ASK UNCUT - Shut it down! He's NOT leaving his wife.

ASK UNCUT - Shut it down! He's NOT leaving hi...

ASK UNCUT - Infiltrating the click

Happy therapy Thursday Lifers!Today we're jumping into your questions with a toughy!-I don't agree with my parent's morals. They're racist and I don't want my children growing up around those kinds of perspectives. Do I cut them off from seeing my children? -I'm feeling really le ...  Show more

Attraction - Is it a "grower" or a "shower"?!

September has been given a new name - Soft launch September! We talk all things soft launching a partner, a baby, even soft launching yourself back in to singledom! Is it cute and exciting or just plain annoying!? Also, Britt's coming home! We hope!We've been told our whole, Holl ...  Show more

ASK UNCUT - Snap chatting a blow job is never a good idea

It's therapy Thursday Lifers, and we have this weeks dilemmas to get to the bottom of!Help, my bestie's Fiancé sent me a snapchat of him getting a blowy from a ummmm man,My house mate won't stop with the PDA with his new partnerMy boyfriend won't shag me because he has self estee ...  Show more

It's time to OPEN UP! Talking open relationships with Bianka Ismailovski

Happy Tuesday Lifers! Today we opening things up, and we are talking non-monogamy and open relationships and by goodness WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!We have the wonderful Bianka Ismailovski from Damsel In Distress podcast joining us, Bianka is in a non-monogamous relationship with ...  Show more

From attitude to gratitude and resilience with Hugh van Cuylenburg

Happy Tuesday Lifers! Or maybe we should be wishing you a content Tuesday? Because in today's episode we are diving into the happiness trap and how our goal should possibly be one more of content-ness than happiness. We sat down and chatted mental health and mindfulness with Hugh ...  Show more

Bachie Brookie on public heartbreak and personal resilience

THIS IS IT! Our last Bach Uncut episode, we couldn't wrap the season until we sat down with Brooke to talk about her experience, her heartbreak and how she is doing now that filming has wrapped. Brooke shares how often her and Jimmy were in contact when she left the mansion, why ...  Show more

KING KINKY AND QUEEN HOLLY - Sitting down with Australia's newest Bachie royals

Its the big kahuna, the big cheese, the chat of the century... the Bach Uncut episode we have all been waiting with baited breath for. On today's episode we are sitting down with Holly and Jimmy and having a good old yarn with Australia's newest bachie royals.Holly shares the tru ...  Show more

BACH UNCUT - The Kinky Captain gets his Queen

Goodness gracious me it’s the final week of Bach Uncut! Jimmy’s already clocked off for the season so he’s making the last three remaining girls organise their own dates. Holly clearly snagged the entire remaining budget and she picks Jimmy up in a pimping two-story boat. They ta ...  Show more

BACH UNCUT BONUS - debunking the rumours with Jay

Last night we said goodbye to Chess girl, our business class babe and Matty J's pick for the season Jay!Jay debunks all the rumours from the season, how she felt about being thrown under the bus by Steph and the truth behind her past relationship with New Zealand's Bachelor. 

ASK UNCUT - HELP! Work wars, faking the big O and pregnancy fears 👌💦

Happy Thursday Lifers, It's time to get into your deep, dark and burning questions but FIRST we simply must know how the heck Britt manifested this friendship with Rebel Wilson that we're seeing all over the gram!Our deep dives for today are:-Friendship/sibling work relationships ...  Show more

Incarceration Nation with Carly Stanley

Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers!Today on the podcast we are diving into the history of racial injustice and inequality that so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face every day in Australia.We were lucky enough to be joined by Carly Stanley, the CEO and co founder ...  Show more

BACH UNCUT BONUS - Catching up with Carlie and her spectacular teeth

Thursday night was hometown and we said goodbye to the divine Carlie and her spectacular teeth!On today's bonus episode Matt and Laura are sitting down to get the goss and are asking all the hard hitting questions...How did Carlie feel after hometowns, was she in love with the Ki ...  Show more

BACH UNCUT BONUS - Catching up with our favourite crane driver Lily!

YOOOOOHOOOO we have a little surprise today for all you Lifers that have been following along with Bach Uncut and the kinky captains search for love!Today we are interviewing Lily who sadly went home on Wednesday nights episode.Lily is giving us the download on Brooke's return, t ...  Show more

BACH UNCT - The hometown showdown

Hooly dooley can you believe it’s hometowns already !?Well we can… because it felt like we watched 82 eps of the Bach last week. We kick off ep 13 with Brooke getting the last single date up for grabs - Jimmy’s taken her to the world’s highest sex swing at the top of Centrepoint ...  Show more

ASK UNCUT - To sit or stand that is the question!

Happy Thursday Lifers and today we have a couple of doozy questions for you!We're kicking off your therapy Thursday by asking how the heck to get a friend to not only admit that they damaged the house you rent, but also to pay to fix it!We then open a somewhat lengthy, and possib ...  Show more

The girl who fell from the sky - UNCUT WITH EMMA CAREY

Happy Tuesday Lifers, and that is exactly what we plan on bringing you! The world has been a dark place lately and today's episode should help you feel a little bit better.Today we chat with Em Carey. In 2013, Em was on a trip abroad that should have been a fun, European trip of ...  Show more

BACH UNCUT - Swamps, tats and the great bachie bush doof (Part two)

So how many episodes of the Bachelor do you think we’re re-capping this week? 2..14...28? Well if you guessed 3, you’d be correct! Wednesday was a big thick juicy double ep that kicked off with Holly getting a second single date. They waded through freezing knee-deep water in a n ...  Show more

BACH UNCUT - Getting the low down with our horny bogan Queen Sierah (Part One)

You asked for it and we provided - On this tasty little snack of an episode we are sitting down for a chat with the unofficial Queen of Bachie 2021 Sierah.Sierah has brought us so many laughs over the past 4 weeks and we were so sad to see her leave the Bachie Mansion last week w ...  Show more

ASK UNCUT - Help!! Missing his ding-a-ling, unlikely soulmates, I love you.... but get out of my house

Your free Therapy Thursday session, where we answer your deep dark and burning questions except today, producer Keeshia is stepping up to the mic and doing her best to give you her equally unqualified advice! - I got out of a serious relationship 12 months ago. We had great chemi ...  Show more