A Little Taste of Soul (feat. Nat Hendrix Band)

A Little Taste of Soul (feat. Nat Hendrix Ban...

Just a Few Little Words (feat. Pee Wee)
Let's Get Together (feat. Pee Wee)
If You Take Away Our Love (feat. Pee Wee)
Beautiful Love (feat. Pee Wee)
Stop Crying (feat. Pee Wee)
If I Had a Wishing Well (As Paliya Desantos) [feat. Pee Wee]
Darling Be Mine (As Paliya & Alvin)
One Two Three (feat. Pee Wee Kingsley)
Nickel and a Dime (feat. Pee Wee Kingsley)
Flippin' and a Floppin' (feat. Pee Wee Kingsley)
I Want to Know
Baby It Ain't Right
Wish You Were Mine
Going Back Where I Belong
Strange Feeling (feat. Nat Hendrix Band)
Can't Let You Go
It's Done and Forgotten
It Won't Be Long
Maybe You'll Be There
I Don't Feel Sorry
Tell Me What's the Matter
The Twelfth of Never
It's Not for Me to Say
I Still Care
Ask Me