Ep. 338 Extra Awesome: Kindness and puppy love with Eva Pilgrim

Ep. 338 Extra Awesome: Kindness and puppy lov...

Ep. 340 Ruining Zack Morris and the most unfortunate names

It’s Monday, let’s get into it! Meg and Kyle have some suggestions for you to watch, read, listen to, and amp up your lifestyle in the week ahead. Then Kyle delivers on his promise to find some of the most unfortunate names in recent history!SHOW NOTES:Zack Morris is Trash by Fun ...  Show more

Ep. 339 The awesome apps we can't live without!

Phone calls? Sometimes. Texting? Sure. But we use our cell phones and mobile devices for so much more than that every single day! This week, Meg and Rebekah do a deep-dive into the wonderful world of apps and share the ones that have changed their lives in the most awesome ways!A ...  Show more

Ep. 337 Nostalgia watches, bartender songs, and the 10th dentist

Happy Monday, happy September, and happy Labor Day, Awesomes! It's Monday, and Meg and Kyle are kicking off this week with streaming recommendations that lean nostalgic. They bemoan the Topo Chico shortage, celebrate a MacBook rescue, and explain that pregnant emoji ladies meme. ...  Show more

Ep. 336 Go through our EMPTIES with us!

As the great Joni Mitchell sang, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone! This week, Meg and Sorta Awesome Regular Julie Tepperman take up the hallowed internet tradition of going through their "empties" - the products they love so much that once they're gone, it's an immed ...  Show more

Ep. 335 Shrimp tacos, Ted Lasso, and the Sword of Awesome

We're changing things up a bit this Monday, Awesomes! Life has been chaotic to the max for Meg and Kyle, so instead of your usual Monday conversation about what to watch, read, listen to, and laugh about in the news, this episode is just low-key chitchat. They manage to touch on ...  Show more

Ep. 334 What I Wish I'd Bought Sooner!

This conversation started with co-host Kelly in her kitchen, thinking about how much she LOVES her Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and how she wishes she had done herself a favor and gotten one so much sooner! Meg and Kelly discuss a list of those items that bring so much help and delight ...  Show more

Ep. 333 Extra Awesome: Behind the scenes of podcast production

Ever wondered exactly how a podcast like Sorta Awesome gets made? This week for Extra Awesome, Meg takes you behind the scenes of producing Sorta Awesome by answering some questions from Super Star Awesome Heather. From microphones to editing and everything in-between, she has an ...  Show more

Ep. 332 Game-changers: salad prep, Powerspray, and face shaves

Why not start the week with something that's going to be a game-changer? It's Monday and Meg and Kyle have some great finds for you to watch, read, and listen to AND their lifestyle finds include some real game-changers from the Awesome community! And instead of news this week, t ...  Show more

Ep. 331 Books for that Back To School MOOD

This is the time of year for freshly sharpened pencils, brand new backpacks, and books! And if we are talking books and reading, you know that Sorta Awesome regular Katie Proctor is back! This week, Meg and Katie have a whole list filled with inspiration for that back to school m ...  Show more

Ep. 330 Extra Awesome: What we're buying at Trader Joe's these days!

Grab your shopping cart and hit the aisles of Trader Joe's with us, friends! For this episode in the Extra Awesome series, Meg is joined by Kate Nixon Anania who returns to Sorta Awesome to talk about all the awesome at Trader Joe's right now. From food finds to household to the ...  Show more

Ep. 328 The photo organizing advice you are going to love!

On a scale of 1-10, how great do feel about where all of your photos are living right now? Not just the ones on your phone (but especially the ones on your phone!), we’re talking ALL the photos important to you? If thinking about how secure and organized your favorite memories ar ...  Show more

Ep. 327 Extra Awesome: Changing lives one book at a time with Jennifer Williams

After nearly three decades teaching elementary students, Jennifer Williams left the classroom, but she couldn't leave behind her passion for books and reading. After so many years of watching how becoming a reader changes the life of a child, Jennifer found a new mission - gettin ...  Show more

Ep. 326 Aeropress lattes, sleep hypnosis, and Martian wannabes

Why not start your week out awesome, friends? Meg and Kyle have the rundown you need on what’s coming out this week to Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and more! Plus Meg shares her experience with the ASMR channels helping her sleep lately (sorta) and she has lots of fun lifestyle picks fr ...  Show more

Ep. 325 Ideal Me vs. Reality Me

It’s time for some REAL TALK, Awesomes! Let’s get honest, let’s let go of some stuff, and let’s live in better alignment with the person we are truly meant to be! Meg and Rebekah explore who they are ideally versus who they really are in this conversation that is part confession, ...  Show more

Ep. 324 Extra Awesome: Moving into a sparkly fresh start with Embo Tshimanga

Welcome back to the Extra Awesome series, friends! At Sorta Awesome, we’ve always hoped to make a place for women in all ages and stages of life, but it’s not often we get to hear from our Awesome community members on the younger side of life. Embo Tshimanga is a recent college g ...  Show more

Ep. 323 A magic midi skirt, scary scary snakes, and a delightful nostalgia overload!

August is here, and let's make it AWESOME! We start this first week of August with Meg and Kyle giving you the rundown on all kinds of good stuff coming to streaming, much of it packed with nostalgia feel-good fuzzies. We've got recommendations from the Awesomes on all that is go ...  Show more

Ep. 322 Awesome and inclusive play for all

One of our favorite things about being an Awesome is how we are all on a journey to knowing and doing better! This week’s conversation guides us all gently further down that path. Meg invites Awesome Mindy Brouse (co-host of Bookend Homeschoolers podcast and co-host of Currently ...  Show more

Ep. 321 Extra Awesome: Art as vocation with Jordan Leigh Tellis

For many people, creating art was a beloved pastime of childhood, and it may be a source of creative relaxation as an adult. But some people follow their natural gifting and develop the skill to turn art into a vocation. Today, Meg talks to Awesome artist Jordan Leigh Tellis abou ...  Show more

Ep. 320 Popsicle drinks, glitter mysteries, Slip-n-Slide Fest, and more

If the summer heat has you on the lookout for awesome ways to cool off, we’ve got the recommendations you need for the week ahead! Whether you are looking for a show to binge in the air-conditioning, a fun and fizzy drink to fix up for your kids (or yourself!), or a mountain-side ...  Show more

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