Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Downward Spiral

Chris Cuomo is a groping groper who gropes; Jeannie Mai’s ex husband is salty; The Fugees are back; Method Man is The Prototype; the woman Nicki Minaj and her Husband have been harassing speaks out.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetri ...  Show more

F*** Around & Find Out

LeVar Burton (finally) flips; Overall, the Emmys were awful (and white); Jeannie and Jeezy are preggers; Lori Harvey speaks in full sentences;  Tarana Burke is “Unbound”; Joyner of House Lucas (no relation) is patient and petty;  Confessions of criminality on Clubhouse; STFU is f ...  Show more


Lil Nas X just wants to be loved, Cookie and Magic blow a bag on their 30th anniversary; The Time 100 List is here; The Emmys are coming; Gabrielle Union'S uncomfortable new memoir; Nelly goes full Oleta [Adams] at Verzuz; Nicki Minaj uses big balls to distract people from talkin ...  Show more

A to Z

The Met Gala happened; So did the MTV Awards; America has been a fake Gucci belt, according to a 9/11 doc on GW Bush; and Afghanistan was destined to be a mess; Also, do you know what a Chai Boy is? Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetr ...  Show more

65 More Summers

Demi is Demi-ing; Damson Idris is in his draws, Chloe Bailey goes solo; Queen Sugar returns; #uncancelchrisette + more.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetriallucas. Twitter: demetriallucas. FB: demetriallucas. YouTube: demetriallucas. ...  Show more

Holy Trollers

Demi is still in braces; New York is in crisis (again); Mama Tina clapsback; Only Fans is uncancelled; the Taliban takes Texas; Kanye- Tonex/BSlade- Bri Babineaux explained; Lil Nas X trolls again.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetria ...  Show more


Demi is a nervous wreck; Candyman wins at the Box Office; the rollout for “Donda” is a disaster— or is it?; Spike Lee has a new doc; the Jeopardy saga just will not end.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetriallucas. Twitter: demetriallu ...  Show more

Chubby Cheeks

Demi waits for network feedback on her first TV treatment; Reviews of “Beckett” and “Really Love” on Netflix; Dame Dash’s interview about the day Aaliyah died, Sha’Carri Richardson is damaging her good will; Sonya and Dell Curry are trying to divorce. Check out my website: http:/ ...  Show more


Demi is “home” in LA; Lizzo + Cardi live in the Top Ten; Jay + Bey break the Internet with a Tiffany campaign; Winona de Jong is knocked off by Balmain; Cuomo bids NY arrivedercri; Lil Boosie boosies... again *sigh*; adults are walking on crates. Check out my website: http://www. ...  Show more

Matching Thighs

Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” is (finally) available; Kanye is having the most lucrative promo tour ever; Only Fans is no longer selling sex (starting soon); The Great Plate Debate is back (again); Marlon Wayans is (was?) a proud Mama’s Boy; Jeopardy is (still) in shambles *sigh*; ...  Show more


Demi visits Chicago; an earthquake devastates Haiti— again; America treats Afghanistan like Saigon; Little Brother ((aka Chris Cuomo) is back from vacay; Britney is about to be free-er; Lizzo and Cardi’s “Rumors” are tepid tea; a lot of people aren’t bathing regularly Find out ho ...  Show more


Demi does nothing (but work); “Respect” may have a timing issue; details on Forever 44's birthday bash in The Vineyard; The September Issues are arriving!; 'High on the Hog' Gets a Second Season; 'Malice in the Palace' is a must -watch doc; Cuomo (finally) resigns. Check out my w ...  Show more


Demi drinks red wine in LA; LeVar Burton is denied his rightful spot on Jeopardy; the math ain't mathing on a high-profile Manhattan divorce; Twitter uncovers receipts on Alfonso Ribeiro; Nick Cannon Nick Cannons, again; Governor Cuomo refuses to resign. Check out my website: htt ...  Show more

Fanciful Negro

Demi heads to Vegas to see a Ursher; Rihanna is a billionaire baddie; the person currently known as Love, covers Vanity Fair; Nas’ new album might be fair; Kanye thinks it’s Easter; Alfonso Ribero thinks Black people don’t like him; Andre Cuomo is a piggy.Check out my website: ht ...  Show more

Trick Questions

Demi’s Odyssey continues. (Yes, still.) The publicist for DaBaby apologizes after her client is dropped from festival lineups; Simone Biles returns to The Olympics;? Lizzo has a new album; the trailer for House of Gucci; Demi interviews her dad for his 80th birthday.Check out my ...  Show more

Veruca Salt

“Belle” is back in Brooklyn; “Donda” still isn’t out; You too can dine with Bevy Smith;  Copper-diggers are on the loose; Michael Che loses him damn mind; Whitey [was] on the moon.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetriallucas. Twitter:  ...  Show more

No More F***s to Give

Demi’s DMV Odyssey; a ton of good Black news, including Simone Biles leaving the Olympics; Da Baby is an idiot and so is TI.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetriallucas. Twitter: demetriallucas. FB: demetriallucas. YouTube: demetriallu ...  Show more

The Odyssey Pt.3

Demi sees some Atlanta, answers more travel questions (solo travel? Budgeting?) and talks about knowing your worth , being an all-purpose friend and where TF to eat with celebrity chef Jourdan ChaTaun (@thejourdanchataun).Check out my website: ...  Show more

The Odyssey Pt. 2

Demi and Davida Selby, founder of Katelynn & Adwoa Skincare and KLA Goes to Ghana, share their travel tips for the ultimate vacation.Check out my website: me:  IG:  demetriallucas. Twitter: demetriallucas. FB: demetriallucas. YouTube: de ...  Show more