Out in Hollywood with Stan Zimmerman

Out in Hollywood with Stan Zimmerman

Dirty Dancing

Our listeners tell us about their dirty dance floor moves; from tongue to penetration!  TOPICS: Britney engaged. Best performances at the VMAs. Met Gala Fashion Week #MetInAmerica. Nicki Minaj is a train wreck. Andrew Garfield isn’t in Spider-Man (or is he)?!?  Shaung-Chi no.1. P ...  Show more

Lights On/Off?

This week, we want to know if you get naught with the lights on, or off?  Be sure to follow our Instagram to answer our weekly sex question!  TOPICS:  Hurricanes made stronger by …global warming. Leaded gasoline is finally banned everywhere in the world. TicTok bans crate challen ...  Show more

Sex App Cheat Codes

This week, we learned all about your Sex App Cheat Codes - what makes you swipe right vs left! Be sure to follow our Instagram to answer our weekly sex question! TOPICS: OnlyFans vs JustForFans. The crate challenge. Beyoncé and Jay-Z pose with private Basquiat painting. Demi Lova ...  Show more

Delete Your Ex

Our listeners tell us about why they Deleted Their Exes! TOPICS: Paris, TX board of trustees altered the district’s dress code to require masks. Carrie Underwood anti-mask. Lizzo and Cardi B new single. Lady Gaga dog walker update. Bob Dylan accused of sexual abuse. Manila Luzon ...  Show more

The More the Merrier

We asked, you answered! What's better: One-on-on or Three-plus? TOPICS:  Tigger flag triggers local Karen. Golden Gate Bridge humming.  'I Am Legend' wasn't a prophecy. CELEBRITY SHADE: Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel will cost $5,000 for two nights. Jen Aniston and David Schwimer ...  Show more

Costume Kinks with Zac Snow

This week, guest Zac Snow (@ZacSnowX) talks about Costume Kinks! From cosplay to puppy play, business suits, work uniforms, and etc! * TOPICS: Bar vaccine passes. Simon Biles doesn’t have to prove herself. Scarlett Johannson sues Disney, setting off landslide of lawsuits. DaBaby ...  Show more

Best Voted Bush

Moving Forward: Over 75% of California has had one dose of the vaccine. WeHo killer Ed Buck sentenced. Lil Nas X living i their heads rent free.  Free Britney update.  Masters of the Universe remix.  Live action Pokémon.  ^^^ GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND SUPPORT THE SHOW AT PATREON/ ...  Show more

Gay American Rejects

Richy and Wes talk about rejection, and how it's really dodging a bullet if they're an asshole about it.  PLUS: The FDA (finally?) warns against ingesting poppers. Texas passes racist history bill. Need a new podcast? Subscribe to our friend  Jono at Desperately Seeking!  Dolly i ...  Show more

Hot Dads, Bisexual Loki, Free Britney, Love Victor, Gay Sports, and the Q-Force

Our listeners tell us about their hottest daddy hookups! + UPFRONT: Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics after being selected by New Zealand for the women's event at the Tokyo Games. Carl Nassib first openly gay NFL play ...  Show more

Free Britney Special - Court updates and recations #FreeBritney

Britney Spears finally had her say in court! Richy and Wes discuss the big takeaways and give their reactions. #FreeBritney  ^^^ GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON!  ^^^   Connect with us: See all our links @RichyAndWes *** Product Codes:  Use code WES25 at The ...  Show more

Erotic Massages, Pride Cash Grabs, Erika Jayne Exposed, Barbara Walters MIA, Relationship Reboots, Chrissy Teigen Canceled

Listeners share their erotic massage stories! + UPFRONT: Elderly pride cash grab: Botox and Shake Shack. CELEBRITY SHADE: Burger King donates $.40 per ChKing to queer charities. Erika Jayne documentary. Spice Girls 25. Relationship reboots. Chrissy Teigen issues monthly apology. ...  Show more

