What It Takes To Be A Superforecaster

What It Takes To Be A Superforecaster

Work Your Next Job

Want to get ahead? Expand beyond the things being asked of you, and focus on the things *nobody* asks you to do. I explain my "Work Your Next Job" philosophy, share some of my own stories, and then play stories from listeners Richelle DeVoe, Jules Hogan, and Erica Sinner. 

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Maria Sharapova: "I Hire People I Can Lose With"
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A Leader Who Asks, "Should I Still Be CEO?"
When Internet Connectivity Goes Out

An internet connection is the lifeblood of any business, so how can you maximize your uptime? In this special episode brought to you by AT&T Business, we hear from entrepreneurs who have struggled with lost connectivity and about how you can solve the problem. This episode is spo ...  Show more

You Know Change Is Necessary. What's Next?

When things are going wrong, how do you know what change to make? Wharton professor Katy Milkman, author of the book "How to Change", explains a few simple ways to identify the best path forward. 

How Do You Compete Against the Biggest Companies?

Sridhar Ramaswamy is building a search engine called Neeva, because he sees a white space left open by Google (where he used to work). Is he crazy, or does he understand innovation on a deep level? Here, he explains how to see opportunity in even the most crowded spaces. This epi ...  Show more

Investing in the Future, Even As the Past Falls Apart

When things go wrong, we often look backwards to fix them. But when Dribble got hit hard by Covid, Michael Sacca and his team started thinking ahead. He explains how to look past the initial panic and start using crisis as an opportunity for improvement. This episode is sponsored ...  Show more

How to Talk To Strangers

Are you uncomfortable talking to strangers? It's time to get comfortable! Talking to strangers has many personal and professional benefits — and it's something you can learn to do better. Joe Keohane, author of the book "The Power of Strangers: The Benefits of Connecting In A Sus ...  Show more

The Surprising Importance of To-Go Cocktails

You can learn a lot from a simple margarita… because when you take one home from a restaurant in America, you’re participating in a change that was hundreds of years in the making. In this episode, we dig deep into how cocktails-to-go became suddenly legal (and why they were once ...  Show more

How to Live Like Ancient Royalty
What Five Psychics Told Me
Wondery: One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis

One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis is a little bit of a masterclass, a cocktail party and a Sunday drive all wrapped up into 30 minutes with an audience invited to listen in. Marcus values family, community, character and ethics and helps small business owners who need his g ...  Show more

Solving the Top 3 Marketing Mistakes

People.ai CMO Justin Shriber, host of the "Legends of Sales and Marketing" podcast, walks us through the top three marketing mistakes he sees entrepreneurs make — and explains how to fix them. 

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

Amy Morin, author of the book "13 Things That Strong Kids Do", explains how to create the entrepreneurial spark — and how, in the entrepreneurial quest, adults and kids all grapple with the same big issues. Set Your Children Up for Success with Entrepreneur Kids: All About Money. ...  Show more

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How to Start Over, with NBA Star Chris Bosh
200th Episode Special! The Change We Resist Is The Change We Need