Transform Your Health With Zein Salti

Transform Your Health With Zein Salti

Presenting Yourself With Opportunities With Rana Nawas

Rana Nawas is a corporate veteran turned podcaster on a mission to help women, which she achieves by being a public speaker, strategic consultant and an incredible founder and host to When Women Win, a show listened to in over 183 countries, where female role models from diverse ...  Show more

Embracing Financial Literacy With Alanoud Alsaif

In this episode, Alanoud Alsaif talks about her growth with Falak and how starting out young in the field of finance and investments has served her in the best way. She talks about the multiple roles she handles at Falak and how the dynamic of content creation and investments in ...  Show more

Be The Boss Of Your Own Life With Leena Khalil

In this episode, Leena Khalil demystifies the world of entrepreneurship by sharing her incredible journey from bringing Mumzwolrd to life by being its co-founder, to giving it away. Being an absolute powerhouse of experience in finance and entrepreneurship, Leena shares her story ...  Show more

Pain And Courage In Entrepreneurship With Natalie Chan

This episode with Natalie Chan is an inspirational journey of women that create, persevere, and grow by relentlessly pursuing their dreams and forging their own set of hybrids in order to scale their business, make an impact. She talks about creating a  community that learns how ...  Show more

Chief Explorer Officer Rakhi Mukhta On Managing Talent With Authenticity

In this episode with Rakhi Mutta, we get an authentic, candid view into the strategic mind of an executor of dreams. From juggling motherhood with work to giving an insight into the world of management. Rakhi shares it all, along with her personal experience of managing best sell ...  Show more

Suzan Kanoo On Building A Thriving Family Business And An Empowering Community For Women

In this episode with Suzy Kanoo, we take a look at the world through her eyes as a successful, leading businesswoman, author and a mother. Diving deep into the behind the scenes of her incredible experience of writing her book, “Hear us Speak: Letters from Arab Women”- a Forbes a ...  Show more

Manifesting Your Dream Job With Saleha Surti

In this episode, we dive deep into an honest conversation with Saleha Surti, where she shares her valuable experience and knowledge of recruitment in the corporate world, in combination with her inspiring entrepreneurial journey, to guide women on how to achieve their dream job, ...  Show more

How To Be A Purposeful Women In Tech With Thea Myhrvold

In this episode, Thea Myhrvold takes us on her journey as an edtech entrepreneur, the inception of her edtech startup GetBee and scaling it to skyrocket! A firm believer in the future of tech, Thea aims to connect people through technology and AI. She shares how she keeps up with ...  Show more

How To Be The Architect Of Your Career With Lulwa Alhabshi, Founder Of Morf Athletics

In this episode, Lulwa Alhabshi throws light on the crucial aspect of a sportswear brand that meets the needs of the arab world. As an architect herself, she used the concepts of architecture to amp up the game in the sportswear arena by launching her own brand- Morf. Morf Athlet ...  Show more

Amal Al Malki On How And Why We Should All Be Visible Leaders

In this episode, Dr. Amal Malki shares her insights on the challenges women, especially Muslim women face in their own homelands in the education sector. Being the founding dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Qatar, Amal aims to tackle gender stereotypes plag ...  Show more

How We Can Empower Ourselves Through Our Rights With Aysha Mutaywea

In this week’s episode, we dive into the world of law and order with Attorney Aysha Mutaywea, who shares the intricacies of being a law professional. She sheds light on how the law field, being a largely male dominated sphere, has different benchmarks for male and female attorney ...  Show more

How I Became A Go Getter With Sofia Guellaty

Sofia Guellaty brings her fashion knowledge and passion for Arab culture together on a daily basis. Her career in fashion spans over more than fifteen years as she began freelancing for major publications at the age of 19, and consulting for luxury brands. In early 2008 she found ...  Show more

How I Switched My Career Gears During Covid With Nourah Feteih

In this episode, Nourah Feteih talks about her strong belief that there are no losses in life. With all the changes that have happened to the world, she came to believe that by going back steps in life and learning from experiences, we are actually not going back, we are only bei ...  Show more

How To Transfer Knowledge From One Career To Another With Steminist Latifa Al Khalifa

In this episode with Latifa Al Khalifa, we dive into her journey with an Edtech startup and the challenges she had to face in setting up a fulfilling functioning STEM Education platform for keen learners of all age groups. She shares Cleverplay’s aim to empower children to become ...  Show more

How To Serve Your Creative Purpose From An Organizational Level With Al Zain Al Sabah

In this week's episode, Al-Zain Al Sabah talks about her journey of 'mastery' throughout her career. She tells us about her never-ending goals and her desire to grow and learn. Being Kuwaiti and second hand experiencing the invasion and destruction that comes with ...  Show more

How I Organised My Career As An Independent Artist With Tamtam

Saudi Arabian singer and songwriter Tamtam is based between Los Angeles and Riyadh. At the age of 13, she relocated to California due to her parent’s belief that seeing the world through a different lens is important. Since then, Tamtam has been channeling all her life experience ...  Show more

How To Become A Creative Solopreneur with Dr. Noora H. Alghatam
Unlocking The World Of VC Funding With Stephanie Nour Prince

In this episode with Stephanie Nour, we learn everything there is to know about scaling a startup, VC funding and its ins and outs. Stephanie with over a decade’s experience in funding and investing tells us what it's like starting a company that focuses on bringing together ...  Show more

How To Nurture Your Craft With Nourah AlFaisal

In this episode with Nourah AlFaisal, we learn creativity, passion and craftsmanship. Nourah is tell-all in this insightful memoir where she talks about helming multiple ventures that have different outlets and linking them to her drive to be self-motivated and use that as a tool ...  Show more