The Most Common Questions About GTO Solvers

The Most Common Questions About GTO Solvers

LAG Plays You MUST Be Making

Chris and James continue the series on loose aggressive (LAG) play, they cover the plays you need to have in your repertoire. Everything from 3-betting light, isolation raises, squeezing, 4-betting light and more. Join the Red Chip Poker Discord: 

How to Actually Play LAG

James and Chris discuss talk about one of James' favorites, how to play loose aggressive poker (LAG). They go over the reasons you might want to play LAG, how and when to implement it and most importantly how to avoid going too far... Join the Red Chip Poker Discord: https://redc ...  Show more

Getting Started 3-Betting Out of Position

James and Chris discuss one of the most common questions beginning poker players have when starting to 3-bet more, how do I handle being out of position with weaker hands than I'm used to? Chris goes over his more advanced techniques for visualizing how to balance your play from ...  Show more

EVERYONE Tilts, How to Get Ahead

James and Chris talk about their own journeys with tilt and the tactics they’ve used over the years to ensure they can maximize their winrate.   Join The Red Chip Poker Discord today: 

William Hung Talks Winning $100K In Poker

William Hung joins James and Chris to break down his results, mindset, and strategy around poker. William, best known for his rendition of "She Bangs" on American Idol, has put a ton of time into poker over the years, and he has some excellent results to show for his efforts. Tal ...  Show more

You're A FISH - Get Over It!

James and Chris discuss the concept of being "a fish" in poker. Poker players tend to use this phrase A LOT, but having a clear definition and path for getting out of "fish status" is necessary. Discussion points include when and where to use this terminology, growing the game, c ...  Show more

How to Handle a CRAZY Bet

Chris talks about how methodically breakdown an unexpected play by your opponent. Using concepts like Bayes theorem, board texture and weighting we can figure out how to balance our decisions. Join The Red Chip Poker Discord: 

Is Your Diet Your Biggest Poker Leak?

James and Chris discuss the impact of nutrition and diet on your poker play. They share some of the food experiments they've done over the years (including Keto), why they've made these changes, and why your overall health is so important on and off the poker table. General discl ...  Show more

There Is A 99.9% Chance You Call Too Much (Preflop)

The first thing many players notice when exploring the Red Chip Poker preflop ranges is how rarely we suggest calling preflop. But honestly, most players leak consistently by calling with too many hands and passing up on (more) profitable 3bets. James and Chris discuss this leak, ...  Show more


Through analyzing thousands of GTO solves, Chris came across an amazing hack for figuring out your bluffing frequencies in real-time. James and Chris discuss this hack, explain how it works, and share how you can sync it together with bet sizing to simplify your postflop strategy ...  Show more

Are You ACTUALLY Playing Exploitative Or Just Making Bad Plays? Repost

Had an issue with the previous release, apologies if you got notified twice. GTO vs. exploitative play. Which is more profitable? How do you know when to choose one over the other? James and Chris are here to break down the intricacies of appropriately deviating from game theory ...  Show more

Do You Manage Your Money? Poker Finances

For poker players, money is always top of mind. Whether it’s keeping cash on hand, speculative investing, or planning for the future -- James and Chris dive into the many financial challenges poker players face. They discuss utility and happiness EV and how always seeking monetar ...  Show more

Making GTO More Accessible

Breaking down the biggest buzzword in poker, “GTO”. How is play-calling in American football analogous to playing GTO in poker? James and Chris help make this scary concept more accessible by simplifying terms like “frequency” and “range advantage” through real-world hands and ex ...  Show more

Effective Poker Study

The best way you can gain a competitive advantage over your opponents is to improve your studying. James and Chris give their take on what effective study in poker looks like. They discuss how to make studying more enjoyable, and how to make goals for your study sessions. 

Where And When To Use GTO Poker

With GTO (game theory optimal) solvers and discussion dominating the poker world, it's essential to know where and when it applies. James and Chris sit down to take a macro-level look at GTO poker and who it's for, why it's useful, and when you might want to incorporate it into y ...  Show more

Who Can You Trust For Poker Strategy?

Chris talks about trusting sources of information in poker, who can you really trust? Spoiler alert, NO ONE! The podcast covers how to navigate that, trying to bake in your own needs while assessing what you're being told. 

Learning From Durrrr's Over Pair on High Stakes Poker

James and Chris review a hand from the newest season of High Stakes Poker where Tom "Durrrr" Dwan finds himself in a tough spot with JJ on a Ten-high flop. 

Do You Make The Most Common Mistakes in Poker?

James and Chris go over the most common mistakes they've seen students, new poker players and themselves make over the years. Things like getting too invested in your luck / variance, not having a plan and trying to directly apply high stakes strategies in your game, as well as a ...  Show more

Are Poker Tournaments Or Cash Games Better For You?

Cash games vs. tournaments: which should you play and why? James & Chris discuss why they've focused on cash games over the years, the things tournaments players HAVE to know, buying & selling action, and why tournaments are so alluring. Concepts include the "payday potential", w ...  Show more

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