S2E11 Rising Star

S2E11 Rising Star

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 11

A man who defended Doug Lovell in court has a few things to say about what went down. Hosts Ann Dent and Sheryl Worsley spoke with defense attorney Mike Bouwhuis. Cold Host Dave Cawley joins the show for big moments. Talking Cold is honest and frank conversations about the issues ...  Show more

S2E12 Dancing with the Devil

The disappearance of Joyce Yost has had a multi-generational impact, leaving her children and grandchildren trapped in a repeating nightmare of court hearings and appeals. Following Doug Lovell's 2015 conviction for Joyce's murder, the jury faces the question of whether or not to ...  Show more

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 12

Life on death row is something we don't hear much about. Our guest is former Utah State prison warden Ken Shulsen. He worked almost every job at the prison including overseeing several high-profile executions. He was once taken hostage in a prison riot. Amy and Sheryl also talk b ...  Show more