Episode 277: Happy Labor Life HL277

Episode 277: Happy Labor Life HL277

Episode 278: The ScienTRUTHic Method HL278

People are people, not opinions. When we realize that, we are one step closer to finding truth, and when we find truth, we find freedom. Science is so much more than test tubes, beakers and your sophomore grade. It's actually a way to solve problems and find truth. Science is The ...  Show more

Episode 276: Agito HL276

Agito is the name of the symbol in the Paralympics. It's Latin for "to move". In the Paralympics it stands for “Spirit in Motion,” representing the strong will of every Paralympian and how the athletes constantly inspire and excite the world with their performances--always moving ...  Show more

Episode 2: 2 Facets of Ffej PFAP02

This is the story of the 2 sides of Ffej--how he learned from his mistakes and became a person who aspires to uplift others instead of tearing them down."I was awakened to the desire to discard an immature and irresponsible life strategy, for one that actually considers the impac ...  Show more

Episode 275: Big Huge Global Stage HL275: Olympic Bonus Episode

I'm stoked! And so is 6-time Gold medalist Amy Van Dyken. Listen and find out why in this special bonus Olympic episode.Here is the link for the video of Amy Van Dyken: https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/en/paralympics/news/videos/amy-van-dyken-limitations-are-what-you-put-on-yourse ...  Show more

Episode 274: Sing! HL274

Life is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Small things that make big things. "Happy is always screaming at us to get on that Happy path, but we often miss it because we are always focusing on the big things." We tend to focus on the past. We tend to focus on the future, ...  Show more

Episode 273: Sputter HL273

Be kind to yourself. Especially if you're starting to sputter.The songs we use in this episode are "Be Kind To Yourself" by Andrew Peterson and "The Sign" by Ace of Base. We don't own the rights to either.Contact usEmail: Podcast@HappyLife.StudioVoicemail: (425) 200-HAYS (4297)We ...  Show more

Episode 3: The Secretary Ep4: 5000 Hertz Can't Hurt

Did you know that frequencies are scientifically becoming a way to deal with health issues? God did! If you're feeling under the weather, your choice of clothing could be your prescription! Listen as The Secretary, Alyssa Thoms, interviews Kim Buckman as he shares his incredible ...  Show more

Episode 272: Going For Gold HL272

A Happy Life Studio's special Olympic edition. I will never have a body of an Olympian, or win an Olympic medal, but there's more than one way to win Gold. The songs we use in this episode are "Bugler's Dream" and "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" by John Williams and The Boston Pops O ...  Show more

Episode 272: The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades: Summer Camp Series SC8

No matter what some might say, our future is bright and I have proof. The songs we use in this episode are "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" by Timbuk 3 and "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston. We don't own the rights to either.Contact usEmail: Podcast@Happy ...  Show more

Episode 271: Riders On the Storm HL271

We all struggle with inner storms, especially the Hurrycane. The way I see it, you either ride the storm or the storm rides you. You can be a rider of the storm only IF you're not an ignorer of the storm. The Happy part is, if a Hurrycane or inner storm can be inside you, so can ...  Show more

Episode 1: From 0 to 56 - Who Is Papa Ffej? PFAP01

From an AMC Concord to a nuclear submarine?? From being arrested...TWICE to becoming his city's youngest City Commissioner?? Jeff "Ffej" Boyd has lived a full 56 years of life, which is why we are archiving it for his Grands and Greats (his future grandkids and great grandkids) a ...  Show more

Episode 270: Wayne's World and 7-11 HL270

Did you know it's Hurrycane season? And yes, we did spell Hurricane with a "Y", because we want to delve a little more into the Hurrycane theme we've tagged on a few times. This is a brand new concept to me and so I haven't had much time to process the whole concept, but wanted t ...  Show more

Episode 3: The Secretary Ep3: The Secretary, The Google and The Kids pt 2

Hi, I'm Alyssa Thoms aka The Secretary, and I am so excited about this interview we started last week with Alison Amelse aka Google. Parents have a special calling to be a guide for the next generation. There is so much time and energy spent on bring children up correctly—it's ea ...  Show more

Episode 269: What is The Papa Ffej Archive Project? HL269

Last week we talked about archiving your life with Jeff "Ffej" Boyd. Well this week we thought we'd show you what archiving your life looks like. We decided to share, as a regular Happy Life Studios podcast, Ffej's first archive episodes. We are so excited about this and think yo ...  Show more

Episode 2: The Secretary Ep2: The Secretary, The Google and The Kids pt 1

My name is Alyssa Thoms aka The Secretary, and I am so excited about this interview I had with Alison Amelse. We actually call her "Google" in the office. She is a personal mentor as well as our children's pastor at Harvestime church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This episode is an i ...  Show more

Episode 267: Underdogs: 4th of July bonus episode HL267

Happy 4th of July. Here is something to help you celebrate it AND the underdogs too!Contact usEmail; Podcast@HappyLife.StudioVoicemail; (425) 200-HAYS (4297)Webpage; www.HappyLife.lol Facebook; www.Facebook.com/HappyLifeStudios Instagram; www.Instagram.com/HappyLife_Studios Twitt ...  Show more

Episode 268: Archive Your Life HL268

Here is a fun interview we had with long time Happy Lifer Ffej Boyd. How does one get a name like Ffej? Listen and find out as we talk about all sorts of interesting things as well as discuss a brand new project we are starting together—one that could change your life and the liv ...  Show more

Episode 266: Graduates and Pie Charts HL266

Since it's graduation season we thought we'd put out a special podcast for some very special people...our amazing graduates. Listen and share for some graduate wisdom we can all use.Contact usEmail; Podcast@HappyLife.StudioVoicemail; (425) 200-HAYS (4297)Webpage; www.HappyLife.lo ...  Show more

Episode 265: Good Game HL265

HappyLife Father's Day, or should I say Happy Padre's Day? Here are a few things I learned from The Stadium, The Statue, and The Standard of Petco Field, home of the San Diego Padre's.Contact usEmail; Podcast@HappyLife.StudioVoicemail; (425) 200-HAYS (4297)Webpage; www.HappyLife. ...  Show more