Are We Learning From or Burning Down the Big Players in Vet Med?

Are We Learning From or Burning Down the Big ...

Pandemic Pets, Expensive Vets, Relinquishment - How Can We Help?

A recent pet parent survey found that 47% experienced “separation anxiety while away from their pets.” 76% of respondents claimed their dog suffered from anxiety behaviors while they were away. In addition to these stats, there’s been a growing number of media stories examining “ ...  Show more

How Veterinary Relief Staff Can Help Heal your Practice

During the past 18 months, nearly every veterinary practice has experienced unprecedented demands and challenges. Throw in the reality of an historically-tight job market, with few available veterinarians and vet techs to go around, and you’ve got even more problems. These diffic ...  Show more

Doobert - Pet Rescue Transportation Relay with Founder Chris Roy

DOOBERT! Doobert! So fun to say, we had to say it twice! So what is it? … This week we sit down with the Founder of, Chris Roy. Doobert is “an online software platform custom-built for animal rescuers. It’s like a combination of specifically for animal shelt ...  Show more

Generation Ghost - Is Saying Nothing the New Way to Say No?

Veterinary practices around the country are reporting high numbers of veterinary staff failing (or bailing) on interviews or even work. Is “ghosting” or saying nothing becoming the new way to say, “No”? This week we discuss. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT discuss t ...  Show more

Is Vet Med’s Reputation Risking Our Future?

Burnout. Debt. Suicide. These are some of the topics closely associated with the veterinary profession in 2021. But are these negative narratives hurting our appeal to the next generation of veterinary professionals? This week we discuss the current public perceptions of veterina ...  Show more

Mental Health Lessons from the Olympics for Veterinary Professionals

The real “gold medalist” of the Tokyo Olympics may be mental health. Simone Biles and Novak Djokovic each brought their own “twist” on how we can “smash” false perceptions about pressure, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges faced by elite athletes and, yes, ev ...  Show more

What Happens When Veterinary Professionals Have Expensive Pet Bills?

What happens when veterinary team members have pets in need of expensive veterinary care? Do they make payments to their clinic over time? Does their clinic have a limit on outstanding debt? Do co-workers judge each other based on care decisions or running up high bills at the cl ...  Show more

Is Your Veterinary Clinic Prepared for Climate Change Catastrophes?

Each week it seems we learn of another natural disaster related to, caused or worsened by climate change: wildfires, hurricanes, heat waves, mudslides, drought, flood - you name it. And these disasters affect veterinary professionals and pet parents around the world. … Hosts Dr. ...  Show more

Is TikTok Encouraging Dangerous Pet Ownership?

Recently, a very popular North Carolina TikTok star who keeps and “wrangles” venomous cobras in his parent’s basement, lost a cobra while taking it outside in his backyard. For nearly a week, his neighborhood was terrorized by the fear of waking up to a cobra in their house. The ...  Show more

Should Vet Staff Be Required to Cover Their Shifts to Take Time Off?

Happy Summer Holidays! That is, of course, assuming you get any holiday time off, especially if you work in a veterinary clinic. This week we discuss the disturbing trend of requiring veterinary clinic employees to provide shift coverage for taking time off due to vacation or app ...  Show more

Do Veterinary Professionals Have Weight Bias toward Pet Obesity?

Talking about pet obesity can be tricky and challenging for many veterinary professionals? A new study conducted at University of Guelph seeks to understand the potential impact of weight bias and stigmatism on veterinary care and the treatment of pet obesity. … This week we’re b ...  Show more

Pride, Pronouns, Being a Better Ally for Inclusion & Diversity in Vet Med

Happy National Pride Month Viewfinders! This week we’re joined by Pride VMC’s Ernie Spencer, CVT, VTS (ECC) to discuss correctly using pronouns, creating a safe workplace, and inclusion in veterinary practice. It’s good one! … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT begin by ...  Show more

How Positive Leadership Can Save Your Practice with Josh Vaisman

Perhaps one of the toughest challenges veterinary professionals face each day is maintaining a positive attitude. Positive work cultures begin with positive leaders, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today. … Josh Vaisman, CCFP, MAPPCP spends his days helping veterinary prof ...  Show more

Cruella Chihuahuas, Media Stereotypes, Flat-Faced Breeds & What Should Veterinary Professionals Do?

Will the hit Disney Movie Cruella create in a surge in Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, or Chinese Crested dogs? Do media stereotypes about certain breeds or animals lead to painful cosmetic surgeries or stigmas? This week we tackle veterinary professionals and how to proactively respond ...  Show more

Pentobarbital Shortage, Reopening Woes, Change Fatigue, and Veterinary Practice Summer Stress

Has your veterinary clinic been ping-ponging between curbside, hybrid, masked service, and now something else? This week we discuss the real challenge of “change fatigue” in veterinary clinics and some creative ways to help. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT spend som ...  Show more

How Far is Too Far When Advising Pet Parents? When, How and If Veterinary Professionals Should Offer Unsolicited Pet Care Advice

How far is too far for veterinary professionals to offer pet care advice? Should veterinary professionals offer unsolicited advice? If so, what are the best tactics? What are the risks? This week we discuss this and a WHOLE LOT MORE! … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT ...  Show more

Are Veterinary Medical Associations Only Giving Vet Techs "Lip Service"?

Are veterinary medical associations, state veterinary medical boards, and veterinary practice acts only giving veterinary technicians "lip service" when it comes to participation and power? This week we tackle the topic of fair representation (or lack thereof) of licensed veterin ...  Show more

Are We Confusing Our Clients? Baffling Invoices, Exam Room Jargon, & Inconsistent Recommendations in Veterinary Practice

Are we inadvertently confusing our clients by using vague terms and acronyms on our invoices? What about unclear communication in the exam room? Do different veterinarians recommend different drugs or preventives, leaving support staff to decipher? This week we tackle a constella ...  Show more

Is Your Veterinary Practice a Good Neighbor? What Happens When Barking Dogs and Nosy Neighbors Collide?

Loud barking, pooping in parking lots, parking space tensions, and employee smoking breaks can test a veterinary clinic’s relationship with neighboring businesses and homeowners. This week we discuss how you can be a good veterinary neighbor. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mos ...  Show more