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Best Cities for Artists, Online Resources, and Self-Education

This week, Stan and Marshall are back to answer some of the questions impacting you! The dynamic duo tackles topics ranging from the importance of art communities, and where to find them, building rituals and habits, and finding the right resources for self-taught artists. They a ...  Show more

Study Art Like You’re Playing A Video Game

Our guest this week is animation and gaming industry veteran Flint Dille! He’s been involved in a wide range of projects from the 80s animated Transformers movie to games like Diablo III and Pokemon GO. We sit down with Flint to find out how artists can use methods valued in game ...  Show more

How to Price Artwork

Having difficulties figuring out how much to charge for your art? Do you feel like you’re undervaluing yourself and your work? There’s a lot that goes into pricing and selling fine art. We’ll show you how to break down the process into stages, and share a variety of ways we’ve fo ...  Show more

Horror Art, Shadow Shapes, and Mentor Friendships

It’s that time again! Marshall and Stan are back to answer some of your burning questions about artist and mentor friendships, horror art, getting your foot in the door as an instructor at Universities, balancing your interests and marketability, dealing with regret in an art car ...  Show more

Creativity Insights Artists can Pull from Writers

This week, Marshall talks to Stan about how artists can borrow from a writer’s toolbox of exercises and thought processes and use them in their work. Using Gabriele Rico’s book “Writing the Natural Way” as a starting point, the two talk about techniques that can help boost creati ...  Show more

The Psychology of Performance - Draftsmen S3E15

Marshall interviews the clinical performance psychologist Dr. Eddie O’Connor, whose course “The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life,” was the subject of repeated references throughout season 1 of Draftsmen. They discuss the course, and Dr. Eddie shares valuable ...  Show more

Expressionism - Draftsmen S3E14

Stan and Marshall discuss the importance of understanding expressionism and the purposeful rule breaking that comes with the territory. They both examine the work of notable expressionists like Kandinsky and Mondrian, and share their own personal experiences and opinions on the m ...  Show more

Cartooning - Draftsmen S3E13

Marshall sits with Stan to chat about the wonderful world of cartooning. They spend time defining what a cartoon is, looking at some of the history and cultural differences behind cartoons and reviewing some work from famous cartoon artists. You’ll also hear some of the skills an ...  Show more

Flow States, Thinking in Pictures, and Abstract Figures - S3E12

We return to answering voicemails left by listeners! In this episode Marshall and Stan dive into a range of topics from entering the “Flow State” to thinking in words vs images, the tools for perseverance, when it’s appropriate to remove a piece from your portfolio and more! If y ...  Show more

Live Call-in Show! June 30th 12pm PDT - Draftsmen Hangout

We're going live again and taking more questions from the community! This time we'll be taking live voice calls via Discord. We will start at 12pm PDT June 30th.HOW IT WORKS: Join the Draftsmen LIVE Discord In Discord, post your question in the #questions channel and then hop int ...  Show more

Find Your Strengths - S03E11

Special thanks to BetterHelp and Indeed for sponsoring today’s episode.Get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at https://www.betterhelp.com/draftsmen  Get a $75 credit by visiting our sponsor at https://www.indeed.com/draftsmenIn this episode, Marshall and Stan discu ...  Show more

This Artist Got His Own Animated Film on Netflix! - Draftsmen S3E10

Marshall reconnects with his friend Chris Appelhans to discuss his journey from working as an artist on movies like Monster House and Coraline to writing and directing his first animated and independent feature film, Wish Dragon. Chris tells his story on how he came to the realiz ...  Show more

Sketchbooks - S3E09

An old comment from a previous episode prompts Marshall and Stan to crack open their old sketchbooks. This week the two discuss what sketches are, the value and purpose behind having sketchbooks, and how sketchbooks influence an artist’s growth. There’s also plenty of sketches th ...  Show more

Going Live! May 31st 12pm PDT - Draftsmen Hang Out and Q&A

Submit Your Questions at https://proko.com/512! Marshall and I will be going live! Drop in and ask us questions while we hang out and celebrate the launch of Proko 2.0! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices 

Concept Art - Draftsmen S3E08

Start living a happier life today. As a listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at BetterHelp.com/draftsmen Get started right now with a FREE $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Indeed.com/DRAFTSMENTo get your new wireless plan for j ...  Show more

Developing an Illustration - Draftsmen S3E07

In today’s episode, Marshall and Stan discuss the process of developing longform artwork, from thumbnail to final. They both share their personal process for creating a complex work, the different methods other famous artists use, the stages of the development process, and the im ...  Show more

The Key to Great Creature Designs ft. Terryl Whitlatch - Draftsmen S3E06

Creature design artist Terryl Whitlatch is behind some of entertainment’s iconic characters like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. She joins Marshall to talk about her career path, going from amateur to professional, her artistic influences and her time working for Lucasfilm on Star ...  Show more

Can this Book Make You Famous? - Draftsmen S3E05

Stan makes a special announcement and Marshall gives an in-depth review for a book called Hit Makers. It focuses on the science behind popularity and it provides artists with some info on some of the key ingredients you’ll need to make something a “hit”. You’ll also learn how to ...  Show more