You Make Me Brave - Bethel Music - The Worship Review S04.E01

You Make Me Brave - Bethel Music - The Worshi...

Graves into Gardens - Elevation Worship ft. Brandon Lake - The Worship Review S04.E02

What does it mean that God "turns graves into gardens"? How should a song describe what it means to find satisfaction in God? This week's episode tackles "Graves into Gardens". --- Support this podcast: 

Series 3 Wrap (Part II) - The Worship Review - S03.E12

This episode concludes our reflection on the third season. In this episode we discuss several things: poetic licence, the engagement of the intellect in worship, and what should regulate the corporate worship of God. We respond to listener feedback. We also discuss the direction ...  Show more

Series 3 Wrap (Part I) - The Worship Review - S03.E11

We wrap up season 3, and respond to listener feedback. Always fun! --- Support this podcast: 

Favour Celebration / Call Me Favour - Deborah Lukalu - The Worship Review S03.E10

This week we discuss the final song in the third series. This song declares the singer's name to be Favour and asks for more favour and blessing. In this episode, we discuss whether God can do "too much", how annoying canned Christian responses to personal questions can be, what ...  Show more

Joyous Celebration - Ndenzel' Uncedo Hymn 377 - The Worship Review S03.E09

Catch this week's episode of The Worship Review. --- Support this podcast: 

The Father's House - Cory Asbury - The Worship Review S03.E08

Does only "the journey" matter, and not "the endgame"? Does God not care about perfection? How do the lyrics of Cory Asbury's "The Father's House" stack up? --- Support this podcast: 

Death Has No Power Over Me - Jeremy Camp, Adrienne Camp - The Worship Review S03.E07

Did Christ's work on the cross or his resurrection "heal our stains"? Does Christ "erase our scars"? This week, we examine a song currently near the top of the Christian charts in Uganda: 'Death Has No Power Over Me' by Jeremy Camp and Adrienne Camp.  --- Support this podcast: ht ...  Show more

Hymn of Heaven - Phil Wickham - The Worship Review S03.E06

Phil Wickham's Hymn of Heaven describes the joy which awaits all Christians in heaven. In this episode we examine the scriptural references in this song and try to make sense of its eschatology. Colin talks about a period in ancient history called "the 90s". --- Support this podc ...  Show more

Bo Noo Ni (No One Else) - Joe Mettle ft. Luigi Maclean - The Worship Review S03.E05

This week we evaluate "Bo Noo Ni" (No One Else) by Ghanaian worship leaders Joe Mettle and Luigi Maclean. The self-described song of testimony focuses on personal themes of gratitude and amazement at the exclusivity of God as demonstrated in His love and self-sacrifice. Tyler & C ...  Show more

Battle Belongs - Phil Wickham - The Worship Review S03.E04

Tyler and Colin investigate the song "Battle Belongs" by Phil Wickham. --- Support this podcast: 

(Olorun Agbaye) You Are Mighty - Nathaniel Bassey - The Worship Review S03.E03

This week, we turn to the music coming out of Nigeria. How well does the song '(Olorun Agbaye) You Are Mighty' by Nathaniel Bassey stand up to scrutiny? Find out on this week's episode of The Worship Review. --- Support this podcast: 

God Only Knows - For King & Country - The Worship Review S03.E02

This week we analyse the song trending at #1 on the UK Christian music charts: God Only Knows. In this song we learn that "there's a kind of love that God only knows" which is intended as a comfort to those suffering. --- Support this podcast: ...  Show more

You Say - Lauren Daigle - The Worship Review S03.E01

This week, we review the top song on the US Christian/Gospel charts: "You Say" by Lauren Daigle. --- Support this podcast: 

Series 2 Summary and Listener Feedback - The Worship Review S02.E21

This is the wrap up for series 2. We summarize our ratings for the series and also respond to listener feedback. --- Support this podcast: 

If God / Nothing but the Blood - Casey J - The Worship Review S02.E20

Colin and Tyler examine Casey J's remake of "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus". Theologically this song is concerned with human suffering and the need for cleansing and healing. We learn that there are many questions, but just one answer, which is somehow also a question. We postul ...  Show more

I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) - Chris Tomlin - The Worship Review S02.E19

Should we speak of a Christian as "condemned"? Did Jesus sweat actual blood in the Garden of Gethsemane? We examine these and other questions in this week's episode. --- Support this podcast: 

He Will Hold Me Fast - Gettys - The Worship Review S02.E18

This week we're taking a look at an early twentieth-century hymn recently performed by the Gettys. We discuss what it might mean for faith to "fail", what the cost of salvation is, and the Christianese phrase "faith turned to sight". --- Support this podcast: ...  Show more

Great is Thy Faithfulness - Austin Stone Worship - The Worship Review S02.E17

What would it sound like if John Piper wrote half a song based on his best-selling book Desiring God and then mashed it with an old hymn? Find out in this week's episode. --- Support this podcast: 

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah - Indelible Grace - The Worship Review S02.E16

This week, we talk about a song with rich imagery from scripture. But isn't Jehovah spelled with an 'I'? --- Support this podcast: