Nikita Dattani on Getting Fund, Innovating Product, Cryptocurrencies and Life

Nikita Dattani on Getting Fund, Innovating Pr...

Hemant Mehta on Family Business | Exploring Life | Air Cooler Business

Hemant Mehta, is an active part of his family business of manufacturing Air Coolers and its accessories. He has also won the National Business Olympiad along with my 2 friends held in IIMA. He has participated in Jagriti Yatra in 2008,2009 & 2011 and shares his transformation sto ...  Show more

Nikhil Talreja, On Digital Marketing Spirituality & Finding Purpose

In this digital world, if your business is not present online than mark my words you are going to be extinct soon. Get some digital marketing tips, how and where about digital medias and also about balancing your life.A quick mediation session included in the episode.Nikhil Talre ...  Show more

Tusshar Aggarwal, Rise Hydroponics, Entrepreneurial Journey of a Small town boy with Big Dreams Ep26

Tushhar started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18. From a small town in Jharkhand called Dhanbad, yes yes I know you heard this name in Gangs of Wasseypur.Right from starting his own mobile app at the age of 17 to starting many startups, he has come a long way. His rec ...  Show more

Kankshit Modi, Pastallio, First Gen Entrepreneur in Food Industry, From Idea to Execution

Kankshit Modi, a first generation entrepreneur, ventured into Pasta manufacturing giving competition to international brands in Indian market.Listen to his struggles, the journey from creation and identification of idea till implementation and execution.I am sure you are going to ...  Show more

Palash Shah Director SWPL on Backward Integration, Scaling Family Business & Fabric Manufacturing

Palash Shah, Director at Siddhachakra Weaving Pvt. Ltd. (BADIYA FASHION) shares his entrepreneurial journey right from college to expanding hi family business. His vision not only turned the family business from trading fabrics into manufacturing fabrics but also expanded vertica ...  Show more

Pushpak Parekh Co-founder Muffynn, Concept Based clothing Startup | EDII Alumni Series 1

Being the textile engineer he creates the base on which all our Muffynn are produced. He is the initiator and the taste giver to Muffynn. Although he is very passionate about dance, music, and innovation, he has 26 years of experience of being lazy.Pushpak gained knowledge of thi ...  Show more

Nikita Maheshwari on disrupting the normal, startup & struggles | EDI Alumni Series 1

Our Guest is the one who has faced all the challenges and built an organization named "Tatkalorry" crossing 20 cr (cumulative) in revenue and growing further with extremely good potential and also diversifying into multiple sectors. This session was extremely amazing and has key ...  Show more

Science Behind Happiness | Happiness Facts and Hacks

Khush rehna ka rahsya 

Why We Celebrate International Women's Day | What Women Expect

Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day. What do women expect from men. 8th March is celebrated as women's day for more than a century.The day is a global celebration of the social, economic and political achievements of women.It’s a worldwide event where people come together ...  Show more

Modivation : Why Ordinary Life is Not Good Enough Anymore

Why Ordinary Life is Not Good Enough Anymore. How materialism and consumerism is keeping you Unhappy. We are chasing materialistic things and accomplishments, because we measure the success in terms of wealth and assets that we possess. Actually I feel that people are not running ...  Show more

Stop Hitting/ Abusing Your Kids | A Message to Indian Parents

बच्चों की परवरिश कैसे करें? India is going through a Major Parenting Crises and no one seems to talk about this issue. Its high time that we realize and start considering our children as individuals and not puppets. Parents DO watch this to understand the emotional needs of your ...  Show more

It Takes Guts To Talk About Guts | My Battle with Ulcerative Colitis

This is my own Story, My Fight with the Chronic Disease, Ulcerative Colitis. How I fought the weakest moment of my Life and battled with my disease. This video is surely going to uplift your mood and energise you. It will give you the energy to fight out your disease and give you ...  Show more

Kya Har Koi Successful ban Sakta Hai? Basic fundamental of becoming successful

Why I am not successful? Why only 2 to 5 % people are successful? What is the basic rule of becoming successful? Kyu sirf kuch log apni life main successful hain? Main Kaamyab Kyu Nahi Hun? Know the answers of the question you always ponder about. If you are also struggling to re ...  Show more

Best Motivational Speech | When Life is Unfair

Best Motivational Speech in Hindi. Listen this speech to awaken real you. Life is unfair with all of us. जब सब कुछ खत्म हो जाए | Your life is broken, Everyone's life is broken. @Modivation Suno isko, Rongte khade ho jayenge. 

Ayn Zoya on her role in UNDEKHI, Acting as Career, Manifestation and Relationship | Modivation

Today we are having a Candid chat with a very promising and upcoming star. Ayn Zoya a popular name with TV Commercials, ventured into her first acting gig UNDEKHI on SonyLIV She talks about Spirituality, her love for acting. Her life goals ...  Show more

5 Stages of Grief | Understanding Breakups, Divorce, Death and Loss

Without understanding the 5 stages of grief, your time of loss will feel unpredictable and out of control. This video lesson with help you understand what to expect and how grief is universally processed by all. Also the loss of a relationship can be devastating. It is not unusua ...  Show more

Bhagwad Gita - Relevance in Today's Life | Gita a Life Manual | Why Smart People are Becoming Monk

Ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? Why we suffer? Why some days are awesome and others morose? If God exists, why does He keep quiet about it? The answer to all the above questions How important is Bhagwad Gita in Today's Life. It is not just the book with 700 sh ...  Show more

Vipassana - What, Why and How

Learn about Vipassana Meditation technique. Why One should do Vipasana? What are the benefits of Vipassana? Check this video to get all your queries answered about the Vipassana technique through which Gautam Buddha got Enlightenment. विपश्यना का अर्थ विशेष प्रकार से देखना (वि पश ...  Show more

Perfect Relationship Advice | Make Your Love Strong

If you are struggling with relationship and need relationship advice, watch out for this video of Love Lessons from my own Relations. This will make your love life strong and improve your relation. Bollywood has taught us, relations are our end destination, everything revolves ar ...  Show more

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