Drew Steen

Drew Steen

Sammie James

Today’s guest is Sammie James! Sammie is a super interesting human. Please check out their Polymorph monthly zoom show and the BoohHaHa Podcast. @SammieSamJames @yatescomedy @annavisfun @12Qpod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh0xVS-G8UM twitter https://twitter.com/SammieSamJames ...  Show more

Jessica Sele

This week we have Jessica Sele! She’s been working on herself throughout the pandemic! She shares about growth standup and boxing! @annavisfun @yatescomedy @jessicasele @jsele @12qpod --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/message Support this podcast: https: ...  Show more

Kane Holloway

You’ve seen this week's guest on Laughs on Fox, Walk of Shame Shuttle on VH1 and First Nation Comedy. It’s Kane Holloway! Kane co-hosts the self help podcast “Don’t Take Bullshit From Fuckers” on the All Things Comedy Network. He brings his experience strength and hope along on t ...  Show more

Angel Garcia

Our guest this week is the fabulous magician and comedian Angel Garcia ! (@guerrillajokes) Angel is also the host of Death and Friends Podcast. We go deep on moving during covid and relationships that leave lasting effects on us. Subscribe and stream this great episode wherever y ...  Show more

Martina Deeb

Martina is works on the front line of the disease. She's soulful and thoughtful. Please rate and review this podcast on iTunes and TELL YOUR FRIENDS. @annavisfun @12qpod @yatescomedy @unpops --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/message Support this podcast: ...  Show more

Jimmy Pardo

@annavisfun @yatescomedy @jimmypardo @12qpod --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/support 

Julie Weidmann

Witty, insightful and irreverent, actress and comedian Julie Weidmann sits in this week for the Questions. She shares a story full of heart, humor, and recovery with Anna and Dave. @annavisfun @yatescomedy @12qpod  Julie: https://linktr.ee/Julieweidmann --- Send in a voice messag ...  Show more

Greg Behrendt

We’re are so excited to share this weeks episode. Our guest this week  is a Times bestselling author, comedian, musician, Life and Relationship Coach. He’s sold over 4 million books, most notably the co-authored, He’s Just Not That Into You. The one and only Greg Behrendt sits do ...  Show more

Lily Enchin

Our Guest this week is a proud member of The Sunny Bunny Recovery group for fans of the band Ween. Anna and Dave welcome Lily Enchin! We talk about finding your place in recovery and still enjoying live music. Tune in for a fantastic episode of hope and funky jams. @annavisfun @y ...  Show more

Rob Pugliese

This week’s guest is known around LGBT rooms as “Hot Rob” He’s a talented comedian and sketch actor who’s serious about sobriety. Anna and Dave welcome Rob Pugliese to wrangle the Questions on this funny and insightful episode. Please Subscribe. Rate. Review. So we can be of serv ...  Show more

Angela Lovell

Dave and Anna go full woo-woo with psychic, podcaster, and witch- Angela Lovell! Angela has had wild life and has done a ton of spiritual and emotional work. She so powerful she get's Dave to tell her his astrological chart.  Sponsors: Manscaped, offer code 12QPOD. Link: https:// ...  Show more

Roz Drezfalez

Our guest this week is a triple threat of amazing. She’s a phenomenal drag queen, comedian, and podcaster. It’s Roz Hernandez! Tune in for @Annavisfun and @yatescomedy getting into the questions with @rozhernandez --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/messag ...  Show more

Mark James Heath

We love a great Chicagoan on the podcast. This weeks guest is poet, comedian, and father @Mjh708. Such a wonderful inspirational story of struggle, triumph, and growth. Tune in, subscribe and leave a review!  @annavisfun @yatescomedy @unpops --- Send in a voice message: https://a ...  Show more

Re-Entry Stress

Anna & Dave are left unattended this week so they talk about "Re-Entry Stress" and 12 tips for keeping your cool as the world goes back to "normal". Listen and Subscribe! @12Qqpod @unpops @yatescomedy @annavisfun --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/message ...  Show more

Josh Nasar

This week's guest is a comedian, television host, fitness coach, and has over 252 Million views on his popular #tiktok page.  The one, the only @joshnasar ! He talks with us about his struggles with #anger and keeping #positivity in his life. @Annavisfun @yatescomedy @unpops List ...  Show more

Pam Mahler

Hey #friends ! This is Pam Mahler and she does the deal. We cover making #amends and following #love to strange places! Join @Annavisfun and @yatescomedy this week for the Questions! On @unpops --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/12-questions/message Support this podca ...  Show more

Kate Willett

Absolute gem of a human Kate Willet joins Anna and Dave for 12 Questions! We talk about surrender, acceptance, and the clash between 12 step principles and daily life. Rate and review on itunes, and tell a friend! @12qpod @annavisfun @unpops @yatescomedy --- Send in a voice messa ...  Show more

Melanie Vesey

This week's guest is a talented actress, comedian, and social media consultant. You won’t find many as great as Melanie Vesey! She sits down for the questions and shares her incredible highs and lows with us. Tune in for an unforgettable episode. On @unpops and everywhere you pod ...  Show more

Caroline Cooley

This week's guest is yoga teacher and music lover, Caroline Cooley! (@avocadoyogawellness) Caroline has a wonderful story about rebuilding relationships and chasing live music across the country. All while staying spiritual as fuck. Get this episode on @unpops and everywhere podc ...  Show more