Surprising Diabetes-Friendly Plant-Based Foods

Surprising Diabetes-Friendly Plant-Based Food...

Foods That Help Depression | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

Help for depression could come from your next meal! There are many foods that can help ward off the blues, but there are also just as many that can cause you to become depressed.   Dr. Neal Barnard separates the good foods from the bad and reveals the best diet for depression whe ...  Show more

Why Are We Overweight? It's More Than Calories | Dr. Mickey Witte

Becoming overweight is not as simple as eating more calories than you burn. It’s far more than just eating too much fat. In fact, obesity is a complex assortment of issues that few truly understand.   Neuroscientist Dr. Mickey Witte joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll ...  Show more

Kidney Stones: Foods That Help | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

One out of every 10 people will develop painful kidney stones in their lifetime. In many cases a person’s diet can play a large role.   What foods help kidney stones? What foods can cause them?   Those are the two key questions answered by Dr. Neal Barnard as he joins “The Weight ...  Show more

Food, Fat, and Your Immune System | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

Learn how your diet can be the first line of defense for your immune system.   Dr. Neal Barnard shares the foods that can help prevent the common cold and flu as well as the foods that roll out the red carpet for infection.   He joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll with ...  Show more

Low-Fat or Low-Carb: Which Is Best?

Is it better to cut fat or cut carbs for weight loss? We get the definitive answer!   Dr. Vanita Rahman and dietitian Karen Smith join “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to weigh the pros and cons of low-fat and low-carb diets to determine which is healthiest and which is b ...  Show more

Keto: Heart Attack Waiting to Happen or Weight Loss Heaven? | Live Q&A with Lee Crosby, RD

Is the keto diet the best diet for weight loss or your ticket to an early grave? Research from hundreds of studies is reviewed to find out!   Dietitian Lee Crosby joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll for a live keto diet Q&A on The Exam Room LIVE. Lee is the lead author ...  Show more

Doctors Said She Was Dying. Plants Saved Her Life.

Doctors told Kate McGoey-Smith she had only a few years to live. She was suffering from a rare heart condition and required an oxygen tank just to breathe. As if that weren’t enough, Kate also lost her vision and had diabetes.   But that diagnosis was made well over 10 years ago. ...  Show more

Best Foods for Healthy Thyroid | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

Explore how your diet can help heal your thyroid on this episode of The Exam Room LIVE with Dr. Neal Barnard and "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll.   Dr. Barnard answers these questions:   - Can a vegan diet help thyroid problems? - Can fast food can cause a sluggish thyro ...  Show more

New Health Benefits of Vegan Diets In 2021 | Dr. Andrew Freeman

The research keeps pouring in from dozens of new studies showing that a vegan diet can supercharge your health!   Dr. Robert Freeman explores a mountain of data from the past year that links a diet free of meat and dairy to lower rates of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, ...  Show more

How Often Should You Poop? | Dr. Will Bulsiewicz Q&A

How often should you poop? Once a day? Every other day? Get the answer from gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz as he joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll for a special edition of The Exam Room LIVE.   Dr. Bulsiewicz is the author of the bestselling book Fiber Fueled ...  Show more

Weight Loss Tips That Really Work | Dr. Vanita Rahman

The average person has gained 25 pounds during the pandemic and is now struggling to shed the unwanted weight!   Join “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll and Dr. Vanita Rahman for weight loss tips that actually work and get the scale moving in a healthier direction! They als ...  Show more

Plant-Based Diet and COVID-19: What Science Shows | Dr. Neal Barnard

A plant-based diet can help prevent severe cases of COVID-19 and may reduce the risk of becoming infected altogether, according to two studies.   Dr. Neal Barnard explores research analyzing the diets of healthcare workers in six countries. The findings show that eating less meat ...  Show more

The Best Gut Health Foods and F-GOALS Explained | Dr. Will Bulsiewicz Live Q&A

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz reveals the healthiest foods for your gut! No, the list does not include Kraft's new mac and cheese ice cream. Yes, that is a real thing.   Join the author of Fiber Fueled and "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll as they discuss this double-dairy concoctio ...  Show more

3 Things Proven To Help Menopause | Dr. Neal Barnard Menopause Series Pt. 3

Learn three steps that can help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause!   By changing the way you eat, it is possible that hot flashes will be reduced dramatically or possibly even stop completely! The steps that will be revealed led to an 84% reduction in severe hot f ...  Show more

The Olympian Who Won't Drink Milk Shares Why! | Dotsie Bausch

An Olympic medalist is shattering the idea that milk does a body good!   But isn't chocolate milk the ultimate post-workout recovery drink? Dotsie Bausch shares where this myth started and how the skewed science is misleading.   Discover why dairy can actually reduce an athlete's ...  Show more

The Real Deal with Soy | Dr. Neal Barnard Menopause Series Pt. 2

The truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth about soy!   Dr. Neal Barnard gives the whole story about the controversial bean in part 2 of the special menopause relief series. He joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to talk about the truth and lies about soy. Many ...  Show more

Huge Relief From Hot Flashes | Dr. Neal Barnard Menopause Series Pt. 1

Huge relief is on the way for women suffering from hot flashes!   Dr. Neal Barnard shares the results of his powerful study on the dramatic effect a plant-based diet that includes soy can have on the number of hot flashes women have and how intense they are. In many cases, women ...  Show more

Eating For Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

What you eat today can influence whether you will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in the future.   Nutritional epidemiologist Dr. Puja Agarwal makes her debut on The Exam Room™ podcast to share her hope-filled research on both diseases when she joins “The We ...  Show more

10 Popular Foods That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction | Dr. Robert Ostfeld

Did you know that some of our favorite foods might cause erectile dysfunction? Dr. Robert Ostfeld looks at 10 of the most popular foods in America when he joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room!   Everything from pizza to French fries to ice cream will go ...  Show more

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