#125 Overcoming English Shyness

#125 Overcoming English Shyness

#127 Chatting with Pronunciation with Emma

Emma (Pronunciation with Emma) and I have a casual chat about a variety of topics, including video games, learning Japanese, procrastination and pronunciation.Watch the episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PlmVCIItZ1s Show notes page - https://levelupenglish.school/podcast127Join ...  Show more

#126 Why Can't I Pronounce 'TH'?

I had a message about ordinal numbers and, specifically, the pronunciation of the TH sound in them like in "fourth". It's a great question! In this episode, I go over what ordinal numbers are and give my thoughts on pronouncing them.Be sure to check out next week's epis ...  Show more

#124 How to Boost Confidence When Speaking

Today I'm responding to a question on improving confidence when speaking. I hope you find it useful. I've had a lot of kind audio messages recently and I really appreciate it. You’re always welcome to leave one at levelupenglish.school/podcast and there’s a good chance ...  Show more

#123 How to Make Good Memories

Today I'm going to be talking about happiness vs memories and why you may not be able to have both at the same time. This is taken from an article I found online and found really interesting. Today I'm going to be paraphrasing this article, sharing my thoughts on it, an ...  Show more

#122 Learn While Watching TV with Elfin from All About Italian

Elfin is an Italian coach and passionate Italophile who helps students learn and gain access to the culture through language. She specialises in learning through TV shows and has a lot of good advice in this area. She also hosts language immersion retreats and hosts her own podca ...  Show more

#121 Responding to Your Excuses

I reached out to my Instagram followers and asked the question: What are your obstacles to learning English?In today's episode, I respond to the main excuses that I saw. Just to clarify, I'm also guilty of having all of these excuses too. Everyone's situation is di ...  Show more

#120 I Have So Many Regrets! (How to Express Remorse)

Today I'd like to talk about regret and how we can express regrets in English using some different phrases. I'll be using my own experiences to demonstrate the examples and then talking about the concept of regret in a deeper way towards the end. I hope you won't r ...  Show more

#119 Learning How to be Happy

Today I'm going to go over some advice on how to bring more happiness into your life. I will also sandwich in some good synonyms so you can avoid using the word 'happy' and say more advanced words instead.Show notes page - https://levelupenglish.school/podcast119Jo ...  Show more

#118 Learning English with Movies with Cara Leopold

Cara Leopold helps adventurous expats and intrepid travelers understand fast-talking native English speakers, themselves, and the world around them by watching and discussing movies.In this episode, I asked Cara all about her experience with learning and teaching languages using ...  Show more

#117 Making Future Predictions in English

As a child who grew up with sci-fi movies and games, I always dreamt about how cool it would be to live in the future, and now I realise we actually do!Today I’m going to talk about some of my predictions for the future and also use some words to describe the chance of that happe ...  Show more

#116 Studying English with a Group

There are many benefits to learning English in a group, whether that's with a language partner or a whole group in a group class. Not sure whether it's suitable for you? Well, I'd like to talk about some of the benefits today and who these kinds of lessons might be ...  Show more

#115 Food, Cooking and Recipes

A special food episode! I share some of the popular dishes in the UK, as well as my favourites recipes and foods to have. We'll also learn some good vocabulary related to cooking today.Show notes page - https://levelupenglish.school/podcast115Join Level Up English - https:// ...  Show more

#114 Luke's English Podcast

Luke Thompson is the host of the popular "Luke's English Podcast". He has a decade of experience podcasting and far more as a teacher.In this episode, we cover shyness, English immersion, how to have good listening practice, using comedy in English, and Luke also shared a co ...  Show more

#113 Quotes, Proverbs and Inspiration

I share some common English proverbs, some of my favourite quotes, and then end with an exercise to improve your life and achieve your dreams and goals.Show notes page - https://levelupenglish.school/podcast113Join Level Up English - https://levelupenglish.schoolTranscript - http ...  Show more

#112 Veganism & Vegetarianism

I discuss veganism and similar diets to learn more about this topic, get some listening practice, and learn some good vocabulary and expressions related to this. English with Michael YouTube channelLevel Up English YouTube channelJoin my Email ListShow notes page - https://levelu ...  Show more

#111 Pronouncing ER in British English

Answering a listener email, I give some tips on pronouncing the ER at the end of words in British English.Links from Today's EpisodePatreon Page - https://www.patreon.com/englishwithmichaelYouTube video on Schwa - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOrC4rYBZhg BBC Learn English ...  Show more

#110 All About Ireland with Ronan (English On The Road)

Ronan from English on the Road joins me today to talk about his home country of Ireland. Ronan is an English coach from Ireland and now living in Canada. He has a wealth of knowledge of Irish culture and history and I really enjoyed talking to him today. I still have a lot to lea ...  Show more

#109 Moving from Intermediate to Advanced

A listener asked how to get out of this 'stuck' feeling and move to an advanced level. I share my thoughts.Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/englishwithmichael  Show notes page - https://levelupenglish.school/podcast109Join Level Up English - https://levelupenglish.schoo ...  Show more

#108 Having Good Time Management

A listener wrote to me by email asking about how to have good time management to allow for more efficient studying.Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/englishwithmichaelShow notes page - https://levelupenglish.school/podcast108Join Level Up English - https://levelupenglish.schoolTr ...  Show more