The final episode of Season 1

The final episode of Season 1

Fi interviews 'The Silver Fox'

Did you really think we would give you a Wednesday without Love Bites? When in life do you get to sit down and question a guy that you’ve been on a date with about why it didn’t work out. Well here we are! I (fi) sat down with a man that I went on a date with Season 1 Episode 5. ...  Show more

How to have better anal

We recorded this on the last day of Anal August so that counts right? Our second to last episode of Season 1 and we couldn’t be more excited to discuss a topic that has come up time and time again!A listener dilemma about analOur followers stats on analWould you peg your partner? ...  Show more

Is he emotionally cheating?

On this week’s episode like every week, we don’t stick to the script. A message to Fi triggered a chat about cheating not just physically but emotionally as well. Women who are seen as the “other woman” are often villainised but more often than not they have been at the mercy of ...  Show more

What to ask your partner in bed

Once again we display our lack of keeping our shit together with another teary episode, can we say HORMONES? Some exes will never leave our minds, and that’s ok, we’re still learning how to overcome strong emotions. Do we have the answers? No way! We don’t have a clue, but what w ...  Show more

How to have a multiple orgasm

Our discussion this week involves all sorts, including Laura’s boyfriend almost overhearing our conversation about:How long do you hold gas in for at the start?Laying your cards out on the table face to faceWhy women should just say out loud that they want a boyfriend and it does ...  Show more

Are you struggling with single life too?

This week once again we get a bit emotional as single life can be hard! We cover: Date updatesA listener dating dilemmaCan you ever seem too keen?The boy will run the man will staySingle life can take its toll, so can your period Show Notes: ...  Show more

He doesn't want to do oral?

In this week’s episode, we forget all about the script and the notes we wrote for this episode because we sometimes just need a general catch-up on life and that is what we did. We talk:Dating etiquette, what not to doNon-sexual acts that turn us onHow Laura is doing post our lib ...  Show more

How to improve your sex drive

On this week’s episode we have put our detective hats on and researched; <P>The best way to get your libido backHealth benefits of sexWhat the experts are saying about sex driveCan we get Laura back in the sack using these tips? Show Notes:Michael Sole The Den –  https://www.insta ...  Show more

How to spot a red flag

On this week’s episode, we have a bit of an emotional journey with talking about things that are close to our hearts. Sometimes we can get a bit emotional, but will always end our chats by talking about some kind of minge:Anal BleachApp reviews, what are the newest dating apps on ...  Show more

Kink shaming and unpacking Love Island

On this week’s episode, Fi is at her parent’s house so is being weirdly polite! We discuss all things:Kink shamingLove Island, a summaryWhy do girls want men to be mean to them?What does “my type” really mean?Will Fi use her new love lessons and go on a new date? 

The morning after

Since yesterday’s episode was pretty incoherent, we’ve decided to drop an extra episode for you! We have a lovely chat about all things that girls talk about over a cup of tea, please note TEA not WINE:Who’s your celebrity crushDo you watch pornA letter from Fi’s ex…yes that’s RI ...  Show more

Are you compatible?

This week, Fi is on holiday and has had 1 million cocktails, so we Apologise in advance! We talk through:  Saying someone is your boyfriend but they don’t know who you are but all your friends know who you are talking about when you say, my boyfriend How comparable are you with y ...  Show more

How to give good head

On this week’s episode we chat all things:ORAL SEXTop tips for good headHave you ever had a dry tamponWhat dating apps are really like in Dubai Show notesWoo More Play Lube - of a blow job - https://love-bites-with-laura.capt ...  Show more

How to date in your 30's

On this week’s episode, we talk all things dating in your 30s!Are you compatible or is it just chemistry?How to approach dating apps in your 30sCreating an honest dating profileLaura’s sexual experience with Star Wars Show notes:Unhinged and Bumbled up podcast -  https://shows.aca ...  Show more

How to cope with being ghosted

For our 10th episode, we discuss a popular pastime of men and women of the modern world, ghosting!A new take on casual sexA listener dilemma about being ghostedWhat dating in Dubai is really like?Have you ever done the ghosting? Show notes: ...  Show more

How to make your vagina taste nice

On this week’s episode, we talk all things vagina! Have you ever been conscious about the smell or taste of your vagina? Well, we have put our detective hats on and this week we investigate and debunk urban legends about things that make your vagina taste nice. We also go into a ...  Show more

How to flick the bean

It’s Masturbation May! We discuss:How to flick the beanHow to get a date in real lifeTinder biosDo you shave your toes? Show notes: ...  Show more

How to cope with a sexless relationship

We’ve had a very wholesome week where we cover issues that all women and men face in relationships, if you are feeling down or need advice please do send us an email on we love to hear from you:Are you in a sexless relationship?Weight gain and datingWhat ...  Show more

How to get better in bed

Trigger warning, this is an X rated episode, please put the kids to bed before you tune into:Sex positions men love but women do notHacking the Hinge algorithmAn erotic story from a male listenerFor any dating fails you have or if you need love advice, email us on info@lovebitesp ...  Show more