The Holiness & Transcendence of God

The Holiness & Transcendence of God

The Gospel According to Satan

In his letter to the Galatians, Paul warns believers about the dangers of turning away to alternative gospels, even if they’re found on the lips of an apostle or an angel from heaven. But what if Satan himself actually authored his own gospel? What might it look like and what mig ...  Show more

The Sovereignty of God

WHI Classic • One of the early slogans that appeared on signs and banners during the founding of our country was the phrase: “We serve no sovereigns here.” Getting rid of tyrannical kings was a good thing, politically speaking, but what happens when this idea morphs into the reje ...  Show more

Getting Over Yourself

In his book, Marketing the Church, written back in the late eighties, George Barna argued that “the number one principle of Christian communication is that the audience, not the message, is sovereign.” So what has been the result of this philosophy as it has been implemented over ...  Show more

Prosperity Gospel 2.0

In the past, prosperity gospel evangelists were known for their slick suits, gaudy television sets, and prayer cloths. But according to Dean Inserra, this kind of instant health and wealth teaching is now a fringe movement that is more broadly mocked than followed. In its place, ...  Show more

The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

WHI Classic • Why do Christians believe in the Trinity? Is this idea really taught in scripture, or is it a man-made idea that arose at a much later time? Does it even make sense? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts will explore the mysterious nature of God’s self-revel ...  Show more

Keeping the Faith in College

Are today’s colleges and universities hostile environments for Christian students? Do our institutions of higher learning value the open pursuit of truth, or does indoctrination rule the day? What can churches and Christian parents do to better prepare students for the challenges ...  Show more

Discipleship & Discipline

WHI Classic • While many churches in our day emphasize convenience and comfortability, one of the key ingredients to a life of lasting discipleship is actually discipline. In other words, like marriage or excelling in a particular career path, being a Christian is not always fun, ...  Show more

Coming to Grips with the God of the Old Testament 2

Martin Luther once noted that in numerous passages throughout the Old Testament, it’s appropriate to “interpret the name Yahweh to refer to our Lord Jesus Christ.” So how can this insight change the way we read and interpret a book like Genesis? On this episode, Shane Rosenthal c ...  Show more

From Doxology to Discipleship

WHI Classic: How does a life of discipleship flow out of doxology and worship? First, we need to remind ourselves once again that worship is the natural response to encountering the God of Scripture. Once we have been captivated by his mercy and kindness to us in Christ, we not o ...  Show more

Coming to Grips with the God of the Old Testament 1

What are we to make of the God who is presented in Genesis and other Old Testament texts? According to popular atheists such as Richard Dawkins, this God is a judgmental, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, ethnic cleanser. So, is this an accurate representation of the God of Israe ...  Show more

A Life of Doxology & Praise

WHI Classic • As contemporary Christians have become increasingly detached from both the drama of Scripture and its doctrinal significance, our praise has shifted from a focus on God and his glory to our individual worship experiences. We are not only called to gather once a week ...  Show more

The Search for the Historical Joseph

On last week’s episode, John Lennox argued that the story of Joseph is one of the most moving accounts in all the world’s literature. But is this famous narrative just a beautiful rags to riches tale, or is there any evidence that Joseph was a real historical figure who became pr ...  Show more

From Doctrine to Doxology

WHI Classic • How should we respond to the announcement of God’s redemptive mission to seek and save the lost, or to the doctrinal implications of Christ’s atoning death and his resurrection from the dead? On this program, the hosts will move from the drama and the doctrine to a ...  Show more

John Lennox on the Story of Joseph

According to Oxford mathematician John Lennox, the account of Joseph’s rise to power in the latter part of Genesis, which leads to the climactic moment in which he reveals himself to his brothers and publicly forgives them, “is one of the most moving scenes in all the world’s lit ...  Show more

How Our Beliefs Shape Us

WHI Classic • According to the doctrines of nihilism, nothing at all is sacred. In fact, nothing really matters except that which gives momentary pleasure or excitement. Christianity, on the other hand, starts with a completely different premise. This world is God’s world, and ev ...  Show more

The Gospel of God’s Weakness

As mentioned on last week’s program, most commentators tend to argue that Genesis 32 is about Jacob’s refusing to let go of God until he received his desired blessing, which of course is something that all believers should strive to do as well. Or is it? On this episode, the host ...  Show more

From Drama to Doctrine

WHI Classic • Many Christians today have uncritically accepted the idea that “doctrine is irrelevant,” without even realizing that this very idea is itself a doctrine. In fact, the very moment one turns away from any particular belief or opinion, other beliefs rush in to fill the ...  Show more

Wrestling with God

As Jacob returns to the promised land in Genesis 32, he’s attacked in the middle of the night. As the two men struggle until the break of day, it slowly begins to dawn on Jacob that there’s something special about his wrestling partner. In fact, by the end of the encounter, it’s ...  Show more

The Greatest Story Ever Told

WHI Classic • The Bible did not fall down from heaven as a sourcebook for spirituality, personal life lessons, or even as a collection of doctrines. Rather, it should primarily be understood as a report of an unfolding drama that took place in real space and time history that cul ...  Show more