Building to Transform Society with R/GA's Ashish Prashar

Building to Transform Society with R/GA's Ash...

Becoming Technology Forward and Data Reliant with Roku’s Sweta Patel

Sweta Patel is the Vice President of Engagement Growth Marketing at Roku where she's responsible for increasing user engagement on the Roku Channel. Since joining the company in 2020 Sweta has created campaigns and workflows that drive user loyalty and increase customer lifetime ...  Show more

A Masterclass in Agile Master Brand with Lippincott's Nital Patel

Nital Patel is the Senior Partner of Lippincott, where he works at the intersection of business strategy and customer insights with almost two decades of experience. He works with global brands across industries on different issues such as brand architecture, portfolio, assessmen ...  Show more

Highlighting the Human Element in Marketing through Audio with HubSpot's Alanah Joseph

Alanah Joseph is the Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot, responsible for marketing and operations of the HubSpot podcast network.  In this episode Alanah and Alan discuss her role in driving brand awareness and increasing listenership for its shows and the long-term strategy beh ...  Show more

The Democratization of Connection with LunchClub’s Chelsea Cain Maclin

Chelsea Cain Maclin is the CMO of Lunchclub where she leads the company's marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness and user growth. Before joining Lunchclub Chelsea served as the VP of Marketing for Bumble where she has drawn inspiration for her role at Lunchclub. On the ...  Show more

Seeing the Whole Picture of a Marketing Transformation with Philips's Lorraine Barber-Miller

Lorraine Barber-Miller is the Chief Marketing & E-Commerce Officer at Philips, a 130-year-old company in the middle of a large marketing transformation. In this episode, Lorraine and Alan discuss what makes Philips unique and her background at IBM and ADP before she joined Philip ...  Show more

Making Your Product Marketable, Valuable, and Usable with Innovatemap’s Christian Beck

Christian Beck is the Executive Partner at Innovatemap, where he focuses on growth strategy and design. He is also the host of the podcast Better Product.  While Christian doesn’t consider himself a marketer, he and Alan discuss design, user experience, and how marketing is tied ...  Show more

Aligning Your Brand and Product Messaging with Frankly Organic Vodka Co-founders Philip and Kristen Risk

Husband and wife, Philip and Kristen Risk are the Co-founders of Frankly Organic Vodka.  On the show, Alan learns how they met selling luggage, how they maneuvered from sales to marketing, and what brought them to founding a vodka company. They share what's unique about Frankly O ...  Show more

Using Social Commerce to Influence Your Brand with’s Meagen Johnson

Meagen Johnson is the SVP of Marketing at, a curated fashion marketplace with more than 2,000 brands and thousands of products released daily and only available for 72 hours.  In this episode, Alan and Meagen dive into Meagen’s passion for marketing beginning in  high sc ...  Show more

Digital Business Transformation: Defending, Differentiating, and Disrupting with Publicis Sapient's Teresa Barreira

Teresa Barreira is the CMO at Publicis Sapient where she works to transform businesses in the constantly evolving world.   In this episode, Alan and Teresa discuss her path to becoming CMO at Publicis Sapient, the new internship program she’s launched, and why she believes that d ...  Show more

The Financial Impact of Customer Connection with Khoros’s Katherine Calvert

Katherine Calvert is the Chief Marketing Officer of Khoros, a digital engagement platform for social marketing, online communities, and customer care. In this episode, Alan and Katherine discuss her path to becoming CMO at Khoros and her perspective on customer engagement. She al ...  Show more

Standing Out in the Crowd with Torchy’s Tacos Scott Hudler

Scott Hudler is the CMO of Torchy’s Tacos, an experiential craft-casual restaurant. In this episode, Alan and Scott explain what that means.  Torchy’s was founded a decade ago in Austin, Texas. The concept was an elevated street taco. Today they have over 83 locations in seven st ...  Show more

Being a Good Steward of Data with Privacy Lawyer, Odia Kagan

Odia Kagan is a Partner and Chair of GDPR Compliance and International Privacy at Fox Rothschild LLP, a US national law firm. She has advised more than 200 companies of varying industries and sizes on compliance with GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act and other US data pro ...  Show more

Purpose is Power with ALSAC'S Emily Callahan

Emily Callahan is the Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  On the show, Emily and Alan discuss St. Jude’s origin, how she ended up as the Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, and ...  Show more

Driving Results through Reinvention with Joe Jackman

Joe Jackman is the CEO & Founder of Jackman Reinvents, the world’s first and foremost reinvention company. He’s also the author of The Reinventionist Mindset where he talks about principles that help businesses succeed.  In this episode Joe and Alan discuss, you guessed it: chang ...  Show more

Digging into the Mechanisms of Growth with Qualtrics's Kylan Lundeen

Kylan Lundeen is the Chief Marketing Officer at Qualtrics where he's helped revenue growth increase up to 50% per year. When Kylan started “meandering” in marketing, he began to realize the importance of growth versus marketing alone. He says, “the job of any marketer is to influ ...  Show more

Wines, Racing, and the Historic Partnership with Churchill Downs with Jackson Family Wines’ Bill O’Connor

Bill O’Connor  is the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer at Jackson Family Wines. Based in Sonoma County, the heart of California's wine country, the business is one of few family-owned and operated wineries of its kind. Founded in 1983, with a focus on artisanal an ...  Show more

Drawing Inspiration from Operations to Marketing with Appian’s Denise Broady

Denise Broady is the Chief Marketing Officer at Appian, a low-code, solution-focused organization that helps customers become more agile, creative, and connected. Denise’s experience as COO and CMO gives her a unique perspective on business and expertise in transitioning between ...  Show more

Alternative Solutions to Third-Party Cookies with Xaxis's Nishant Desai

Nishant Desai, or Nish, is the Director of Technology and Operations at Xaxis, The Outcome Media Company. Nish has 20+ years of experience leading technical partnerships, integrations, and ad operations for thousands of brands, platforms, and partners.  On Marketing Today, Alan a ...  Show more

The Future of Advertising in Video Games with Adverty's Niklas Bakos

Niklas Bakos is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Adverty, a company that helps put advertisements in video games. In this episode, Alan and Niklas discuss what in-game advertising looks like and how e-sports has exploded in popularity.  The conversation starts with why N ...  Show more

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