3BGPodcast- Superbad

3BGPodcast- Superbad

Pressing Buttons - 2021 Playstation Showcase/Dreamcast anniversary

We're back talking about the recent Playstation showcase and the anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast. Twitter: @3blackgeeks @cjwizgeek @blknerdjapan 

BAMPodcast- Fatal Attraction

When it comes to Crazy B-word movies, know are as good as this one. Fatal Attraction birthed this subgenre and you can tell everyone after has taken from it. We are joined by Cj, so all of the 3BlackGeeks are in for this one.  

3BGPodcast- Tombstone

What do you want on your tombstone? Okay, enough of that dated reference. 3BG finally does a well known and well criticzed westerns Tombstone. A movie that almost didn't happen but thank it did. The preformaces in this were great. We talk about it all and then some. 

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 127

We missed the first week of football, DONT WRRY WE TALK ABOUT IT! We talk college and the NFL, WWE's new champion, F1 and the Scamming school from Ohio! 

BAM- Christine

John Carpenter doesn't miss, at least in the 80's he didn't. Dee and DjTsu get into one of his least talked about. Based on the Stephen King novel, Christine was perfect for Carpenter. We talk Detroit Cars, Carpenters' other work, old-ass high schoolers, white people, and more. 

3BGPodcast- Rush Hour

After years and years of our fans requesting it, were finally talking about Rush Hour. A movie that made Chris Tucker a star and made Jackie Chan a star in America.  All songs on episodes aren't own by 3BlackGeeks. Vivaldi by ZIOAN, Speed Dial by Cxdy Twitter: @3blackgeeks @cjwiz ...  Show more

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 126

In this edition, we talk Olympics, some NFL, some F1, and Wrestling 

Morphin Metacast Commentaries - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

The gang is back as we tackle a movie that at the time made a good chunk of folks stop watching Power Rangers outright. The transition from Zeo to Turbo is quite possibly the most baffling one ever in its execution. So sit back and pop on the film as the guy commentate as they do ...  Show more

Shang-Chi And the Legend of the Ten Rings Review

So Shang-Chi succeeds at being a very solid solo film that works stand alone while also seeding things in the greater MCU in subtle ways. Its with that balancing act that the film works top to bottom. Much like Captain Marvel, this film isn't the traditional solo story like we've ...  Show more

3BGPodcast- Strictly Business

Young black youths of the 1990's, STAND UP! This is you time! Also it's time to get busy! OKay, I have zero Idea what I'm talking about. The 3 geeks sit down to talk about the 91 black comedy, "Strictly Business". We talk about Republican Chris, Tommy Davidson, why Sam Jackson lo ...  Show more

Free Guy Movie Review

Multiple delays can usually mean a movie may not be good or the audience just won't care about the film. Free Guy fortunately turns out to be surprisingly good especially with its premise surrounding a open world video game. Ryan Reynolds is his usual quirky self as always and th ...  Show more

Masters of the Universe Revelations Part 1 recap

The dust has settled on this new show continuing the adventures of He-Man from the 80's. Does this new show nail what folks love from the franchise or is it the colossal failure that everyone claims it to be? Listen and find out. Twitter: @3blackgeeks @cjwizgeek @averagejoeart @s ...  Show more

3BGPodcast- American Psycho

"I want to fit in."- Patrick Bateman. Knowing this line, you will understand everything about American Psycho. 3BG gladly gives a black perspective on this wild-ass movie.  

The Suicide Squad Movie Review

A followup to the first film, The Suicide Squad feels like a film that nails the core of what makes this property work way more than what the first film did. What James Gunn and the writers have done is make you actually care about what happens to these cast of crazy ass characte ...  Show more

3BGPodcast- The Player's Club

Time to go to the strip club again. 3BG revisits a movie we reviewed early in our history. This time with the knowledge and wisdom was 30 year olds and the toxicity of 1950's Hotep. We talk about everything, the actors, the direction, the stripping, the comedy, the hoeing, and th ...  Show more

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 125- NBA Finals Recap

Ginnas did it! The Bucks are NBA Champions! We talk WWE Money In The Bank, Home Run Derby 2021, the Olympics, and some other wacky stuff.  

Comic Book Corner - Kang is Coming!!!

CJ and Prime are back talking actual comic books we've been reading from the Green Arrow Anniversary book that recently dropped to the recent Hickman X-Men saga. Also talking random on recent comic book movie and tv news. 

3BGPodcast- Airborne

By popular demand(for some reason) we give you Airborne. The rollerblading movie that screams 90s! That's about it. Lucky for us 3BG have more to talk about than this movie was offering.  All songs on episodes aren't own by 3BlackGeeks. Vivaldi by ZIOAN, Speed Dial by Cxdy Twitte ...  Show more

Working Title Sports Show Ep. 124 (ESPN gonna ESPN)

Even if its not racist you sound racist...not really...Rachel Nichols learned this lesson! We talk NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup neither of us watched, Drake, some more track and field; and we also talk about some NWO.