Introducing WHOOP 4.0 and WHOOP Body Featuring Any-Wear Technology

Introducing WHOOP 4.0 and WHOOP Body Featurin...

Super Bowl champion Eli Manning on training your mind, reducing injury, and the role belief plays in success.

Eli Manning is one of the most durable players in NFL history. He started 210 straight games over a 13 year span, and led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl victories along the way. He details how visualization, mindset, and belief played a key role in his career.  Eli sits do ...  Show more

NASCAR Driver Aric Almirola on life in the driver’s seat and the importance of recovery

Hot cars, high speeds, and hours of deep focus are required to excel in racecar driving. NASCAR driver Aric Almirola shares firsthand what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat and manage the physical and mental strains that come with being a professional driver. Aric discusses ho ...  Show more

Mental Performance: World-renowned sports psychologist Dr. Jim Loehr discusses energy, stress, and finding purpose

Dr. Jim Loehr, one of the world’s leading experts on sports psychology, joins the WHOOP Podcast for an in-depth discussion on mental performance. Dr. Loehr joins VP of Performance Kristen Holmes to share what he’s learned in over 30 years of research. He dives deep on mental toug ...  Show more

Pro Runner Colleen Quigley on Finding Your Path, Managing Injury, and Understanding Your Values

Colleen Quigley says she never dreamed of being an Olympian, but when she started running in high school, she found herself on a path that would make her one of America’s top track and field athletes. Colleen joins the WHOOP Podcast to share her journey to the top of her sport, a ...  Show more

Dr. Kelly Starrett shares everything you need to know about mobility, injury prevention, and performing at your best.

Dr. Kelly Starrett, a world-renowned performance and mobility expert, explains how mobility is so much more than just technique for injury prevention – it’s one of the fundamental keys to unlocking your best performance. Kelly sits down with Mike Lombardi for a wide-ranging discu ...  Show more

Christian Harris Talks Coming Back Strong at Next Year's CrossFit Games

Christian Harris, one of the most recognizable names in CrossFit, shares how sport is so much more than just your individual performance--it comes down to the team you build. Christian sat down with Mike Lombardi at the CrossFit Games for a deep dive on coaching, culture building ...  Show more

HRV 101: Insights From the WHOOP Podcast

One of the best metrics to determine your physical fitness and your body’s readiness to perform is heart rate variability.  We’re bringing you some of our top WHOOP Podcast conversations on HRV to date, detailing everything you need to know about HRV, what it signals about your b ...  Show more

Fueling for Performance: Dr. Stacy Sims on Nutritional Differences Between Men and Women

Dr. Stacy Sims – a leading researcher and author who specializes in female physiology – joins the WHOOP Podcast to discuss the role food has in performance and how women should think about nutrition differently than men.  Dr. Sims sits down with WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Ho ...  Show more

Understanding stress: How it affects sleep performance and cognitive functioning

This week we’re sharing some groundbreaking WHOOP research about the importance of stress, rest, and recovery — and how they are key ingredients to improving performance and giving you a competitive advantage. One of the best ways you can improve your performance is being more aw ...  Show more

Olympic rower Tom George talks high strain, red recoveries, and how he broke the elusive 5:40 mark

Fewer than a dozen people have broken 5:40 in rowing. Olympian Tom George is one of them. Tom accomplished the feat during lockdown, while training on a rowing machine in his parents shed. A year later, he has his sights firmly set on winning gold for Great Britain in Tokyo. He j ...  Show more

How sleep affected mental health during the pandemic

Last year, WHOOP collaborated with leading scientists at Harvard, Austin Health, and Australia’s Monash University on a major research effort to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our members’ physical and mental health. That study, known as the COVID Resilience Project, ha ...  Show more

The Buttery Bros discuss their travel tips, performance and nutrition, and what's next for CrossFit

Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon, better known as The Buttery Bros, are some of the kings of content in the CrossFit space. They are documentary filmmakers who travel the world to capture the fittest people on the planet in action. That work has resulted in a massive social media ...  Show more

Actress Lina Esco talks mindfulness, meditation, and overcoming rejection.

Actress Lina Esco, the co-star of the CBS drama SWAT, joins the WHOOP Podcast to talk about mindfulness, meditation, and finding success in Hollywood. Lina shares why learning those skills have made a tremendous difference in her life, and also explains why connecting with your s ...  Show more

Golf legend Gary Player shares his thoughts on fitness, health, and happiness.

Global fitness icon and golf legend Gary Player joins the WHOOP Podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about health, life, and happiness. At 85 years old, Gary still works out harder than most people half his age. He shares his philosophies on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and the f ...  Show more

Charlie Coyle, Boston Bruins center, on work ethic, sleep quality, and the connection between recovery and performing on the ice

Boston Bruins center Charlie Coyle sits down with WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes for a wide ranging discussion about his journey to the NHL, the importance of work ethic, and the connection between recovery and performance on the ice. They discuss why he always dreamed of ...  Show more

Patrick Mahomes discusses his WHOOP strain, visualizing victory, and why he almost didn't play football.

NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes sits down for a wide ranging discussion on strain, recovery, and peak performance.  Patrick shares his WHOOP data with Will Ahmed and they examine just what kind of toll the NFL season takes on the human body.  Patrick also shares how his father's bas ...  Show more

Haley Adams, CrossFit phenom, discusses being a role model and her mission to win the CrossFit Games

Haley Adams won CrossFit’s teen division in 2018, and said then that she would win the CrossFit Games within 5 years. Since moving up to the adult division two years ago, she has turned in 6th and 4th place finishes at the Games and is looking for an even stronger performance thi ...  Show more

Steve Cook discusses finding solace in the gym and picking yourself up after life knocks you down

Steve Cook is one of the most recognizable people in the fitness space. He took a lifelong interest in working out and staying active and turned it into a successful bodybuilding career on stage and creating content online. This episode is about following your passions and findin ...  Show more

WHOOP COVID-19 vaccine research shows more symptoms in younger people, and following second dose

Emily Capodilupo, WHOOP VP of Data Science and Research, returns to the WHOOP Podcast to detail our latest COVID-19 vaccine research. We've found that younger people are more likely to be affected by the vaccine than older people. Additionally,  you should expect to feel mor ...  Show more

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