Episode 32: The Spiritual Lullaby

Episode 32: The Spiritual Lullaby

Episode 33: Why Do People Attend Church Less... I Have a Theory

As you listen to this podcast, I know there are MANY reasons why people are unable to attend a church service.  So please keep in that in mind before you send any hate mail :) This is a topic that is close to my heart and I share my thoughts with genuine care and concern.  As I s ...  Show more

Episode 31: Sarah Is Back!!!

Q & A with Sarah.  We will get more serious next time :)  Having said that, there is more "serious" stuff at the end... 

Episode 30: Dealing with the Unexpected - Part 2

This week we will look at how we as parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. can work with our children on dealing with the unexpected. 

Episode 29: Dealing with the Unexpected - Part 1
Episode 28: Talk to Our Children NOW!!!

Whether our children are toddlers, teens, or even adults, there are some significant things that we need to remember when having conversations with our kids (and grandkids). 

Episode 27: The Aftermath of our Family's Shooting

Perspective as a father and husband 

What Opportunities Have We Missed During Covid-19?

So many of us including Sarah and I have been asking ourselves, "What am I learning or have learned during this pandemic?" We are taking a little different approach with this episode. The question we are presenting is "What opportunities have we missed during Covid-19? 

Our Weight Loss Adventure

Sarah and I have been on a weight lost "adventure" for the last few months, and people have been asking what we have been doing. So we thought we would share what our routine has looked like in this long process of getting healthy. 

Fear of the Unknown
Click and Stringer Together Again

Pastor RT Stringer gives some great practical advice and things he has learned over the last couple months of this pandemic. 

Fathers... To Be a Leader Is To...
An Honest Interview with Pastor’s (Click) Kids
Why Are Many Dads No Longer Leaders
When the Extracurricular Is Too Much Extra
Media Freedom
How's a Christian to Respond to the Latest Mass Shootings
Families Crazy Like Jesus
Things to Remember When God Speaks and You Listen
Where Has the Passion Gone?