The Lowdown On Credit Cards [Chills 35 with CardsPal]

The Lowdown On Credit Cards [Chills 35 with C...

Car Ownership Or Car-Sharing? The Breakdown [Chills 36 with GetGo]

*Read on to find out how you can enjoy 90% off your first drive with GetGo!* We see them on the streets everyday. Everyone wants one but only some get to own them. Cars - Did you know the cost of car ownership is not just Certificate Of Entitlement (COE), purchase price, fuel, an ...  Show more

How To Use FOMO To Your Advantage [TFC 107]

Have you ever felt envious that others are having it better than you? Do you doubt yourself, fearing you may be missing out on something? Do you wish that you could just follow whatever it is that others are doing so that you can become like them? If so, you may be having a case ...  Show more

Defend Yourself From These 3 Logical Fallacies In Personal Finance [TFC 106]

Digital ads on personal finance and investments are becoming more and more prevalent these days: the Instagram Stories that insert themselves in your feed, the ad pop-up whenever you visit a website, that 5 second YouTube ad that we cannot skip... The messages behind these ads se ...  Show more

Buy Now, Pay Later: How Does It Work? [Chills 34 with Hoolah]

The advancement of technology has given rise to a number of innovative fintech solutions and one of them is Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) where consumers get to buy products without having to pay the full price upfront. Instead, they pay zero-interest instalments over a period of tim ...  Show more

How To Make CPF Investment Schemes Work For You [TFC 105]

Most Singaporeans think that the money in your CPF “cannot touch until you retire”, but did you know you can actually use the money in your CPF accounts to invest? The discussion on CPFIS, or CPF Investment Schemes has been polarising to say the least: people either love it or ha ...  Show more

Stock Geekout: Sea Limited Part One - Garena [Chills 33 Sponsored By SteadyCompounding]

*Read on to find out how to get 20% off premium lifetime subscription for!* This is a special TFC Chills x Stock Geekout (SGO) episode as we give you a sneak peek into an upcoming SGO episode! Together with Thomas Chua, founder of, we d ...  Show more

3 Ways To Optimize Your CPF Accounts [TFC 104]

CPF is an acronym that every working adult in Singapore knows but not many are familiar with its inner workings. Other than 37% of your monthly income as the mandatory CPF contribution, did you know that there are other ways to optimize your CPF accounts even further? TFC 104 exp ...  Show more

A High Level Overview of the Chinese Market [Chills 32 with Stashaway]

Investing is not just about stock analysis. Studying the economy as a whole, also known as the macro economic view also plays a critical role in your investment decisions. Does the US-China trade war affect the two countries only? What impact does inflation have on our portfolios ...  Show more

SPACs - Ingenious Investment Tool Or Potential Pandora’s Box? [TFC 103]

The recent news about the $1.87 billion SPAC deal with PropertyGuru got many people asking: what exactly is a SPAC? SPACs, or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies are listed companies with the sole purpose of raising capital to buy another company. With a structure like that, sh ...  Show more

The Chinese Market 101 [Chills 31 with Thomas & Eugene]

China, China, China… everyone seems to be on its case these days but do you know exactly what is happening with the recent regulations in the Chinese market? Before you cry foul at the government’s “control” of the market, perhaps it will be helpful to gain a deeper understanding ...  Show more

Is Chinese Tech Still Attractive To Investors? [TFC 102]

China has been making the rounds in the media circuit these days and there is one particular sector that many are looking at: Chinese tech. What is the outlook for the Chinese tech sector and the big names like Alibaba, Tencent, JD and more? In TFC 102, Reggie shares his positive ...  Show more

Behind The Scenes at TFC [Chills 30]

If you have been listening to TFC, the guest for this week’s Chills with TFC should be no stranger to you. He is none other than the Chief Financial Coconut himself: Reggie! This is a special TFC episode as Andrew invites Reggie to reflect on The Financial Coconut journey thus fa ...  Show more

3 Hot Takes On The Chinese Market [TFC 101]

With the recent news coverage of Chinese regulators’ clampdown on big tech companies like Didi, Alibaba, Tencent and more, investors are naturally concerned about the outlook for Chinese companies and the Chinese market in general. Reggie joins in the discussion by offering his p ...  Show more

Turn Your Idea Into Reality With Kickstarter [Chills 29]

Have you ever bought something from a Kickstarter campaign? The increasing popularity of crowdfunding has led to many ingenious ideas becoming reality while consumers are spoilt for choice and they get to enjoy discounts on their shopping too. It is indeed a win-win for everyone. ...  Show more

3 Weird Habits That Can Be Applied To Your Finances [TFC 100]

After a month-long break, Reggie is back for Episode 100 of The Financial Coconut! In this episode, he shares some of the unusual things he did during his break and the lessons he learnt through these unique experiences. What has black T-shirts got to do with Dollar Cost Averagin ...  Show more

Using Endowment Plans As An Investment Tool [Chills 28 with InvestQuest]

Mention the phrase “endowment plans'' and some would be put off by the long maturity period (30 years!) In spite of that, did you know that endowment plans continue to be a very popular investment option with 2.3 million endowment policies incepted in Singapore thus far? What is ...  Show more

The Easiest Way To Start Investing [TFC 99]

“I want to invest but I don’t know which stock to buy.” Does this sound like you? If so, you will want to listen to TFC 99 (a replay of TFC 30). ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are becoming an increasingly popular investment choice among many investors because instead of investing i ...  Show more

China’s Astronomical Economic Growth And How You Can Get A Share Of It [Chills 27 with Dr Wealth]

“China outdrank the world”. In the last decade, China has emerged as a global economic superpower as it underwent major changes throughout the country. Now, we see the Chinese influence everywhere and many retail investors are looking for opportunities to get a share of this pie. ...  Show more

All You Need To Know About Facebook As An Investor [TFC 98]

This week's TFC 98 is a sneak preview into TFC Stock Geekout, a private podcast dedicated to our premium paying members. This episode was released earlier to the members and if you want to be one of them, check out this link to find out more: Ask anyone wha ...  Show more