Solo 401Ks and Saving Taxes on 1099 Income

Solo 401Ks and Saving Taxes on 1099 Income

Do Doctors Really Need Emergency Funds?

Physician turnover is high, specifically after the first 2-5 years of training. With doctors changing jobs so often, it is important to establish an emergency fund early on (and to consider the cost of leaving a job in medicine).  So today we wanted to dive into why everyone, inc ...  Show more

What Chess and Personal Finance Have in Common

Our brains are not wired to think exponentially. They are wired to think linearly. Maybe this explains why so many doctors, well people in general, don't invest early enough and take advantage of one of our favorite tools- compound interest.  We like to believe that compound inte ...  Show more

Part 2: Must-Do Financial Checklists for Doctors

Last week on the podcast we started the ultimate financial checklist of must-dos for doctors. This is such an important topic and we didn't want to leave you hanging last week without the complete list. So this week we are picking up where we left off. Take out your notes and fin ...  Show more

Must-Do Financial Checklists for Doctors

Making sure you set yourself up for financial success is one of the reasons we bring you this podcast every week. So we have come up with the Financial Checklist for Doctors that will help you position yourself for success when it comes to your personal finances.  If you have bee ...  Show more

WTD with Whole Life Insurance for Physicians

Odds are you have been pitched Whole Life Insurance and have no idea if it's a good idea or a bad idea. Since it is so common for a physician to get this pitch, we thought it would be good to discuss on the podcast so we could help you through what Whole Life Insurance even is, w ...  Show more

Free Steak Dinners & Physician Financial Mistakes

We don't want you getting free steak dinners, but making horrible decisions for your long-term investments. There is a lot of misinformation out there for physicians when it comes to personal finances. We don't want you to make the mistakes that most physicians do simply because ...  Show more

The Most Important Numbers in Physician Finance

The personal finance space is full of rules. Things you should be doing with your money and things you should stop doing with your money. Certain numbers you should be aiming for at specific points in your life. But do you really need to follow every single money rule out there w ...  Show more

You Are Worth the Investment

People often think about money as the end goal. The reason they work, save, and make decisions in life revolve around this idea that they are striving to meet a money goal. But today we are going to flip the script on this mindset around money. Instead of thinking of money as the ...  Show more

Why Doctors Should Spend Money

Everyone in the personal finance space loves to tell you how you should save money. That's great, but what about spending it?  That is exactly what we want to dive into today on the show. Ways to spend money that make sense we have talked about before include spending to get your ...  Show more

These 5 People Determine A Physician's Financial Success

You might think that the only person that influences your financial success in the short term and the long term is you. The truth is you can have little to do with how successful you are in planning out your finances and investing. This is because there are certain people in your ...  Show more

Should Physicians Save for Retirement or Help Their Family?

Life is complicated. Sometimes it might seem like people think you don't invest because you are living in the now, but we know that is not usually the case. Instead, you are trying to make real-life, tough decisions like should you save for your kids' college or your own retireme ...  Show more

The Top Financial Rules for Residents and Fellows

We recently shared our top financial rules for success and our listeners wanted more. Specifically, our listeners that are current residents wanted to understand exactly what they should be doing and taking care of before graduating from training. So that is exactly what we wante ...  Show more

Should You Use Target Date Funds?

There are so many different investment strategies when it comes to how to reach financial independence. One of those strategies we talk about often are the different types of Target Date Funds. But, you might be thinking how do you know if you should use Target Date Funds? Today ...  Show more

WTD When Your Spouse Isn't Interested in Money

You are becoming a financial guru. You have put in the work to understand your finances and all of the options you have available to you, congratulations! But there is one thing you can't seem to figure out - how to get your spouse interested in financial strategies.  Together yo ...  Show more

How Financial Independence Retire Early Can Burn You

Money isn't everything, but money is a tool that allows you to live life however you want. However, too many people think that getting to financial independence means you have to chase it while you're young. In today's episode, you might be surprised to hear why we don't recommen ...  Show more

Dangerous Money Thoughts

What if the only thing holding you back from financial freedom was your mindset? When it comes to your money mindset there are two main schools of thought - the Scarcity Mentality and the Abundance Mentality. There are some dangerous, limiting money mindsets that can come from a ...  Show more

What to do With Physician Side Gig Income

Doctors are talking more and more about side gig income outside of their typical W-2.  This income can be great on your path toward financial freedom, or it can be fraught with mistakes. So, why would a busy doctor pursue income outside of medicine when they can just work extra s ...  Show more

This is What Made Warren Buffet Rich

Let's face it, there will never be another Warren Buffett ever again. But there are certain things you can do to start building your wealth like Warren. The sooner you can start taking action on this advice will better your long-term financial wealth!   Do you need a bank that sp ...  Show more

The Dangers of the Monthly Payment Mindset

Money is a tool that helps us live the life we want, or keep us trapped in a lifestyle that we can't afford. One of the easiest ways to fall into this lifestyle trap is by thinking in terms of monthly payments. Ryan and Jimmy are here to remind you that if you think you can affor ...  Show more