#77 Taking Breaks vs. Breaking Up

#77 Taking Breaks vs. Breaking Up

#78: Listener Story- "We're Just on 2 Different Pages..."

In today's listener episode I interviewed Sara, who is a pediatric ICU doctor, and comedian. Her relationship was 9 months, but in that time she still had to go through a tremendous heartbreak. Her breakup was triggered by the fact that she was ready to start talking about that n ...  Show more

#76 What is a Trauma Bond?

Today I brought back and interviewed Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, who is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and media expert on all things therapy and mental health. In this episode we talk all about trauma bonds - what is a trauma bond, why do they happen, what are the underlying circumst ...  Show more

#75 Why you're scared of the No Contact Rule

The No Contact Rule is not an easy thing to do. It can be challenging and painful, but its about the long term healing process. In this episode I want to help you combat some of your fears around the No Contact Rule by first validating them, and then giving you a new perspective ...  Show more

#74 Listener Story: Healing from Infidelity

In today's listener story episode I interview Dayna who was in a relationship for 5 years when she found out her partner was having an affair. In this episode she talks about how she left her partner (with an incredible amount of boundaries), how she moved cities, and rebuilt her ...  Show more

#73 The Journey to Self Confidence

In today's episode I interviewed Raeann Langas who is the co-founder of Confident Collective, curve model, and body activist and we talk all about her journey to finding self confidence. I asked her if she thought everyone was born confident and then what happens along the way th ...  Show more

#72 Regaining the Relationship with Yourself

In today's episode I interview Life + Love Coach Jules Webber as she shares her incredible story of walking away from her marriage and reclaiming the relationship she has with herself. In this episode we discuss the difference between being single by default and then single by ch ...  Show more

#71 How to Feel Your Feelings

You hear a lot when you're going through something like a break up that you need to just "feel your feelings." But what does that even mean? How do you make sure you're taking the time to feel your feelings? That's what I'm talking about in today's episode. I discuss creating reg ...  Show more

#70 Listener Story: Ghosting + Dishonesty

Today is the first of the new series on the podcast where I interview real listeners of the podcast and have them share their break up stories. I'm kicking it off with sisters Gabby + Meagan who after going through break ups decided to start a company called Mooing On where they ...  Show more

#69 Getting Stuck in Cycle of Breaking Up + Getting Back Together

In today's episode I talk all about getting stuck in the toxic cycle of breaking up and getting back together over and over and over again. We have all had that friend (or been that friend) that no one ever knows if they're with their ex or not. In the episode I talk about why it ...  Show more

#68 Embracing Abundance in Relationships

In today's episode I interview best-selling author, international speaker, and hugely successful business owner Danette May. In our interview Danette shares her life's refining moments including going through a divorce with $47 to her name- and how she turned her mess into a mess ...  Show more

#67 Whose fault was it?

One of the things we can get obsessed about after a break up is trying to figure out whose fault it was. We can sometimes think that by figuring out whose to blame it will make the break up hurt less and make us feel more in control. In this episode I talk about why we always wan ...  Show more

#66 Elevating Your Energy Post Break Up

In today's episode I interview holistic health professional Gaby Piccirilli to talk all about how the energy of heartbreak and how to elevate your energy after going through a break up. In this episode we discuss why we feel emotional pain in our physical bodies, how to clear emo ...  Show more

#65 What is the purpose of heartbreak?

Last week during my Thursday Q&A on Instagram someone submitted a question “what is the point of heartbreak?” my answer to that received so much feedback that I wanted to turn it into a full episode. In today’s episode I’ll talk about what I think the point of going through a bre ...  Show more

#64 How does astrology affect your healing + relationships?

In today's episode I interviewed self love advocate, energy healer, and astrologist Ramona Sidlo. We talk about what your birth chart is, sun, moon & rising signs, how you can use astrology as a tool to learn more about you, rituals to do around the new moons, what mercury retrog ...  Show more

#63 So Your Ex was Emotionally Unavailable?

In today's episode I'm talking all about coming out of a relationship where your ex was emotionally unavailable. I talk about the different kinds/signs of emotional unavailability, a reminder that it doesn't mean you're not (fill in the blank) enough, I talk about the statement " ...  Show more

#62 The Power of Writing Through Heartbreak

Today on the podcast I interview poet and transformative language artist, Joy Sullivan. If you're a listener of this podcast you know what a big fan and advocate I am for journaling and writing and in this episode Joy tells us exactly why writing is so powerful. We discuss how wr ...  Show more

#61 But What if my Relationship was Great?

In this episode I talk about what if your break up was out of a relationship that was great. You can't think of anything wrong with the relationship or your ex so you can't get angry and it doesn't make sense why you should let go. I go over how you can start moving through the b ...  Show more

#60 How Will Getting Organized Help with Heartbreak?

Today I am interviewing my good friend Amanda Clark who is a professional organizer. We talk about how getting your space organized helps with your emotional and mental chatter, will give you a sense of peace, can boost your confidence, and that it's an act of self love. We also ...  Show more

#59 Break Up Questions I'm Asked Most Often Pt. 1

Is it normal to dream about my ex? How long do I have to practice No Contact for? My ex has some of my stuff, what do I do? Should I reach out to my ex on their birthday? When is it ok to start dating again? How is my ex already dating someone new? And more! In this episode I do ...  Show more

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