Stephanie Dua: Co-Founder and President of HOMER Learning

Stephanie Dua: Co-Founder and President of HO...

Dr. Deepika Chopra: Optimism Doctor®, Founder of Things Are Looking Up™️ and host of the Looking Up Podcast.

Sara talks to Optimism Doctor , Dr. Deepika Chopra, about the difference between focusing on optimism vs. the unrealistic expectation of being  happy all of the time, what she refers to as “toxic positivity”and why its damaging as well as some of her helpful tricks to keep things ...  Show more

Amanda de Cadenet: Entrepreneur, Journalist, Photographer and Advocate

Sara talks to entrepreneur, journalist, photographer and advocate Amanda de Cadenet about why she thinks the idea of “Having It All” is a lie and a dangerous one at that, the private community and safe space she is developing for women and why building bridges between genders is ...  Show more

Shelly Bell: Founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures

Sara sits down with Shelly Bell, Founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures, about her efforts to reimagine the way black and brown women get access to financial and social capital, reinforcing a positive mindset to receive all that the universe has intended for you and how she resis ...  Show more

Naomi Gleit: Vice President of Product and Social Impact at Facebook

Sara sits down with Vice President of Product and Social Impact at Facebook, Naomi Gleit about her trajectory from one of Facebook’s first employees straight out of college to one of the most powerful women in Tech, dropping out of Harvard because it wasn’t the right fit for her  ...  Show more

Tera Peterson: Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer NuFACE®

Sara is joined by Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office of NuFACE, Tera Peterson, to educate on microcurrents, creating NuFACE with her mother and sister and the pivot from business school to pursue esthetician school and what’s surprised her most in running a business. 

Allison Statter CEO & Co-Founder of Marketing & Communications Agency, Blended Strategy Group

Sara talks to CEO and Co-Founder of Blended Strategy Group, Allison Statter, about growing up in the entertainment business, the evolution of the management business, transitioning from the family business to starting her own company and asking ourselves what we are working towar ...  Show more

Genevieve Padalecki: Actress, Creator, and Urban Homesteader

Sara talks to Genevieve Padalecki, Actress, Creator, and Urban Homesteader, about launching Townn, a community for people looking to rethink the way we live and grow together, and how sustainability is not only important for the environment but for ourselves, realizing her tenden ...  Show more

Tracey Cunningham: Celebrity Hair Colorist & Author

Sara talks to celebrity (and her own) Hair Colorist Tracey Cunningham about how she went from being Bette Midler’s nanny to the most sought after hair colorist in the industry, her best selling book “True Color” and why getting highlights can feel like turning on a lightbulb for ...  Show more

Latham Thomas: Celebrity Doula, Maternal Wellness Expert Author and Founder of Mama Glow

Sara sits down with Latham Thomas, Celebrity Doula, Maternal Wellness Expert Author and Founder of Mama Glow, to talk about advocacy and equity during the birthing process and beyond, learning to make space for radical self care and sustenance and how we can structure our lives t ...  Show more

Dr. Edith Eger: Psychologist, Lecturer, Holocaust Survivor, and Best Selling Author

Sara catches up with Dr. Edith Eger, Psychologist, Lecturer, Holocaust Survivor and Best Selling Author, about why we can’t heal what we don’t feel, what being forced into a death camp taught her about truly living and why we must free ourselves from the need to please other peop ...  Show more

Lisa Vanderpump: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Host of the Podcast “All Things Vanderpump”

Sara talks to Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Television Personality Lisa Vanderpump about the reality of her time spent on reality television, why life is all about incremental progress and the compromises we must learn to make in our pursuit of “Having It All”. Special thanks ...  Show more

Pia Baroncini: Creative Director of LPA, Podcast Host, and Mother

Today’s guest is one of those modern cases of our virtual existence where by you think you are friends with someone because you follow all their stories, feel invested in their life and know more about what's going on with them than some of your own friends but you actually don't ...  Show more

Punam Patel: Emmy-Nominated Actress

Sara sits down with actress Punam Patel to talk about the hormonal madness and magic involved in being a woman,  learning to develop her sense of humor as a coping mechanism to never feeling like she fit in as a kid and why operating from a place of abundance helped her to begin ...  Show more

Brigette Romanek: Founder of Romanek Design Studio

Sara talks to acclaimed interior designer Brigette Romanek, founder of Romanek Design Studio, about how a person's surroundings can have a profound impact on their well being, learning to trust your own taste and stepping into the spotlight as a judge on Ellen Degeneres’s new sho ...  Show more

Jessica Alba: Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company

Sara sits down with Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company,  Jessica Alba, to talk HONESTly about rushing through childhood as a young actress focused on contributing to her household, working hard to create a seat for herself at the table previously reserved fo ...  Show more

Marianna Hewitt: Influencer and Co-Founder of Summer Fridays

Sara talks to Influencer and co-founder of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt about learning to be easy on herself when it comes to her routine, destigmatizing the idea of women putting off having children to focus on their careers and that everyone's timeline is different, and usin ...  Show more

Lauren Paul & Molly Thompson: Co-Founders of Kind Campaign

Sara sits down with Kind Campaign Co Founders, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson about making their documentary and finding their mission, how bullying is still prevalent in many adult female relationships and why kindness to ourselves and others is more important than ever. 

Reshma Saujani: Founder of Girls Who Code and Marshall Plan for Moms

Sara talks to Reshma Saujani, Author and  Founder of Girls Who Code about why she gets off on failure, how living through 10 years of infertility taught her resilience and strength and why we need to address the national conversation around the unpaid labor women are doing with a ...  Show more

Kate Bosworth: Actor, Activist and Founder of Kind.est

Sara talks to Actor, Activist and Founder of Kind.est about how the challenge for growth will always override whatever is holding her back, learning to not absorb the rejection that comes along with acting and how she's redefined what real success looks like in her life.  To lear ...  Show more