🌋 “B-day” — El Salvador’s Bitcoin Day. Callaway Golf’s comeback. Entergy’s buried treasure.

🌋 “B-day” — El Salvador’s Bitcoin Day. Calla...

👩‍🚀 “Elon’s favorite child” — SpaceX vs Everyone. $Harvard vs $Yale. NYC vs Delivery apps.

SpaceX wasn’t the first to send regular humans to space, but this week’s launch is otherworldly. Harvard’s college endowment is bigger than ½ the countries in the world, and it’s making an unprecedented climate move (that also beats Yale). And DoorDash and NYC are fighting over y ...  Show more

🍦 “Grab your McFlurry wrench” — Canva’s $40B tap-onomics. McDonald’s McFlurrygate. Rivian’s Ricky Bobby eTruck.

Canva just became the #5 most valuable startup, and the #1 most valuable female-founded startup ever. Rivian just hit the biggest milestone yet for electric cars: Actually selling the 1st electric truck (no one else has). And if ya noticed your local McDonald’s McFlurry machine i ...  Show more

🐘 “The Jurassic Park startup” — Toast’s IPO champagne. Mailchimp’s bootstrapped billions. iPhone 13.

Toast is popping bottles for its IPO after finding the one area of food everyone forgot about. Mailchimp just sold for $12B by pulling off something no other startup its size has ever done. And every September, Apple hosts its major product event… behold the iPhone 13.$TOST $INTU ...  Show more

🤐 “Secret Elite VIP Club” — JPMorgan’s Infatuation feast. Facebook’s secret X-Check. Taxes poppin’.

The WSJ’s deep reporting shows Facebook’s got a secret club of 5.8M VIPs users subject to different FB rules than everyone else. JP Morgan just acquired a hipster restaurant startup The Infatuation (we double-taked)? And Democrats just unveiled their beefy, meaty, tax hike on the ...  Show more

💩 “Smart Butt” — Casana’s toilet tech. Amazon’s new living room. Fortnite’s epic victory.

Toss out your Fitbit... the biggest new thing in health tech is a smart toilet that analyzes your waste. Amazon knows the average American spends 6 hours/day watching TV, so Alexa TV is taking over your TV. And Fortnite just beat Apple in court with a win that could rebalance the ...  Show more

🕶️ “Facebook Ray-Bans” — NFL’s hail mary 5G. Zuck’s 1st smart glasses. Lulu-ton vs Pelo-lemon.

The NFL season kicks off this weekend, but the focus is your phone. Facebook just whipped up its first smart glasses, so Zuck’s sporting Ray-Bans. And Lululemon stock hit a record high just as Peloton announced… a Lululemon athleisure rival.$LULU $PTON $VZ $FBGot a SnackFact? Twe ...  Show more

🎮 “GameStop’s rebuilding season” — Theranos' trial. Beauty Pie’s insane loyalty. GameStop’s new team.

Elizabeth Holmes put on her finest black turtleneck for the 1st day of the Theranos fraud trial. GameStop is rebuilding its team with more roster moves than the Mets. And Beauty Pie raised $100M as the “Costco of Cosmetics” because it has the most insane customer loyalty we’ve ev ...  Show more

🧜‍♂️ “Bro-tox” — Botox for guys. Apple’s drivers license. Whoop’s free unicorn.

While we were on our August vacation, Botox has been thriving — Botox for guys (Brotox). Apple had its worst month in years, but we think the real story is Apple’s new thing: Apple Drivers License. And Whoop just became the biggest fitness tech startup on Earth by selling its fit ...  Show more

👶 “What comes after Gen Z?” — Facebook’s 1st Metaverse. Home Depot’s Halloween. Gen Alpha’s Mom-lennials.

Snackers, this TBOY is our last pod until Tuesday, September 7th. (we’re taking some August vacation to rest the pipes). So we’re looking at Facebook’s first move into the Metaverse… through your office. Then Home Depot’s biggest story of the summer is actually Halloween (spoiler ...  Show more

🦖 “Dino Nuggets” – TikTok’s new boss. Weed’s Julia Roberts. Maven’s special unicorn.

