John Davis Hit Bottom And Made The Turn: Surfing Addiction Recovery And Three Years Spent In A Mexican Prison

John Davis Hit Bottom And Made The Turn: Surf...

Filmmaker Trudi Angell On La Recua Her Intimate Documentary About One Old Rancher's Dream To Run A Traditional Mule Train

In our second conversation with Trudi Angell, we discuss La Recua, her tribute to a fading history and documentary film about the old-time mule-packers in Baja California Sur. The film follows Darío Higuera Meza, a traditional saddle-maker in Baja California Sur, Mexico, as he li ...  Show more

Travel Talk With Slow Baja Meet Yolanda Contreras GM Of The Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beach Club And Spa Todos Santos B.C.S.

In today's Travel Talk with Slow Baja, we sit down for a quick chat with Yolonda Contreras, General Manager of the Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beach Club and Spa in the heart of Todos Santos, Baja, California Sur. We stayed at the beautiful Guaycura on the 2019 BajaXL Rally and enjoy ...  Show more

Photographer Boyd Jaynes On Baja NORRA And Why Satan Drives A Bronco

Boyd Jaynes is a Southern California-based photographer and the creative director of Dusty Times Magazine. His professional bio reads, "When not shooting, he enjoys traveling to far-flung beaches with his wife or racing his vintage Bronco in Mexico." In today's podcast, we will g ...  Show more

Mike Younghusband On His Epic 1147-Mile Baja Trek

"Life's an adventure; go out and enjoy it."-Mike Younghusband After reading Graham Mackintosh's Into a Desert Place, Mike Younghusband decided to get a burro and walk the length of Baja himself. "I've done my duty to my family, god, and my country. It was time for some 'me'-time ...  Show more

Talking Trash And Conservation With Zach Plopper Of WILDCOAST.ORG

In our second conversation with Zach Plopper, Associate Director of, we learn about the exciting new trash collection project on the Tijuana River. With funding by the Benioff Ocean Initiative, WILDCOAST has installed a 100-foot-long trash-skimming boom, which has s ...  Show more

Travel Talk With Slow Baja Meet Matt Frick Of Camp4Lo Baja Off Road Tours

Matt Frick is an old Baja hand who runs the off-road tour company, Camp4Lo. We ran into each other recently at a stop sign in San Felipe. After exchanging greetings, we decided to get tacos on the Malecon.  As we were chatting and eating, the conversation drifted to how we got st ...  Show more

Baja Adventures Tijuana Taco Meetup With Javier Alejandro Inzunza And Polo Sanmiguel

Javier Alejandro Inzunza and Leopoldo (Polo) Sanmiguel are passionate about sharing the stark beauty of Baja with the world. The Tijuana-based duo created the beautiful travel site Baja Adventures, "To inspire people to live in a more sustainable way by adventuring into The Baja ...  Show more

Jonas Deichmann World-Class Endurance Athlete On His Run From Tijuana To La Paz During His Round-The-World Triathlon

Jonas Deichmann is a world-class endurance athlete. He is currently running a Munich to Munich Triathlon that is 120 times the distance of an Ironman Triathlon.  We caught up with him as he had just finished the Baja portion of his adventure. He had run from Tijuana to La Paz, av ...  Show more

Eve Ewing Shares Tales From Her 70 Years Of Baja Exploration.

In our second conversation with Eve Ewing, she shares more stories from her 70 years of Baja adventures. From her 1950's flights to count whales with her father, legendary Oceanographer Gifford Ewing, to riding mules in the '60s on the grueling Meling-Alford Expedition Eve has be ...  Show more

Author Graham Mackintosh On His Famed Book Into A Desert Place

"The key to victory is throwing yourself at it and see what happens." Napoleon Graham Mackintosh won the UK Adventurous Traveller of the Year Award in 1987 for his walk around the Baja peninsula from 1983-1985. He captured the experience of his extraordinary voyage in his 1988 bo ...  Show more

Idiot Racing Take On The SCORE Baja 500 In A Home Built Class 11 VW Beetle And Live To Tell The (Amazing) Tale

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." — Doug Larson In today's podcast, we meet Mike Steel from Idiot Racing. His dream was to race the Baja 1000 in a Class 11 VW Bug built with his own hands. He documented ...  Show more

Travel Talk With Slow Baja Meet The Benchmark Maps Team That Created The New Baja California Road And Recreation Atlas

Today's Travel Talk with Slow Baja, we chat with the team behind the new Benchmark Maps Baja California Road and Recreation Atlas. Cartographer Neil Allen, Bridger De Ville, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Baja expert and project consultant David Kier are my guests. "The Baj ...  Show more

Talk Baja Founder Ron Gomez Hoff Shares His Love For San Quintin

Ron Gomez Hoff is the founder of the website and Facebook page Talk Baja. A Southern California native, Hoff fell in love with Baja as a teenager on a scouting trip in 1968. After high school, a stint in the Navy had him operating nuclear powerplants on submarines. When he left t ...  Show more

Everything You Want To Know About Slow Baja And Host Michael Emery

Hey amigos, it's hard to believe that is's been a year since Slow Baja got picked up on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcast. I wanted to take a moment to say a hearty THANKS for listening. Since I launched the show, many have asked me about my Baja journey and what Slow Baj ...  Show more

RVing Baja Exceeds All Expectations With Nicole Demme Kapturowski

Nicole Demme Kapturowski is an avid RV enthusiast who recently spent a month exploring Baja with her parents, husband, and two teenaged children. The family caravan consisted of a dual-cab pickup pulling a 33' travel trailer followed by her parents in a Class-A motorhome. Nicole ...  Show more

San Juanico Surf Society Jeffrey Westman On Building Community And A Danish-Inspired Dream Retreat

Jeffrey Westman arrived in San Juanico as a 19-year-old on a surf trip and fell in love with it. The teen dreamed of finding a surf shack and staying forever. Not surprisingly, college and a career won out, but the dream stayed with him. Thirty years later, he has built the San J ...  Show more

A Conversation With Author And Cancer Survivor Edie Littlefield Sundby The Mission Walker A 1600 Mile Journey On The El Camino Real

Edie Littlefield Sundby has been a great friend to Slow Baja. Since I originally aired my conversation with her in July of last year, she has introduced me to many of her Baja community. A few have been interviewed on Slow Baja already, and I hope to record with the rest as time ...  Show more

Travel Talk With Slow Baja We Meet The Famous Edson

Twenty-three-year-old Edson Romero may be the most famous resident of beautiful San Ignacio. His parents, Jackie and Gery, own Edson Ice Cream Shop, a must-stop when traveling through the oasis town. As a youngster, Edson was teaching himself English using google translate. When ...  Show more

Team Five Dolla High Five Take On The 2021 BajaXL Rally

Three amigos take on the 3000-mile BajaXL Rally in a thirty-year-old Land Cruiser. Hear the unvarnished (and slightly exhausted) take on ten days of brutal Baja backroads, police actions, government sanctions, and a heaping dose of drama. Warning Adult Language! In a first for th ...  Show more

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