Season 3 Episode 5: "SEGA up for the layup!..OH Blocked by James!"

Season 3 Episode 5: "SEGA up for the layup!.....

Season 3 Episode 6: Create Your Own Anime Podcast!

Nintendo refuses to release any news so we went in a different direction. Tune in to hear the boys discuss Sony's State of Play, answer some listener questions, and create the two greatest animes of all time! *Timestamps* 0:00 - Introduction 6:55 - GACHA 27:00 - Sony State of Pla ...  Show more

Season 3 Episode 4: Metroid Prime 5 and Celebrating Nintendo Direct Month

Hello gamers, I forgot to write down the timestamps! With that said, we discussed a totally legit article from GameRant that confirms Metroid Prime 5 is in development. Then, we hit you with Gacha updates, the likelihood of a Direct this month, and close with Volume 3 of GF in th ...  Show more

Season 3 Episode 3: The Pokemon X Spiderman Crossover Episode!

What’s up gamers and gametes? Kolby makes his triumphant return to the show to give his thoughts on the Pokemon Presents. Then, they dive into some non-gaming talk with the Spiderman: No Way Home trailer, and close with bringing Tylers girlfriend back on to update us on her Legen ...  Show more

Season 3 Episode 2: Pokémon Presents Time! Has the Hype Been Preserved?

A new Pokémon Presents covering Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus has finally arrived gamers! Join Tyler as he recruits Mason from the Random Gamer's Corner Podcast to help him break down and discuss every last bit of content the presentation was able t ...  Show more

Season 3 Episode 1: Two Special Guests Approaching!

With Kolby unable to make it to record the first episode of Season 3, Tyler calls on his brother and his childhood friend to fill the void as special guests in this Switch it Up Season Premiere! Nintendo news, a gamer's origin story, and much more await you in this milestone epis ...  Show more

Switch it Up Episode Intermission: P2W Pokemon and We Might Need a Third Mic

We tried not having any real structure for this episode. Here’s how it went! *Timestamps* 0:00 - Introduction 2:52 - GACHA 17:00 - Pokemon Unite and Live Action 39:26 - The Olympics and Video Game Music 41:58 - MHS2 48:35 - FE3H Anniversary 57:28 - APEX 1:03:03 - Faith in the Wil ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 50 AKA Episode 100

Season 2 finale and Episode 100. Need we say more?  Thank you guys so much for your continued support and for listening to the show. Almost two full years down and already two fifty episode seasons down. It’s gone by in a flash and we can’t express how thankful we are.  Apologies ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 49: "I'd Like The Nintendo Switch OLED Please!" + 10-6 Favorite Games

An OLED? What on earth is an OLED?? *Timestamps* 0:00 - Advertisement/Introduction 7:48 - OLED Switch Model Revealed 20:40 - Favorite Games of All Time 10-6 *10 - 21:25 *9 - 37:55 *8 - 58:35 *7 - 1:18:44 *6 - 1:45:40 Songs Used: Final Destination (Super Smash Brothers Ultimate) P ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 48: Kicking Off Our Favorite Games of All Time List!

Welcome to the countdown of not only our Top 15 Games of All Time, but the celebration of 100 episodes! These lists have been edited, thought over, and switched up many many times, and we’re excited to bring it to you! We hope you all enjoy and celebrate with us! None of this is ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 47: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series!

The Kazuya presentation not only brought us a cool new character, but it became the burial ground of four potential DLC fighters. Rest in peace to them and good luck to those going for the last last slot! Tyler and I played some games this weekend and we had words to say about th ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 46: Biker Girl Zelda Exists and It Is Awesome

Age of Calamity is better than I remembered. We talked this game to death on its release and talked for 30 more minutes about it. Sorry in advance. We do have other stuff though, likeeeeeeee other Nintendo IPs talk and advancing Sonic…like they haven’t done that already….twice ;) ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 45: Back to Back E3 Champions: Nintendo

Nintendo absolutely crushed E3. 2021 is now LOADED. Link has a mechanical hand. Life is good gamers. *Timestamps* 0:00 - Advertisement/Introduction 3:28 - Smash Brothers Reveal 8:15 - 3rd Party Announcement 10:07 - Mario Party Superstars 12:24 - Metroid Dread 17:40 - Dragonball Z ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 44: Two Years In The Making

The boys manifest Breath of the Wild 2 into existence mere moments before Nintendo presents at E3. Everything you can think of is in this jam packed episode that’s been in the making before the show started 2 years ago. Please don’t laugh at us if this ages poorly! UPDATE: Aged w ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 43: Twas The Week of E3

Twas the week of E3, when all thro' the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a gimmick account, The Switch was up by the TV with care,  in hopes Eiji Aonuma would soon be there, The gamers were gaming all upright in their beds, While visions of Crash in smash danc'd in th ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 42: Is SEGA Back? + Sakurai Should Retire NOW

UPDATE: It's 5:25 am and I went through the episode and found the timestamps! I forgot half the things we said this episode and it was recorded 7 hours ago! In all seriousness though, I'm taking this time to say thank you for all your support. We never addressed it, but we crosse ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 41: We're Live!

Tyler and I recorded for the first time in person and we did it without distracting one another....Big W. Oh yeah we talked about some gachas, amiibo paywall, Mario Warriors game (lmao), Age of Calamity DLC, and we pitched Video Game movie ideas. We'd be great directors is what I ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 40: The Fire Emblem Episode

Our actual episode this week is somewhere in the Skype database but we only have 18 seconds of it. So, enjoy this backup episode with ARandomGamersCorner on all things Fire Emblem!  *Timestamps*  0:00 - Introduction  1:58:08 - Genealogy of the Holy War remake rumors  Songs Used: ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 39: Hypothetical Battles W/Smash Bros Context!

I presented Tyler eight evenly matched fighters and we discussed who would win in the lore of the Super Smash Brothers world. It was fun, and funny discussing what exactly has occurred in Smash Brothers lore. Before that, we talked New Pokemon Snap not hitting one million sold (y ...  Show more

Season 2 Episode 38: Imagining Nintendo's Mute Protagonists on the Big Screen

Apologies in advance, but allergies had Tyler and I in a chokehold. Him the sniffles and I the drowsy medicine, but we powered through. New Pokemon Snap has a mixed reception and maybe that's because new players don't really know what Pokemon Snap is. Nintendo said they'll pursue ...  Show more

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