Amir Yass + Work Sex + Simu Liu goes off + The Conjuring fraud + Loki the Cereal + Kid Rock the homophobe + Cruella costs extra

Our listeners tell us their workplace sex stories! + SPECIAL GUEST Amir Yaas (@AmirYassOfficial), host of The Take On podcast. CELEBRITY SHADE: Burger King ChKing for PRIDE, pushback marketing stated by Popeyes; “open Sundays.”  TPain.  Simu Liu goes off.  Kid Rock is a homophobe ...  Show more

Vanilla Sex + Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Tiffany Haddish, iCarly, Sinead O'Connor, BLACKPINK, Pride Month

This week, a choice: Vanilla Sex, or Your Hand? + UPFRONT: Pride month; fuck corporate sponsors, Remember Stonewall.  CELEBRITY SHADE: Sinead O'Connor was never the enemy; it was the Pope. BLACKPINK is amazing. Tiffany Haddish is an asshole. Lady Gaga has saved more small busines ...  Show more

Gym Sex + Lil NasX, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Celebrity 3-Ways, Rugrats 'Gay Character'

Now that gym are back open, are you getting naughty in the locker room, etc? Our listeners tell their stories! +  UPFRONT: Richy and Wes get personal with GamerCosplayerFit!  CELEBRITY SHADE: Lil Nas X on SNL. Rita Ora, Tessa Thompson, and Taika Waititi. RuPaul’s Drag Race All St ...  Show more

Revenge Sex + Demi Lovato Comes Out, Aubrey O’Day Outs Kardashians, Ellen Quits This Bitch, Friends Reunion

UPFRONT: Delta 8 is the new weed. Demi Lovato comes out as Non-Binary. CELEBRITY SHADE: Elliot Norris called out. Erica Jayne wants to keep the bag. Aubrey O’Day brought receipts of her worst 4th of July. Remember when The Jonas Brothers worse purity rings? The Today Show had Joe ...  Show more

Porn Friends? + Bennifer 2.0, Courtney Stodden vs Chrissy Teigen, Josh Duhamel bros for Armie Hammer, Emily Blunt disses Marvel, Venom trailer

Special guests: X-Reads Podcast! (IG | Twitter)  This week, we asked: Have you ever watched a friend's homemade porn? +  CELEBRITY SHADE:  Courtney Stodden vs Chrissy Teigen.  Josh Duhamel is supporting Armie Hammer.  Bennifer is back!  NERD NEWS:  Venom trailer.  Emily Bunt don’ ...  Show more

Blocked a Hookup? + Britney Update, Peleton Recall, Gaga Copied, Deter Returns, Janet Mock Flips, Ellen Canceled by Covid

Our listeners share stories about hookups they had to block! +  Shoutout to Dannys Marrero for this week's sex topic.  UPFRONT:  After guilty verdict in George Floyd case, Ohio attempting to pass laws preventing citizens from recording  cops. Peloton recalls over 150k treadmills ...  Show more

What’s Your Type? + Shang Chi, The Boys, Morrissey, Tiger King, Britney, Demi Lovato, Golden Globes, Mad Max: Furiosa, Vanessa Bryant cancels Nike

We ask, our listeners answer: What’s Your Type? + UPFRONT: Justice for George Floyd?  CELEBRITY SHADE: Morrissey has blasted The Simpsons for portraying him as an overweight racist who eats meat. 'Tiger King' series with James Cameron Mitchell.  Goodreads gets petty with bitchy a ...  Show more

Transit Hookups with Jordan Power! + We Shade: Colton Underwood, Brendon Urie, THEM, Shazam!, The Bachelor, Falcon and Winter Soldier

With Special Guest Jordan Power! Transit Hookups + Colton Underwood,   UPFRONT: Jordan Power from Shame On You and the Unmentionable podcasts. CELEBRITY SHADE: Virgin bachelor Colton Underwood came out and now has a Netflix show. Brendon Urie silent on predatory accusations. THEM ...  Show more