your calls, Daniel does an installment of Daniel's Kewl Beanz and Elliot makes a couple appearances. Plus drinking water and breakin ...  Show more

Wendy's Foot News, David's Homemade Kombucha, Double Snack Chat!

Wendy Molyneux, Dave Huntsberger, Daniel Quantz and Tony Thaxton guest on this very special double snack chat episode! We're tasting Dave's homemade kombucha AND we're trying to guess the ingredients in Buttermilk Haystacks. Winner gets a special prize from Wendy's purse. Also, a ...  Show more

Chris Gethard

Comic, writer, actor and father Chris Gethard (Beautiful/Anonymous, Career Suicide) joins the show. We talk about his move to New Jersey, his secret bromance with Tony, fatherhood, the arc of his unconventional talk show The Chris Gethard Show which started as a live UCB show, we ...  Show more

Jenna and Al's Budget, Jeff's Court Case, Daniel's Tear Ducts

Jenna Kim Jones and #AL are here and Jenna is due in 3.5 weeks! Jeff Fox is here, but disguised, and he's still riding high from his labor intensive but successful court victory. Daniel is fresh from the eye doctor and they put plugs in his tear ducts. It makes me want to barf. T ...  Show more