The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk

The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk

The Last Dive

In this Dateline classic, a getaway vacation to an island in the Caribbean for a stressed-out couple turns deadly when only one of them comes back alive. Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on July 6, 2012. 

Heroes: The Story of Flight 93

Lester Holt interviews family members, including the now-grown children of some of the passengers and crew of Flight 93, as they honor the lives and courage that inspired the world on 9/11.Remembering the Heroes of Flight 93: ...  Show more


It started out with a couple who seemed made for each other: smart, good looking and in love.  But a secret was uncovered, and passion turned to violence.  Then, an elaborate plot to get revenge so twisted and devious, it nearly succeeded. Lester Holt reports in this Dateline cla ...  Show more

Haunting Images

Using DNA testing and a photographer's diary, a retired detective reopens an unsolved murder case in this Dateline classic reported by Keith Morrison. Originally aired on NBC on March 4, 2011. 

The Secrets of Spirit Lake

A woman who helps solve cases searches for her missing niece and pushes for change as part of the growing movement to save missing and murdered Indigenous women. Andrea Canning reports.Find resources to help stop violence against indigenous women: ...  Show more

The Mystery on Albion Road

In this Dateline classic, investigators try to piece together events that led to a woman being found on the side of a road covered in blood and severely brain damaged. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on March 25, 2011. 

Lost and Found

In this Dateline classic, Keith Morrison reports on Pepper Smith’s search for her family and her true identity after being kidnapped at age 4. Originally aired on NBC on June 3, 2011. 

The Confession

For a grieving mother searching for answers in her daughter’s murder, a taped police interrogation reveals something almost as shocking as the murder itself. Keith Morrison reports. 

The Investigation

Lester Holt reports on how the investigation into the murder of four-year-old Barbara Jean Horn revealed decades of misconduct across Philadelphia’s criminal justice system. 

The Fugitive Millionaire

While living in paradise, a tech giant's neighbor was found dead. Then, suddenly, the entrepreneur extraordinaire was on the run, taunting authorities and tantalizing the press. It was a riveting game of hide-and-seek, but were police chasing the right man? Keith Morrison reports ...  Show more

Deadly Liaisons

In this Dateline classic, Rhoni Reuter, the long time girlfriend of former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle, is murdered in her own home. Who would have killed a woman with no enemies? Rob Stafford reports. Originally aired on NBC on April 15, 2011. 

Killer Role

After filming wraps on an indie horror film, the cast and crew learn their killer star isn’t who she says she is. It’s a plot twist that reveals a real-life killer. Keith Morrison reports. 

As Darkness Fell

Mark and Mary Beth Harshbarger had a passion for hunting. They were both excellent shots and rarely missed, until one tragic outing changed everything. Keith Morrison reports in this Dateline classic. Originally aired on NBC on April 22, 2011. 

Lost in Sin City

Theresa Insana was smart, fashionable and full of faith. But life took a fatal turn when the girl who grew up in Niagara Falls moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career as a casino sales executive. Josh Mankiewicz reports in this Dateline classic. Originally aired on NBC on June 17, ...  Show more

The Cliff’s Edge

In this Dateline classic, a romantic night out goes terribly wrong when Jody Scharf falls from the edge of a cliff. But was it an accident -- or was she pushed? Chris Jansing reports. Originally aired on NBC on August 12, 2011. 

Justice for Bonnie

In this Dateline classic, Keith Morrison reports from Alaska on a mother’s emotional crusade to find her daughter’s killer. Originally aired on NBC on January 13, 2012. 

Twisted Loyalty

Chicago police search for a killer after Robert O’Dubaine, a nightclub owner, is gunned down in his home. As detectives investigate the motive, they discover it was a targeted killing, connected to a twisted sense of loyalty and tradition. Natalie Morales reports. 

Deadly Betrayal

When loving mother Lisa Knoefel is stabbed to death in her home outside Cleveland, her family is shattered. Josh Mankiewicz reports. 

House of Horrors

When Nichole Payne and her son Taylor are found dead in their home, it takes nearly a decade to unravel what happened. For the first time, Nichole’s children Remington and Jackson share what they saw the day their mother and brother were murdered. Andrea Canning reports. 

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