TikTok just passed Facebook for most downloaded app of 2021, but its new boss is… China’s government. Tilray Cannabis is buying weed store MedMen in a strategic wedding straight outta Notting Hill (the movie, not the place. Although both are lovely). And Maven just became a unico ...  Show more

🎒 “Revenge backpacks” — Tesla’s round-up marketing. Oreo’s cakes. Walmart’s anti-innovation.

Mondelez is turning Oreo’s from cookies into cakes because snacking evolved to indulging. The government probe into Tesla’s self-driving could be the end of Elon’s “round-up marketing” fun. And Walmart’s 4 highlights right now are parties, pants, potatoes, and backPacks, but it j ...  Show more

♨️ “2 parts good coffee, 1 part cheap coffee” — Coffee’s swap-flation. Sonos’ rich David. Authentic Brands’ Reebok reboot.

Your morning coffee could get pricer now that coffee bean prices have surged 43%... unless we see some "Swap-flation" (new thing). Sonos sued Goliath, and the judge decided David was right, Google was wrong. And Reebok got sold by Adidas to Authentic Brands for $2.5B — But who is ...  Show more

🐠 “My tuna is a tomato” — Seafood’s plant-based surprise. FIGS’ nurse fashion. Marriott’s & Airbnb’s bleisure.

Plant-based meat is getting all the love, but the next plant-based meal is faux fish. Marriott and Airbnb couldn’t be more opposite, but now they’ve got 1 new thing in common: “Bleisure.” And what Lululemon did to leggings, Figs just did to scrubs.$FIGS $BYND $ABNB $MARGot a Sna ...  Show more

🧑‍🎨 “The Da Vinci of Drive-Thru” — Taco Bell’s renaissance. Disney’s great experiment. Miami’s other money.

There’s a renaissance going on with Drive-Thrus, but Taco Bell just whipped up the ultimate masterpiece. Disney’s stock jumped 5% because it’s running The Great Streaming Experiment. And over in Miami, everyone’s talking about Bitcoin, even though they’re really thinking about Bo ...  Show more

⚽ “Kardashian vs Messi” — WeWork’s new SaksWork. Weight Watchers’ cold vaxx summer. Lionel Messi’s Nike shirt.

Lockdowns grew our waistlines, but Weight Watchers stock plummeted 25% yesterday. The real celebration of Lionel Messi’s record-breaking soccer deal is at Nike: The business of obsolescence. And say goodbye to the old WeWork… say hello to WeMall.$WW $BOWX $NKEGot a SnackFact? Twe ...  Show more

😈 “We can’t say it on the pod” — SmileDirectClub’s frown. Infrastructure’s $1 Trillion menu. F***YouPayMe’s moment

This was the year of the mouth makeover as you glammed your molars, but SmileDirectClub’s stock just plummeted 25%. The Infrastructure Bill just got shockingly bipartisan support so we’re looking at what $1 trillion gets ya these days. And there’s a new app that’s literally cursi ...  Show more

🦧 “Bitcoin for Batman” — AMC’s storytelling. Walmart’s free tuition. Big Chicken’s $5B wing.

AMC just announced it’ll accept Bitcoin for your ticket if you want to watch your 478th Marvel movie. The Wage Wars have turned into the Battle of the Benefits after Walmart and Target offer to pay your tuition. And America’s 3rd biggest chicken company just sold for $5B because ...  Show more

🚦 “Crypto traffic lights: Good or bad?” — Levi’s corporate FOMO. The Fantastic American 4. Bitcoin’s speed limit.

The Chief of Wall Street said that crypto is the “Wild West,” so we’re looking at Bitcoin’s Traffic Light problem (or is it an opportunity?). Levi’s just bought Beyond Yoga because it’s got a case of Corporate FOMO. And the Big 3 car companies just said they’ll go 50% electric by ...  Show more

💋 “Rihanna Rich” — Fenty’s celebrepreneur. Clear’s ID-killer. LUber’s opposites.

The newest billionaire is Rihanna, but the real story is the new business model of “Beauty Celebrepreneurs”. Clear Secure’s stock is up 75% since their IPO because they want to kill off wallets forever. And Lyft and Uber (“LUber”) both reported earnings this week… but they’re no ...  Show more

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